Lauren Christy - The Night I Saved Peter Ustinov Lyrics

I was walking barefoot on St. Paul's bridge
When I saw a man talking to God
He was round and handsome
A little odd
I overheard his conversation
He said, "I can't live in a world devoid of love."
And the voice, the voice was so familiar
It was the voice of Peter Ustinov
"Peter," I whispered from the shadows
"We've all been damaged by the 20th century
A man like you can talk to God
But can you spare a word for me?
For I have loved you since the time
I saw you in 'The Mouse that Roared'."
"That was Peter Sellers, my dear.
Go away," he implored

"See, I used to be Ustinov
But used to's no good enough for me
See, I used to be Ustinov
But used to's not good enough for me."

The I blurted out "Quo Vadis"
"Topkapi," ooh yeah "Evil Under The Sun."
He waved his hand, "It's too late for that.
As you said, the damage has been done."
Then he lifted his body up
To throw himself to a watery grave
"Peter," I yelled
"What about 'Billy Budd'
The innocent no one could save?"

[Repeat chorus]

"So tell me what you're dying for
Have you been so disrespected?"
He winked at me and said, "'Billy Budd.'
I wrote, starred, and directed."
Then he bowed and kissed my hand
And said, "What was I thinking of?"
And walked away into the night
The night I saved Peter Ustinov

"You used to be Ustinov
But used to's still good enough for me
You used to be Ustinov
But used to's still good enough for me."

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Lauren Christy The Night I Saved Peter Ustinov Comments
  1. Jocelyn Jose

    Ya.........,. Steep every lyrics I feel cry but......... We need to be strong to love. I'm good ..if we fall in love be ready to face what is the ending so good to sing this song StEEP

  2. Precious Bioco

    Who is that guy? He is so handsome

  3. James Yap

    So painful....when your partner is going to fall out of love. ...while you are still so much in love..

  4. jeff lim

    Norway 1997

  5. Deejay Martinez

    Di lang ikaw by juris

  6. Arnel Escobido

    old songs are far diff.from today.memories will come back when you hear a beautiful song like this.

  7. clay Max

    December 2019?

  8. diovanie manalastas

    Nice song

  9. Anjila Yap

    nov 13 2019 love it

  10. Arnel Escobido

    remember when i was in high school 1994.i relly miss my girlfriend in this her so much..tears in my eyes..

  11. Turquoise

    oh wow I loved this song, it's been so long I haven't heard. I didn't know lauren sang it too. i'm glad I found this song

  12. Team Preece 1.0

    October 24,2019 🥰🥰👍👍

  13. jennifer

    Painfull song,cause you have to set free the one you loved,it's like you cannot fix things together, tiring, stressed relationship
    Really sad praying the pain to go away this is the message of this song to everyone who been in love and abandoned

  14. jovs L

    still listening this song oct2019

  15. steamyboy69

    It’s like this Lauren Christy song was written for my current situation. I have fallen out of love with my current partner. He is more of a brother to me now. I am just waiting for the right time to break up with him.

  16. Senyora Santibañez

    Only 1M views? This deserves more views!

    Felix Ng

    I totally agree!

  17. PAUL Speckmann

    Cheating is an epidemic in the society the reason why most relationship wont last.. parting ways is just the beginning.. Moving on is the best OPTION..



  19. Anna Chico

    I love this music..

  20. Jade-Pearl Q.S.

    What's the name of the male model here?

  21. Richard Maullion

    who's still watching in 3000?

  22. Angeline Barbieto

    nakakamiss! bigla ko naalala yung lyrics then sinearch ko. 🥰

  23. Janeyle Ovalo


  24. John Bryan Ramos

    8-13-2019 2019 ??

  25. Zed Kendrick Caballero

    August 2019 and still loooooooving this😍😍😍

  26. antonette gican

    Who is watching this in 2019??

  27. Yann Lapasaran

    08. 10. 2019

  28. Anna Leah Aldaba

    what's the meaning? enlighten me

  29. tcladyt584

    I would pretend i was singing this all rhe time in 94

  30. Dengene Tabunggao

    makes me cry,when i hear this song...

  31. Micha Vietze

    Zeitlos schöne Stimme, the Color of the Night ist noch besser. Warum wird so ne tolle Musik nicht im Radio gespielt. DANKE LAUREN THANK YOU!!!

  32. mark jay valdez

    bagay sa yo ito my friend #Dimple Godoy. # coz you are just a sister to me now...

  33. Honey Plum

    July 2019

  34. lynlyn Gonzales

    I realy realy love dis song,

  35. An Na

    After I watched Nina redemption I automatically look for the original one.
    Nina nailed her redemption. Like as if it's original.

  36. pisceanrat

    1994. Grade 4. Beautiful memories

  37. Bel Merin

    So sad😥..but so realistic💞

  38. Brianne Santos

    Love it..

  39. jennifer

    Simple yet soulful, full of emotions song, this is a legendary song, where are the good songs now?

  40. Henrique Alos

    I'm watching this repeatedly in 2019

  41. Hakoto Me

    2019 here ❤️❤️❤️

  42. reynaldo fernandez

    2019 im still watching...

  43. Micah Formentera

    Try to watch nina's version (steep)full of emotions 😊😊 but i do love lauren😘😘

  44. Saber

    Who's still listening this song in 2019??😊😊😍😍😭😭❤️❤️

    Felix Ng

    I am. Every day.

  45. jenny choi

    Nice song..😢😢😢

  46. Piano Covers PPIA

    I knew about this song when a subscriber requested that I make a piano cover of it. It has a very nice message and melody. I have a video of it in my channel.

  47. Jestone Jacob

    2019 ❤❤

  48. Andrea Salindato

    Cant get enough of this song

  49. Kittypet Surprise

    Why do these videos always show young sexy beautiful people....what about the rest of fucking humanity that don't fit the mold but can sing and actually have talent...break the fucking mold and give real people a chance to show their talent... we're not all Ken and fucking Barbie...think outside the box...fucks sakes you tube

  50. Erik de la cruz

    ......May 2019....... :)

  51. Geno San Diego

    The most dramatic way to brotherzone a guy...

  52. llllllllEbrllllllll

    perfect 90's

  53. christian rey ansus

    Nina, anyone?

  54. Allan Sutarez

    Whos watching in 2019?
    Love this song.

    Your Sanja

    Me too.


    i couldnt find this song in spotify

    David Haun

    I am! Always loved her music! Sometimes, you just gotta go home!

  55. Jerwin Banaag

    May 2019

  56. yrrej abenion

    Nice song

  57. mareng antas Montejo

    Watching 2019.😍😍

  58. Ivy Villadores

    2019???? Still watching❤

  59. Abraham Lincoln

    The woman really loves the man. But she chooses to let go of him for her own reasons. But it is with no question that, indeed, SHE LOVES HIM.

  60. M L

    I love you, Tim. I will always do no matter what happens.

  61. abigail marie gutang

    theme song my ex hahhaha

  62. Giancarlo Salazar


  63. Neboy Albacino

    I really love the melody of this song before I go to sleep I always listen one of my favorite song,,

  64. RJ Salas

    Who else is still watching in 2019? I love the story of this song 😍

  65. Rix Precioso

    2019? Haha

  66. clarkent46

    80's kid, watching this in 2019 ❤❤❤

  67. moderndayfilipina


  68. jrd690

    i miss the nineties

  69. Ric Ceniza


  70. Matilda Milan Lockhart

    My mother bought ‘The Lion King’s soundtrack in cassette tape’ in 1996, this was included in that album. 😊❤️


    Matilda Marcella whoa!!! i didnt know that!

  71. dgdanielgarcia19

    Nice music

  72. gladies gelito

    im stil watching 2019 b'coz diz is my song 4 my wife😊😊

  73. Jayson Villarta

    Softly gently I won't let you down

  74. Jayson Villarta

    Wow theme song to my crush Angeline 1994 when I was grade 4 student

  75. raymund villasin

    A beautiful song

  76. Regine Bentillo

    I like this song 😘😘😘

  77. Simply Zhme

    my alltime favorate

  78. Yuri Soriano

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Marion Raven of M2M?

  79. Michael Bersamina

    Love it!

  80. Pocholo Abergas

    2019 anyone?

  81. jeszie arceo

    One of my favorite song. Make me cry always.

  82. Samsung Emall

    Watching this in 2019?🤚🤚🤚

    Felix Ng

    Me. Every day.

  83. Samuel Porras jr

    Yes the best song of the nineties steep by louren cristy

  84. Tanya Lopez

    so hard to be trapped in a relationship you don't belong...sadness is always in my heart...

  85. Beverly Vergara

    one of my favorite songs. .
    2019.? ?

  86. Rocky Ugsod

    What a beautiful singer!

  87. Kimi Espino

    2019 anyone? ♥️

    Felix Ng

    Happy 2019 and best wishes to you all!

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    Sultry voice. Good music

  89. Judith Yabut

    Jan.6,2019 still watch and singing..

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    Ohhhhhhhhh I know you inside out my twin soul passion and anxiety disorder and Chrissie Wellington to you now

  91. MarkeusTV hd

    Whats this sorcery ?????? Happy 2029 mankind

  92. Irene J Ronquillo

    she's so beautiful

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    lito layug

    i also like these song very very very much

  94. Mr. Sagittarius Official Channel

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    Holy crap! I've forgotten about this song until just now! Wow...such a beautiful ballad. Brings me back to times driving in my parent's car after a date...

  96. Dasher Kris