Lauren Cimorelli - Pressure Lyrics

Think I'm addicted to these highs
This blue light, it hurts my eyes
But it's the only way to feel alright
Think I'm addicted to the stress
I guess it makes me feel alive
But it's killing me from the inside

The only thing that I see
Is everyone that's doing better than me
I try not to take it personally
I keep trying to breathe
Trying to function normally
But it's not so easy

There's so much pressure
Put it all on myself
I'll never measure up
Nothing is ever enough
There's so much pressure
I've been killing myself
Trying to measure up
Nothing will ever be enough

Think I'm addicted to this guy
He doesn't care what's on my mind
But he's the only thing in sight, yeah
There's so much clothing on my floor
But I'll just shut the closet door
And pretend that I'm not scared anymore

All this technology there's still so much anxiety
Can't wish it away
Even if you say you're okay
And it's supposed to be fun
They say just do what you love
Don't give up, like it's all so easy

There's so much pressure
Put it all on myself
I'll never measure up
Nothing is ever enough
There's so much pressure
I've been killing myself
Trying to measure up
Nothing will ever be enough

It's getting harder, I'm getting closer
Now, it's just a matter of time
This is deep down, can feel it break now
I'm losing the rest of my mind
I've been bending, soon I'll be breaking
I know something's got to change
I can't escape this, so freaking anxious
There's only so much I can take, yeah

There's so much pressure
Put it all on myself
I'll never measure up
Nothing is ever enough
There's so much pressure
I've been killing myself
Trying to measure up
Nothing will ever be enough

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Lauren Cimorelli Pressure Comments
  1. Abby Simpson

    I can’t believe I’ve just now listened to this !! This is soooo good 😭❤️

  2. Lexie W

    Shes so pretty without makeup

  3. Maggie Garcia

    I love how she was eating cereal with a fork

  4. Celeste Ibarra

    There were really creative ways of showing that pressure, love you Lauren!

  5. Keira Prior

    My fav cimorelli singer!!!!!!

  6. Cris Casado

    What microphone do you use? I’m trying to but one to record but I’m not sure which one to buy?

  7. Devonna Rambo

    I haven’t heard much of the Cimorelli sisters but this song just made me a fan. 😍

  8. Lindsey

    Wow I've never related to a song more in my LIFE. This is amazing.

  9. Anina Rohr

    Thx, needed that🔥

  10. Laura

    Acing all my test and can RELATE

  11. Darktitan183

    I love your voice so much honestly wish you posted more

  12. jaca blahblah

    God this song inspired me a lot thanks lauren❤

  13. Gurpreet 1015

    I have never been able to relate to something like I have been able to relate to every bit of this video and this song ❤❤

  14. Hailey S

    You should cover Afterglow by Taylor Swift😍

  15. Koko /Hey I'm a nerd

    I made a song that I did not post yet but it's called pressure on me this is the whole song.

    La la,La la,Lala Lala 2x
    There's always pressure,it'll never get better, never ever ever.I have mental brake downs,but I never hit the,ground.cause if you come around,dont hit the ground .Make it through something new,ya ,but make sure you've got no,Pressure pressure pressure it'll never get better ever ever,you dont wanna have pressure on you......cause there's always pressure on me,pressure pressure on me

    I know this is a very short song but if you guys can please remake it

  16. Super Hero

    I love the vocals I love the tune I love the beats I love Lauren I love everything about this song

  17. Scary Cherry

    I ❤️ Lauren

  18. Erika Lehman Moon

    SO MUCH TALENT FROM YOU, LAUREN! All of your sisters, obviously. But this was refreshing and beautifully executed. Keep doing what you CLEARLY love. <3

  19. rae anne

    living with a chronic illness that most don't take serious which has led to depression and anxiety - i relate way to much to this song

  20. WR3K Andrew Willis

    Lauren, I love this song and this message. I know how it is to struggle with self-image, self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence, so this song hit home for me. I'm glad I saw it in my recommended videos at the top. And BTW, you're beautiful, so don't let the pressure get to you. Just keep faith in God and keep up the good work, and I guarantee you it'll get better.

  21. Jake Steiskal

    I love Lauren and her song!

  22. Demi Brewer


  23. Joy Paulus

    ok why does this not have millions of views by now?!?! its so freaking good!!! :0

  24. Tanya Morrison


  25. Toto Sanlayan

    AhhhhHhhhHHHHHHH im scrEAmIngggg diz is sooooooOooo goOoOOooood😳

  26. _uae ty


  27. Mike Louis

    I thoughtLauren was Hispanic until I seen her sisters

  28. montse CB

    She looks like the combination of Barbara de Regil and Ana Serradilla

  29. Cristian Munoz

    Imagine if my gf found out I’ve had the craziest crush on her since I was like 13. Bruh time flies but she’s still my favorite of the girls😍

  30. CeCe Falsone

    This is why she’s my fav sista 💙

  31. Yolanda Rincon

    I love this song

  32. Brittany Vang

    1:47 gave me a mini heart attack when she put her shoes on her bed. Guess it’s the Asian in me 😂


    I'm not Asian but same... It gave me anxiety

  33. Chelsea Cusack


  34. Erik Garvin Garvin


  35. Kinda Arab

    This should be the best song in 2019 ITS SO UNDER RATED!!!!!!!🤯♥️HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN WISH U THE BEST ( sorry am real late lol)

  36. Leila Prichard

    Hey Lauren I find all of you and your sisters videos relatable because I am from a large homeshooled family and i am the most quiet member of my family. Cant wait for your next video.

  37. Michelle Michael

    totally love it!!😍😘

  38. alessiamartina

    Laur you're awesome ^^

  39. Blondie life

    My boobs were hurting just watching her run 😓

  40. Gabe Salomon

    How is she not gay? Like this girl's outfits are all flannel, sweaters, knee-cut jeans, boots like HELLO

  41. Haleema.Hussain_xox LOL

    Who eats cereal with a fork? WTH?

  42. NR3 Studios

    This song is still the best thing ever! Still my #1 song😇

  43. AcrossTheStars AndBackToYou

    My favorite Cimorelli, so proud of you Lauren❤ I'm so inlove with this song and with your voice, helllppp meeee😰

  44. Sarah Elhaddi

    is no one gonna point out that "Flames" is her alarm

  45. Cheryl Joi Luzuriaga

    Proud of you, Lauren! 💗💗💗

  46. NR3 Studios

    Love this vid still so much I still listen to it everyday such a good song 😭💙

  47. Gucci -

    This is trash

  48. Namphu Gangmei

    I love her blanket hanging over her body while she walked 😂😂
    That's so me at my comfort zone 😂😂😂

  49. Anna x Kate

    i’m obsessed with this song my gosh it’s SO SO SO UNDERRATED and so she , she is so pretty thoo but this deserves so many more views

  50. Gabi Yumi 8vo E

    The best

  51. Emily Hong

    Such a good song !

  52. Hey Kobe

    This song screams low self esteem and I’ve definitely felt like it before

  53. Constança Bento

    bro loved this song🤩♥

  54. Shatha Fadhel

    Lauren is so talented and amazing 💖

  55. Nicole Smith

    They tried to make her room look messy but I call that cleannnnnnnnnnn

    Joy Paulus

    sameeee my room is an ACTUAL disaster !!

  56. Mia Fleming

    I’m happy. I have been getting pressure from parent for doing something that I didn’t like and after I saw this song I was like ‘I’m messing up my life and I need to fix that’ honestly I look up to Cimorelli and especially Lauren and I think they are amazing.

  57. Autumn Forbes

    When Lauren was on the cliff in my mind I was saying don't die please

  58. PowPowKing

    I wish you would do more cover songs ;-)

  59. Only mr Jacobs

    I agree that this song is too underrated. Honestly the best song i've heard this week! PS: i listen to a lot of music.

    cleverfox Xxx

    Only mr Jacob's SAME I LISTEN TO A LOT

  60. Iliana Martinez

    I used to hate the color orange

  61. yazzy

    Where can I find those orange pants 🤩

  62. Esskeetit Girly

    On repeat

  63. Sophie xx

    Ok I love this and all but who in the world eats cereal with a fork?!?!?!

  64. Hannah Almeida

    omg this song is absolutely amazing but why did they put so much audotune
    on her voice? Is it the style? Cus i think she doesnt need it

  65. Linda Thao

    Nice singing beautiful voice Lauren cimorelli

  66. selelaury

    I love this so much, we all really need this message!

  67. emily .t

    i honestly just wanna say 4 words.. thank you very much .

  68. Typical Ashley

    I ONLY FOUND YOUR CHANNEL TODAY?!?!?!?! wish i found it soonerrr AH

  69. Laia Lim

    Im hooked, this song speaks for itself

  70. PimpCoop

    Lauren cimorelli so beautiful

  71. Cheyenne Powell

    This is absolutely amazing. I love it so much!!!

  72. Aileen Cruz

    I needed this. Thank you, Lauren.

  73. Athina Tselepou

    this is a very positive message thank you very much Lauren!!!

  74. awkward ambivert

    She looks like Dodie I swear and I love them bothh

  75. Jessica Tyrrell

    Such good lyrics that are very needed today!!!

  76. Amber Peterson

    The fact she did this whole song herself is amazing! Talented for sure 💛

    Emily Reeve

    Amber Peterson it just poured out of her. Beautiful.

  77. Caliana Milliston

    Okay but the beat is so catchyyy :,,OO

  78. Trixiii Kpop fanguurl

    Okay this is wow perfect

  79. Thato Nkosi

    Please may you do, someone you loved by Luis lapaldi??

  80. Sarah Goddard

    okay, is this a new trend of people eating oatmeal with forks? I've never seen that before in my life and now I've seen two videos in the past week. what happened to your spoons?

  81. Silky Alexis

    i have my finals starting tmr and i actually came across to this, thankyou cuz it really helps me to cool down a little

  82. Mia Tomren

    I love this!<33

  83. garret moore

    Crushed it

  84. Alycia Karrer

    This is literally my favorite song rn, it’s just so good

  85. random fish

    I love your vocals. Love it. Try finding a song that focuses more on catchiness and beat. I mean~ I'm just expressing my opinions ( do ignore if u disagree ). But I feel the song structure/choice can be better. ;) love you lots.

  86. aesthetikon

    this song fits me so well

  87. Slime Gymnastics

    Who else thinks that Lauren is really sweet and has a really good heart ily if I had to meet one of the cimorelli sisters it would be Lauren 💙💜Your the best Lauren 💕💕

    Sydney Faulk

    bro i met them last week and she was so sweet :)

  88. JooshHiill

    Lauren, please do a cover of “By My Side” by Acejax Ft. Danilyon

  89. Nuha Faiza Chowdhury

    this is to underrated like this should have over a million views plus Lauren is so talented!

    Danielle Snow

    Words you can use instead of or in addition to pretty: talented, hardworking, driven, inspiring, a role model, an amazing artist, an angel sent from heaven to bless us with her voice

    Nuha Faiza Chowdhury

    @Danielle Snow thanks!

  90. henrie la

    1:55 is a mood

  91. Anna Gunderson

    Being just back from residential treatment for anorexia as a young teenager, this hit hard. Thank you Lauren, I needed this today.

  92. Tori D

    Isn’t it kind of ironic how heavily auto tuned this sounds

  93. Adrianna Nagle

    Lauren, this is amazing! You should be really proud of yourself!

  94. AnaClara Espinoza

    killed it lauren

  95. MasterNite

    Lauren: And I'm like - i CaN't RuN tHaT fAsT

    Joy Paulus

    omg hahahah i remember that XD

  96. Lauren Sanchez 5H


  97. Gwyneth Joy Tabag

    Suitable song for students💩

  98. Cookie Cookie

    Absolute beautiful 💕