Lauren Cimorelli - Running Lyrics

Maybe it's just my trust issues
Maybe it's the thought of being with you
Maybe it's just you
Maybe you should already be gone
Maybe I should just let you move on
But I don't want you to

So I push you away then I pull you back
Have another panic attack
I tell you I'm crazy but you say that you can handle that
And I'll start crying when you say that we shouldn't be friends
And I'll sit in your truck wishing this would never end
But we both know that soon I'll be running again
(I'm running...) I'm running again

This has been messing with my sleeping patterns
I've been throwing up in the bathroom
Get home and I'm alone I can't process what's happening
Every time I think I'm over it, these feelings come back even stronger
Think I might explode if I hold them in any longer
Coming to my window cause I left my charger in your car
Driving to the middle of nowhere nobody knows where we are
But you'd never pressure me and try to take it too far
Don't know why this is so hard
You say that I'm such a good person but I'm definitely worse than you
Cause the things you do and what you say I swear your perfect
Gotta go cause it's my curfew
I don't wanna hurt you
The more that time goes by the more I realize that I don't deserve you

So I push you away then I pull you back
Have another panic attack
I tell you I'm crazy but you say that you can handle that
And I'll start crying when you say that we shouldn't be friends
And I'll sit in your truck wishing this would never end
But we both know that soon I'll be running again
(I'm running...) I'm running again

I'll shut you out then let you in
And I'll go and talk to all your friends
Say I'm done then do it all over again
And I'll tell you things I've never said
And I'll keep on messing with your head
And I'm killing you
But somehow I'm the one that ends up dead

So I push you away and I pull you back
Break your heart right in half
You want me to be your baby
But I don't think that I can handle that
And I know I'm lying when I say that we're only just friends
But I'm a time bomb there's only one way this could end
Don't get too close
Cause soon I'll be running again

(I'm running...) I'm running again
(I'm running...)
Soon I'll be running again

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Lauren Cimorelli Running Comments
  1. Amaris Rosario

    I have been trying to learn the rap but she is TOO good. She just hates rap music but she likes rapping

  2. Julie Czech

    One year ago today... wow. This is still the most relatable song to my life currently. Still a favorite 🧡

  3. Celeste Calais

    A lot of y'all be talking about Lauren hating rap music but including a rap part in her music... I know you guys are joking, but when she said "rap music" she meant songs that are completely rapping, (I'm sorry I know I'm not good at explaining things) while these songs only has one rap part.

  4. CUMila caBAEYO II

    1:20 guys have you seen my wig?

  5. DontSayThat official

    im not ready for that rap

  6. Michelle Michael

    +Lauren Cimorelli want to something?? You are the best!! This song is amazing!! Totally!! Hope u see this😄😍

  7. Steven Yin

    Nice song, love it! Support from Malaysia ♥♥

  8. Kaylyn Ross

    Your originals give me Avril vibes ❤️

  9. NR3 Studios

    You are so talented I love this song so much!!!! 😢 I’m crying

  10. Lauren Sanchez 5H


  11. Blackstein

    It's the cutest rap I've ever heard

  12. Madelyn Petrochko

    Who else has this as their favorite Lauren song?

    Lore C.

    YOU just ran with your feelings . So many relatable scenarios in this song. THANKYOU

  13. YoutubeChannel741258963

    I kinda want this song to be about a girl, but i can only wish :D

  14. Ana María

    Wow... Those lyrics... Wow. This is such a good song, Lauren. Loved it.

    Kisses from Spain ♥️

  15. Sarah Shenanigans

    Okay I’m so emo rn but this is BEAUTIFUL Lauren

  16. Vanessa Huynh

    songs sound so different when you relate to them

  17. Kanarya 1907

    Very good superr seni seviyoruz 😊

  18. Madelyn Petrochko

    Running is my favorite out of all of Lauren’s songs.

  19. manzl bajyu

    Wowh wowh!!!!this song is related😊😊😊

  20. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    I love the part where the rhythm and vocals pick up at 1:19
    This has been messin with my
    Sleeepin patterns...

    Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    Note the voice layover at 1:32 --> that's not rap

  21. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    If you're not where you wanna be in your life, why you chilling so much?
    (From her Monday Moodboard)

  22. Jamal Johannesburg Santana

    This has been messing with my sleeping patterns
    Bruh I just wish I had sleeping patterns.

  23. biologia nutrizione

    <3 <3 <3

  24. Julia Maier

    Can you do a cover of older-Sasha Sloan 😊

  25. We Are DOPEZ

    Best 👏 song 👏 ever! 👏

  26. s s

    absolutely amazing, blown away. lauren you've outdone yourself ily 💕🦋

  27. lunafreakmoon

    This song is so interesting. First I find myself in a fairytale and then the rap comes then it turns into a pop song - and even though rap is not my thing overall I like how it turned out :)

  28. Kelly Anderson

    This song is literally a bop.

  29. Kelly Anderson


  30. Betül Gevrekci


  31. Noelle Sam

    I am loving your new music. I wish I found your music sooner. I have been listening to your sisters's group rather than considering you guys are making your own original music separately, as well.

  32. ariel dowdy

    I relate to Lauren's songs on a spiritual level and I love it. It's nice to have music to listen to when i'm feeling a certain type a way that I relate to. Love you Lauren

  33. Victoria Ferrer

    I love this song running and your voice Lauren 💓

  34. Jessica Doherty

    Mind blown by you

  35. kae m

    this is actually so good holy shit

  36. fortnite_katie_roses_123

    lauren ur so god

  37. Maggie Stebbing

    You should do acoustic here

  38. Multi-Fandom Mania

    #lovelauren #bestsongever #keepuptheamazingwork #laurencimorelli #cimorelli #lauren #running

  39. Multi-Fandom Mania

    Congratulations on 20k subscribers. You deserve it and so so much more ❤❤

  40. Zell

    show her some love!!

  41. Bonnie Fry

    I get Halsey vibes from this and I love it so much

  42. Liberty Che

    It annoys me so much when Lauren doesn't get the recognition she deserves!! She's so talented

  43. Shoreline Mafia Fan

    I love you. Also your music is bomb!

  44. Katie Fedele

    Checking the notifications every day for the podcast who can relate

  45. bella rose

    can’t wait for more original music!!💛

  46. Natermelon YEEET

    This song was published on my birthday 🎂❤️Best bday present 💝

  47. Pode me chamar de Debz

    Lauren: "i hate rap music"
    Also lauren: *is a good rapper*

  48. Rodney Prak

    Heard this on Spotify, had to come find out who she is after that sick rap. That was surprisingly good.

  49. Jungkook wifey Murry

    Awww here you are again
    I literally love your voice
    Gawwwd 😭💖💖💖💖💖

  50. noe ferdom

    I feel like I'm never go to stop listening this song

  51. SharleneKate

    music video?

  52. albane blwt

    I was not ready for the rap omg fabulous

  53. Naya

    Anyone here after Flames?!

  54. Anny Is loud

    Holy that‘s so amazing

  55. Maïka Moonlight

    I’m in love with this song!!! Good job Lauren!❤️

  56. Ticktok Musically

    Hi Lauren your my bigs fan I watching your cimorelli sister all time and your voice is amazing 😉 i love you all both I hope you enjoy my comment #Laurencimorelli

  57. Samuel Santos

    This is my fave song for now😍😍

  58. Stav sha

    Amazing thats so catchy and i love the words

  59. crystal c

    this song is amazing . it gave me chills I been supporting since you guys did the cups cover. I love you and your sisters so much and I relate ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Myah Wright

    Wow incredible

  61. Isabella De La Torre


  62. Jelli Maple

    I'm lost for words. This is amazing! I saw this when it first came out but wow! I listened to this on repeat for a straight month and then I listened to it again now and I'm obsessed again! Xx

  63. Shania Tranquilo

    Hi Cimfam please help me gain views for the sake of my grades I would really appreciate it! I made a lyric video of this song PLEASEEEE THANK YOUUUUU

  64. Alisha Ahmed

    This is honestly the best thing I've heard in a while😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  65. Its Me Thalia

    Lauren please make more videos and 2019?

  66. Divineah E

    WOW!!😍🥰 Lauren thats so beautiful🥰 this song is so cute and good ❤️ I lovee this song 🤯❤️🥰 i hear this song Every Single Dayy 🥰 I love it so muchh❤️

  67. Alrem Hh

    Love you sis🧡🧡🧡

  68. Dafirah Dwi Putri


  69. Dafirah Dwi Putri

    The rap part is so dope 🔥

  70. Fannisha

    Waited so long for a Song with only your voice. I am so proud! 😍 i just love it

  71. Alexander Stuart

    This is so beautiful oh my goodness 😭😍❤️

  72. Milena Stacy

    I love this song so hard, thank you, Lauren

  73. Dafirah Dwi Putri

    ".. I left my charger in your car"

  74. Allison Nairn

    i feel this so hard. 💙

  75. Kelly Parker

    MOST. RELATABLE. SONG. EVER!! Great job Lauren ❤️

  76. Ryan Moore

    Shit, this is really good. Please do more solo music

  77. Samantha Kwapisz

    Please stop snatching my wig those are expensive

  78. Pat Black

    Oh my god this song is so good and so true.... Sometimes you have to push someone awy and run just so you don't hurt them even more then you already did

  79. Bambi Jayy

    Her vocals are too low behind the track other than that I love it

  80. marikyle jheizhel

    Lauren, back at it again with your voice😍😩❤️❤️🔥🔥

  81. Maisha Begum

    Oh my gosh this is better than any of the cimorelli songs put together I think you should actually like teach them

  82. Selena Pimenta

    I recently started following Cimorelli and my eyes always are attracted to you. I didn't know why, that is up untill this song. I can relate to this song more than anything. Every single word is a reflection of me. Maybe we're just alike❤

  83. JenzAr

    Here I am again

  84. That One Guy

    That rap though 👀👀

  85. Ana Campos

    Put this on spotifyyy pls

    Alisha Arjun

    it is ady🧡

  86. Meir Pinhasov

    I Love it . It's so good !

  87. Carat Vampz

    This song needs MORE RECOGNITION i mean it

  88. Valentina King

    Love this! Real talent!

  89. Ella Novell


  90. Jill Costello

    I love this and your voice 😍

  91. JenzAr

    I actually can’t stop listening to this, like there’s something wrong with me.

  92. Taiane Camila Vaz

    i love it i love you lauren

  93. Tyrell Johnson

    Let's sing together one day Lauren I love your voice 😉

  94. Angie Mendoza

    “But somehow I’m the one that ends up dead” omg I broke down in tears. Um anyone else

  95. Pig Poop

    The rap part is too good.

  96. Abby Shott

    anyone know what these specific headphones are?

  97. lilly ogren

    one time i had a dream that you and kristen mcatee were at a demi concert together like at coachella or like a music festival or something and even tho you have pretty different channels i just want you guys to make a vid together😂