Lawhorn, JJ - King Of The County Lyrics

Most folks call him the midnight rider
Some say he's a regular outlaw
Legend has it ain't no rack that's wider
He'll rip a blackjack oak up like a chainsaw

Yeah, oh and he slips for the timber, he's grey smoke
First you see him then you don't
These hunters come from miles and miles around me
With a tag to fill
And a crown to steal
But they won't ever kill the king of the county

I saw farmer Joe down there at the feed mill
He said his bean field looked like a crime scene
There was a two hundred pound wallhanger laying with his neck broke
Another one bites the dust for a chance at the queen

Oh, now the king's squishin' frogs man just to hear 'em croak
Youngin played with fire and he got smoked
Every big buck for 20 miles around me
Oh the turn hill
To run and squeal
'Cause only time can kill the king of the county

It was a misty mornin' in the holler
When the monarch of the woods appeared
When I finally got him in my crosshairs
He looked more like an elk than a whitetail deer

Yeah I remember that moment, the air was still
He looked right at me and I swear he took a kneel
And I couldn't bring myself to squeeze the steel
So I let him, I let him walk over that hill

You mean to tell me you didn't catch that deer
That killed my apple trees
Well I was goin' to baby but he just, he was so big and majestic and... I just couldn't
Just kiddin'

I killed the king of the county
He shouldn't have killed my wife's apple trees
He'll feed me and my family for a half of a year
And you can say we'll eat like royalty
Man, I didn't wanna pull that trigger but I did it anyway
Now see him at dinnertime every other day
'Cause I live off the land and eat what's around me

Oh, I swung a sword
And thanked the Lord
Oh, for delivering me
The kind of the county
Thank you Lord

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Lawhorn, JJ King Of The County Comments
  1. ClawingBear Wade

    i really hope yous still making music.

  2. BlaZer

    Very Good!!!

  3. Shelby Hunter

    Need more songs like this man! This niche is begging to be filled and you’re doing a damn good job!

  4. ayden Vaughn

    Good song

  5. Zach Cross

    Yee yee

  6. LT06 gaming

    Love king or the County

  7. Elijah Kutnyak

    Big fan found you on Instagram

  8. Avery Minter

    4Th comment

  9. jeremy

    Come back to myrtle beach dude! The one time you came I missed it!

  10. James Russler

    To twangy.....

    Kinneys Kustoms

    To twangy..... Huh? You don't wanna hear twang, then why would you click on ANY country song then?

    James Walsh

    To city