Laurie, Hugh - Baby, Please Make A Change Lyrics

I beg you baby
Most every night
Please don't scold me
Just treat me right

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I think it will do you good

Let them change an ocean
And the deep blue sea
Be kind to your baby
There be a change in me

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I think it will do you good

I tell you son
That'll do you good
That'll get your man out of this neighbor hood

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I think it will do you good

Well darling I'm telling you
That I ain't mad
But if you tell me again you gonna make me sad

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I think it will do you good

I have forgiven all day and night
I'll end up going if you don't change my mind

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I know it will do you good

Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
Baby please make a change
I think it will do you good

Oh baby please make a change (please make a change)
Please make a change (oh please make a change)
Baby please make a change (please make a change)
Why don't you please make a change (please make a change)
Please make a change
I think it will do you good

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Laurie, Hugh Baby, Please Make A Change Comments
  1. Nadine Hamer

    2 genious at work

  2. Mark

    ugh,..... let the man play his song without interrupting ......

  3. Martín Ferrer

    Violins playing Rock and Roll...
    God save all of you

  4. Sylvia Young

    Tom Jones is a classic legend who is sorely underrated!! Love Hugh Laurie and Jay Bellarose is like no other!

  5. Garry Davis

    Still cool. Do the damn thing

  6. Pamela Miller

    Tom Jones...white man sings the blues! mmm hmmm!

  7. Vasilis Koutsomarkos

    3:49. What's going on there?

  8. Stella Maris Ferro

    TOM JONES que manera de hacer disfrutar todos los estilos con tu MAGNIFICA VOZ !!!!

  9. this is me

    Damn, forgot House is British....

  10. Leanne Canty

    Too short!

  11. Sophie Gafney

    Saw Tom live last month, at the age of 79 his voice is the best it's ever been!!!

  12. present hernandez

    Espectacular !!!

  13. Cádiz

    It's a dynamic duo !!! Splendid !!! Hugh and Tom 💝🌹🎼🌹💝A dream becomes reality for us !!!

  14. Shane Davis

    Tom Jones is looking more black, as he gets older.

  15. Anna Lisa

    I can envision Tom Jones as a dark black man.

  16. Martín Ferrer

    I'd seal my soul to devil just for having been there. Drinking the finest liquour or smoke the best pot with the crowd

  17. Irina Bilyavina


  18. Lacey Lee

    Your not being scolded I'm telling you what I need

  19. roy john

    real bit of class niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. Raymond Diedrich

    Tom Jones!! Wow. He got me when I was a kid and he still gets me as a grown man. I think he's found his new thing. Mr Laurie sir. Love your music!! Thank you!!!

  21. Creighton the Histoman

    I love Tom Jones doing all these blues, gospel and swing songs! His voice is remarkable

  22. led light


  23. Ameju Amejuba

    The older he is, the best is!!!

  24. Annelies Wallace

    Tom Jones has aged beautifully - like Barolo


    At seventy eight, Jones sounds even MORE like Jones

  26. carrona

    Great violin.

  27. Blues Rain


  28. SimoLav

    what is the name of the lady singer next to Hugh Laurie?

  29. anne mott

    two guys that make me smile. thanks for posting.

  30. Em Penfold

    Isn't it time Youtube got a LOVE button? This is beautiful.

  31. Gratia Cynthia Porto

    Simplesmente sensaciiiiiiiional! Músicos maravilhosos.

  32. Juju Calo

    wow really awesome !

  33. Denise Soulier

    whaoooooo....;quelle dé magie de la musique merci TOM et HUGUE

  34. Karla Kay

    Please add Irma Thomas to the title. She is a long lasting star. Before most of you were born. Many stars "stole" her songs

  35. Jennifer Wilkinson

    Mo iron sky

  36. June Haase

    Elvis Presley.

  37. White Tigress

    It's raining marvelous males. This is lovely -- and I haven't even listened to the music yet. Rarhhhr! ;-)

  38. Michelle Lopez

    omgosh love hugh & tom 💓 very talented love the snazzy. southern hillbilly uproot beat

  39. Harlin67

    Dunno why, and not heard any original, but that violin was so out of place, should have been a piano.

  40. Nadine Hamer

    2 genious !!! Love you Tom

  41. mitul patel

    What opera lost ,pop gained Tom Jones awesome....

    Veronica Parks

    Oh my ,Tom singing opera who be amazing !!!

    Jeannie Dunnam

    Tom is the greatest he brings the soul alive keep doing it babe

  42. Andrea Cucchiarelli

    Could please some one tell me the name of the song is it played at the beginning?

    G C.D.

    it's "swanee river"

    Andrea Cucchiarelli

    Thanks a lot I love it!

  43. C.O. Harrell

    This is the Trifecta. Hugh Laurie, Irma Thomas and Tom Jones! Outstanding!!

  44. Assdafflabaff

    Holy shit what can't Dr. House do?

    Robert RamJam

    J Kaw why is it trolling it's a nod to his character on House. The correct response would have been run the 100 yard dash, go three days without popping Vicodin, have a serious relationship with cuddy or cameron, stuff like that. Far from being a troll.

    Sylvia Young

    I know right!?

  45. Ljiljana


  46. Marcos Rey

    La VOZ !!!!!!

  47. Prajval Jhunjhunwala

    Where even is this? It's gorgeous.

    MsUnicorn 1360

    It is a club in New Orleans LA

  48. Marx Movies

    First class music, just first class in all aspects, thank you very much. Hugh is a darling, and Tom looks amazingly like a black man now... Wonderful moment.

    Jimbo Doomface

    he sorta does

  49. Nahuel Martínez

    jones steals the show - what a voice !!!!!


    To be fair he's been doing that for the last 50 years :-)

  50. Norma Cole

    I can freeze you any segment and I just love you, no matter what frame you are in

  51. Norma Cole

    If I can add some comfort to you right now, I hope I can. I lost my husband and love of 46 yrs June 18th, 2014 and it was devastating to my life here on earth, but with time it has eased, not much but with time I believe it will get better, my prayers are with you my Special Friend

  52. Norma Cole

    God oh God what a finish!!!!

  53. Norma Cole

    Love this really love this blues performances, you really add a tremendous flavor to the blues, Absolutely Gr8 SIR TOM.

  54. Norma Cole

    So sorry STJ about your wife, I love your performances, you really get joy out of your time on stage. Love you My Dear Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. rudbeckie1

    ******************************** Prima :-) Díky!

  56. raudonasaule

    ohh god how good it was

  57. Vladimir Dantas

    Excellent piano by Hugh Laurie (??????????)
    Very good!!

  58. Charles Atwell

    Jerry Lee Louis is still alive Mr. Jones. As of December 15, 2015.

  59. Maria Josephina

    I'm changed for the better ., felling teen ager haharrrr.i miss you I love you.,pls always take care at yourself .

  60. Maria Josephina

    I'm changed for the better ., felling teen ager haharrrr.i miss you I love you.,pls always take care at yourself .

  61. Maria Josephina

    I do becoz I love you

  62. Patricia DE LA FUENTE

    Adoro adoro y adoro !!!

  63. Sushi Dog

    It's great to see Tom Jones again!....LQQKing good too!

  64. carole pierre


  65. Miss Moose

    Wow! That was good!

  66. keghamminas

    Legendary Tom Jones with the incredible jazz doctor House !


    @***** Inch khentir chés hasganum ? Garogh em oknel tsez .

    Andy Dunn

    keghamminas playing the blues.....

  67. Patrícia Emerenciano

    Thanks for sharing! Sir Tom Jones is the man! ;)

  68. CriticalListener

    All this and Irma Thomas, too!  

  69. Trevor PUGSLEY

    Who's the guy on violin/fiddle?

  70. Patricia Braja

    Actually, it is "Sir" Tom Jones.

    simon L

    Absofuckinglutely right

    Sylvia Young

    @simon L deservedly so!!

  71. Mary Lyles - Adair

    Tom Jones has a BEAUTIFUL voice and range.  I loved seeing all these icons together just jamming and having fun!!  Tom is his own man.  My mother still wants to through her underwear at him!  LOL

  72. bob johnson

    When did Tom Jones turn into a black man??????????


    The interesting thing is that he had wanted to be a blues musician, but his career got a different spin and he ventured into pop music. But as it was said in the documentary about him, he has always had love for blues and rock'n'roll.

    Ginger Bread

    When Tom first came from Wales back in the 1960's, American DJs thought he was black.  That is a true statement.  Also, Tom talks about this when he was interviewed by Larry King.

    Eileen Cole

    +bob johnson from the git go friend, lol. Luv this man!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rich Barnes

    Whenever he wanted to

  73. Louise OBrien

    Tom Jones still has an amazing voice. Hugh was right to choose him to jam with.


    It gets better with age.

  74. The Darci 13

    Simply awesome loved it thanks for posting this:)

  75. SteelguitarLane

    Who're the rest of the sidemen? That bass player's rockin

    Mandy Vixen & Gas Station Chicken

    The Copper Bottom Band


    Amanda, searching on Copper Bottom Band FAILS to come up with a personnel list. I repeat: that unidentified bass player's ROCKIN, and it's a shame the sidemen remain unidentified

    Mandy Vixen & Gas Station Chicken

    He is Hugh's regular bass man....I'll get you the info! Sry, I don't have the time at the moment to list


    Mandy Vixen & Gas Station Chicken and damn it's been 3 years, answer the question already

  76. Barbara Harney

    Thanks for posting HellsKitchen! Love Hugh and Irma, Tom Jones is okay on this one!.

  77. Steven Skripko

    Tom could sing the friggin phone book and id listen, POWERFUL voice 

  78. Kendria Clark

    Makes me happy

  79. Hans de wildt

    Mijn muziek!!

  80. Duane Norrie

    Raoul and Trademarkjunkie u obviously don't understand the genre of blues so its best you don't say anything more as you might look like prats

  81. Raoul Duke

    I'm sorry.  Tom Jones isn't nailing the blues at all. And I dig Tom Jones.  But, blues singer he isn't.


    You're right. Doesn't groove enough. Boring compared to the rest of the set.

  82. SantomPh

    Welsh folk do not tan very well..he lives in LA where the sun lives.

  83. Lai Chin

    I love listening to Tom Jones

  84. Elizabeth Long

    ..thank you

  85. jeco F

    Hugh has not lost House!
    And Tom has not lost his voice!

  86. melissaweeg1


  87. nitropost

    A lot of very good singers (to their credit) keep on trucking in later years. But age is a killer for most of them. Their voice gets the same as their lower back (and mine), but the main thing is .....they still have the passion and I love them.

  88. black_girl_rocks

    Tom Jones! Still SEXY and in great voice!!!

  89. Nurses Rock

    Tom just keeps getting better..... I've been listening to him for 35 years, thanks to my mum... :-)

  90. Jimmy Alexander

    If this doesn't set Your Soul on Fire. Baby, You Ain't Got No Soul....
    In the Videos watch the Drummer, he has got to be the best in this Venue I have ever seen, and Yes I have seen a Lot of Drummers. Sir Tom and I are the Same Age...

  91. rmGuera

    Wouldn't hurt if Laurie or Jones at some point at least SAY the name Sleepy John Estes. (I wonder/hope Tom knows who he is). Without Estes they wouldn't be playing this "song". Other than that - really musical holiday.

  92. Martin Temelkov

    3:50 - she's totally gonna get the D from TJ.

    Great performance. Probably my favorite song from Let Them Talk.

  93. Granny Tenderstone

    two of my favorite guys ever: together!!!

  94. Alex Sabo

    "Tom the man with the tan" :D

  95. Joaś Paś

    O love Hugh but Daniel was born as Bond and he die as Bond :P

  96. Sue Wright

    omg thank you!!! This is one of my favorite performances by anyone ever! always was a fan of Tom, but now more so than ever (always more a blues fan than pop anyway when you get down to it .... and Laurie yes yes yes a huge fan! Thank you again so much.

  97. Martin Temelkov

    Thank you do much for uploading this.