Lawhorn, JJ - Last Call Lyrics

Baby it's when the barman yells "We're 'bout to shut her down"
Your girlfriend says "Sayonara boy I'm skippin' town"
Hail Mary on the fourth touchdown, it's a winner
Momma tells you "Hurry up son or you're gonna miss your dinner"

It probably means one those things to y'all
When somebody says last call

But the last call that I heard
Was a big old thunderbird
At the top [?] pine tree
He was hammering like John Henry
He had hands aplenty
But he just pitched down to the ground right beside me
Oh, he thinks he's bulletproof and four feet tall
Last call

My back was to the sun
He was comin' right to the gun
I could smell the grease in my old fryin' pan
I was readin' him his right
His future wasn't lookin' too bright
But that shotgun man it had other plans

I was expectin' to see that old turkey fall
Oh but that ain't what I saw

The last call that I heard
Was a big old thunderbird
Turnin' tail and puttin' up a storm
He was splittin' trees like Paul Bunyan
He was off and runnin'
He was kickin' up leaves like he'd done this before
Right now he thinks he's bulletproof and four feet tall
Last call, yeah

The first trigger I pulled man it just went quick
But bare old number two sure did the trick, oh yes it did

The last call that I heard
Was somebody spread the world
That legendary long-beard met his match
Boys he hammered like John Henry
He outsmarted plenty
But he wound up on my wall and that's a fact
Turns out that he weren't bulletproof after all
Last call

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  1. L.Russell Brown

    Never even listen to the radio unless you're on it!
    Make the music that your heart tells you to and look the way you feel most comfortable.
    You WILL find yourself successful beyond your own wildest dreams.
    I have NEVER been wrong about predicting a superstar💥

    L.Russell Brown

  2. Michael Collins

    Hope to continue hearing stuff from you, your way to under rated, love all your songs man keep em coming

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    Great song man fuck anyone who says different

  5. Caleb Cross

    Sorry JJ but u were doing way better 5 years 💁🏼‍♂️

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    Everyone - He aint country with long hair

    JJ - Hold my brush

    Joshua Stevens

    _ shit then I guess Ol Jamey Johnson ain’t either huh? Or Whitey Morgan. Haha

  7. Jeremy Kennedy

    Awesome song and I'll be listening to it every time I knock one of those Iowa long beards down bro

  8. richard m

    Hell Yeah !

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  10. Mark Neumann

    Definitely has to be the official Turkey Camp Anthem!!

  11. Christie

    OMG JJ love it! U killed it Bubba, in more ways than one! First song I ever heard about turkey hunting too! Love the video!

  12. Live Bait

    Opening day is tomorrow in Maine, let’s get em

  13. Tha Real Mccoy

    Good to see you still alive, when you gone make a song with Katie Noel, aint yall from neighboring states?

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    this is complete shit

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    You should Go back to old type of music

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    James Shaw

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    Nice man. Just Spent 5 days at my turkey camp in central Louisiana. Shitty weather had em tight lipped. Passed on a jake and got schooled by the boss Tom himself. Next week he’s gonna get it.

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    Great song and now a great video! The only song about turkey hunting that I know of and I love it and it gets me pumped for the season. Been playing this none stop the last couple months!

    Dusty Bowhunter

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