Lavigne, Avril - Mobile Lyrics

Went back home again
this sucks gotta pack up and leave again
say goodbye to all my friends
can't say when I'll be there again
It's time now to turn around
Turn my back on
EVERYTHING (turn my back on) everything....

Everythings changing when I turn around all out of my control I'm a mobile.
Everythings changing when I turn around all out of my control I'm a mobile.

Start back at this life
Stretch myself back into the vibe
I'm waking up to say I've tried
Instead of waking up to another TV GUIDE
It's time now to turn around
Turn and walk on this crazy ground oh oh oh....

Everythings changing when I turn around all out of my control I'm a mobile
Everythings changing out of what I know everywhere I go I'm a mobile
I'm a mobile

Hanging from the ceiling lifes a mobile spinning round
with mixed feelings crazy & wild ...
sometimes I wanna SCREAM OUT LOUD ....

Everythings changing
everywhere I go
All out of my control
Everythings changing
everywhere I go out of what I know

la la la la la la (la la)
la la la la la la (la la)
la la la la la la (la la la)
la la la la la la

Everythings changing when I turn around all out of my control I'm a mobile
Everythings changing out of what I know everywhere I go I'm a mobile
Everywhere I go I'm a mobile

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Lavigne, Avril Mobile Comments
  1. Cornea Valentin


  2. Dağhan Erdoğan

    mobile to hello kitty. it's a long story son...

  3. sarah khalil

    man i miss those days

  4. AGL Junior

    wtf pesquisei mobile e vim parar aki kk

  5. Nobo Satanas

    I prefer her in her early years.

  6. alexsandro souza dos santos

    Paixao à primeira lembro bem nos anos 2000..... sdd.

  7. Kin To

    Everyone's a mobile these days.

  8. Kratos Godofwar

    Cant believe that avril was inspiring many generation and that includes me i’m 17 now and she have a concert in may 2020 in philippines and dec 21 is the ticket selling but after one day it got sold out so wish me luck i hope there will have day 2 of her concert

  9. Mark Ward

    I read on thenet about people saying the current Avril Lavigne is not the same person as the young girl in this video. I compared a still from this video to a still from a 2019 video. Using software I pinpointed features on the face with dimensions and measurements. Absolutely no doubt it is the same person in both videos. Her nose is a key. The right bottom of her nose has a slight bend with a small bump and both images match exactly and any plastic surgery to duplicate that exactly with exactly the same features, angles, and dimensions with someone else is impossible. So much for that conspiracy theory. Avril is truly one of the greats of recent time. We have so very few.

  10. Eazzyx

    She IS so beautiful 😍😍

  11. clean shot

    이때 이 누나 포스터 사고 별 마크 아데 끼고 다녔던데 어제 같은데 .. 참

  12. Rebecca Ingtipi

    My Girl-Avril Lavigne as always, All of her songs are pretty damn good

  13. Aaron Clark

    It’s been Amazing watching her grow older and Hell Ya she I still the MFing Princess

  14. Eliane Costa


  15. Lucy Ludlow

    I love you 💓💓💓💓💓

  16. Nilmara Dearaujo

    Volto pra casa outra vez
    Que droga, preciso fazer as malas e partir de novo
    Dizer adeus a todos os meus amigos
    Não posso dizer quando eu voltarei
    É hora de virar as costas
    Virar as costas
    Virar as costas pra tudo, virar as costas pra tudo

    Tudo está mudando quando eu viro de costas
    Tudo fica fora do meu controle, eu sou um móbile
    Tudo está mudando quando eu viro de costas
    Tudo fica fora do meu controle, eu sou um móbile

    Começo esta vida de novo
    Me jogo de novo nesta vibração
    Eu acordo para dizer que eu tentei
    Em vez de acordar para ficar olhando o guia de tv
    É hora de virar as costas
    Virar as costas e caminhar neste chão louco
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

    Tudo está mudando quando eu viro de costas
    Tudo fica fora do meu controle, eu sou um móbile
    Tudo o que eu sei está mudando
    Onde quer que eu vá, eu sou um móbile
    Eu sou um móbile

    Pendurado no teto
    A vida é um móbile
    Com os sentimentos misturados
    Loucos e selvagens
    Às vezes eu quero gritar bem alto

    Tudo está mudando, onde quer que eu vá
    Tudo fora do meu controle
    Tudo está mudando, onde quer que eu vá
    Além do que eu conheço


    Tudo está mudando quando eu viro de costas
    Tudo fica fora do meu controle, eu sou um móbile
    Tudo o que eu sei está mudando
    Onde quer que eu vá, um móbile
    Onde quer que eu vá, um móbile

  17. tata *

    Gostava dela com esse estilo!

  18. mayu ishi

    I'm lookin' forward to
    coming to JAPAN in 2020 ! !

  19. Lucas Oliveira

    Amo vc 💓💓

  20. Miguel Angel Megias chavez

    I heard on the radio wanting to be inside ellipses

  21. Danabraham loraantmorelos

    Te amo me llamo dan abraham 5587978201 watsap i mi facebook Habram Modelos

  22. Eka Febrianto

    Indonesia mana jempol nya

    Yg denger di 2002 lagu ini keluar saya yakin sebagian dari anda sudah punya anak..

  23. Ana German

    Te amo! Avril

  24. Lana Santos


  25. Giovanna Montagna

    Avril sarà sempre il mio unico credo♥️

  26. fiaana ulf

    The 90' E girl

  27. Enessa Laky

    Avril should make this kind of music

  28. Thiago anima

    Avril lavigne my love e 2003

  29. Chat estrella

    Old times the best singer - unique - nostalgic

  30. Paul28 Ranger

    2019 im still watching. Avril fan solid here

  31. Hana Ⓥ

    I love this melody

  32. madypaty caceres

    Cade voce de 2000

  33. GLast Tube

    I miss her with her style

  34. Luki Tocks

    Like, si nunca la dejaras de escuchar😍

  35. Eka Rian Andika

    I Like this song ❤

  36. M Colucci

    Avril will always be my favorite singer.

  37. Puka Keneki

    I C O N I C

  38. Peter Lustig

    This dream women running to you with an electric guitar... dont know what to say to this... <3

  39. Hyo Okazaki

    Just rewatched the medallion by Jackie chan and it brought me back to this song Lol

  40. UnUniversoDiverso Go

    Adiós comentarios viejos, hola comentarios de Octubre de 2019 xd

  41. Jose Piaia

    Tabm odeio você nem so cavaleiro do apocalips

  42. Orange_Juice

    Still love this song

  43. Avril and 1D Forever lavigne

    2002 Mobile AVRIL LAVIGNE🎧
    2017 Bellyache BILLIE EILISH🎧

  44. Ruffy S

    ''so underrated'' .... 5.8million views

    i, Sheldon cooper, Want 10,000 subscribers

    Don't forget this is unreleased

    uncle boobs

    Deserves to be in the billions

  45. jologar 20

    Quien en 2019?

    Nurielly Oliveira



    @bautista Herrera si

    Lisbeth Cuenca

    Ya casi 2020

  46. Aline Pessoa

    Amo! ❤️

  47. Dra Xan

    I miss this Avril 💔💔💔

    i, Sheldon cooper, Want 10,000 subscribers

    Don't we all

  48. Thiago Mf

    This song remember me my teenage

  49. MARIA DE FATIMA Borges Camargo

    Essa é a verdadeira ninguém vai substituir

  50. Flor Ialo

    What a nostalgic!. I like this song so much !

  51. Peter Lustig

    I love ypou Avril, Tx for sowing me how to deal with woman

  52. Ella Tayhon

    Am I the only one who's having a throwback of Avril's old songs?

    Alanz Lavigne

    not only just u .but we 'all' xD

    i, Sheldon cooper, Want 10,000 subscribers

    I have one like everyday XD

  53. Martin Song

    2019 indonesia

  54. Jackass Pranks

    what jersey did she wear

  55. Bayu Setiawan

    Underrated song, but this song is very good

  56. ไอเหี้ย ไอบ้า


  57. ไอเหี้ย ไอบ้า

    U kerr zee 😥😥
    I mess you😜😜

  58. Panda Love

    Reminds me of riding down in my car with windows down with my 3 best friends in La about to go to the beach ..

    -2000 feelings

  59. ไอเหี้ย ไอบ้า


  60. Artur Cardoso

    Minha adolescência numa música. Obg Avril! 🥰

  61. Nobody Here


  62. contact

    official unreleased?


    She didn't post that music video on her YouTube channel. So that's the reason why it says "unreleased". I'm so curious and I want to know *why* she didn't post that video. However, this video deserves many likes and views.

  63. Nobody Here


  64. kertaspaper94

    Is no one going to talk about why she looks like she's crying in this video

  65. Luis Altamirano

    Q preciosura

  66. kenneth williams

    i don't know but i feel comfortable with underrated songs of her

  67. Luciana Tsuda

    i like the “old” Avril she was simple and original ❤️

  68. Kostas Bozas

    This was filmed in 2003 she is not waering a tie

  69. Rotem mati

    She was much more talented and mature back then....sed.

  70. Raffy Analyn Tipan Pambo

    So rockin roll i wait see yuo Rock

  71. азраил 645

    eu odio este tipo de comentarios, pero vine por matias candia tipo me re hypea que conozca a mi waifu

  72. Joy Chowdhury

    Let's say 'Mobile' did come up.Her line up for her first 5 mv's would have have huge.Like Complicated,Sk8er Boi,I'm With You,Losing Grip and then Mobile.Imagine having live through that.It would have been so lit🔥

  73. Francis Joven Pineda

    I love this song we love you avril

  74. M Colucci

    Meu deus, que perfeição, vou chorar.
    Alguém em 2019?

    Carpe diem

    Relembrando meus tempos de escola,nessa época tinha 15 anos ...

    M Colucci

    @Carpe diem eu tinha 4 anos kkk

  75. S G

    Why I used to think she said I’m a robottttttt

  76. Gab Gaming


  77. Dora Živulović

    Everybody are" m o b i l e "now.. ohh whats happend world ?!

  78. XPCoolPokemon

    I don t have nostalgia. I like this song

  79. Zaddie

    THIS EXISTS!???!!!

  80. Lewis Lavigne

    Gonna sing this in my funeral


    Lewis Kam you becha

  81. Furkanefe Gökcen

    Best music in the world

  82. Dounia Zed Meslem

    RIP Avril ....if only you could see who replaced you today ,eventhough you unfortunately can't read this ....but I grew up with you ,with your music you made my life extraordinary like you #ROCK N ROLL FOR LIFE I love you little rock star 😥😥😏🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻♥️♥️

    The Music Player

    Excuse me? You still believe avril is dead and replaced by melissa vandella then you are idiot

    Dounia Zed Meslem

    Idiot.....thank's 😔😔

  83. Goran S

    When was this song recorded? About the music video there's some info about but it seems according to one documentary she recorded the song before signing the contract, when she was discovered. So that seems that Avril recorded "Mobile"(just song) in New York before she went to Los Angeles...

  84. 왕자신

    Okay, so this is my “theory”. I’m not saying that Avril’s dead, but I do believe that she has a double. I don’t believe that the double is called “Melissa Vandella”, because no one has ever proven that. Anyways, we still don’t know the name of the double.
    I just wanted to point out, that, if you look closely at the Avril in this video, you’ll notice that her nose is different from the “Complicated Avril”. To me, this means that she had been using a double ever since “Let Go” already. Perhaps the reason why this MV was never officially released, was because of the “fact” that the double was starring in here, instead of the “real Avril”. What do you guys think?
    (Oh and look up for Vid Ex on YouTube for comparison videos between Avril and Avril’s double)

    The Music Player

    Damn i hate you still believe that she is ded ughhhh


    @The Music Player I didn't say that she's dead, just that she uses one or more double(s).

    The Music Player

    @왕자신 k then i hate ppl saying she is ded

  85. Rejhon Badilla

    I'm 2019

  86. oɥɔɐu*ೃ

    this song and this video are art.

  87. duckcluck123

    Oooh shit I always loved this song
    How did I never see this

  88. Jazmin Garcia

    Was 6 at the time, now I’m 22 and still jam to this 🤘🏼

  89. James Smith

    I ❤ U Avril

  90. Naycir Lavn

    MTV in Mexico used to played this video in the night time only... Don’t know why...


    Naycir Lavn I don’t think that’s true since this is not an official video so MTV doesn’t have any rights to play it... It was also discovered last year

  91. Alexander Robertson

    Anyone else first heard this song in the film The Medallion? Classic :)

  92. Zeek Freak

    Is this really Avril Lavigne? She looks so different

    BlahBlah Blah

    She was only 17? She is 34 now.

  93. Gabriel B

    Why is she always running? lol