Laura Welsh - Breathe Me In Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Slow conversations keep drawing me in
I lose concentration, don't know where I've been
I figured it out
I figured you out
And you take control while I stop making sense
Claiming my soul for your lost innocence
I wanna get out
I can't get out

So will you let me know how this became obsession?
Will you let me go after our confession?
Cause I know that we will show the signs
There's time

Dim the lights, let's begin
Cause now the air's getting thin
Baby, just breathe me in
Can't you just breathe me in?

[Verse 2:]
I felt so stupid while you shut your eyes
Taking the leap into faith in disguise
You're coming around, ooh ooh ooh
You're coming around


[Chorus x3]

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Laura Welsh Breathe Me In Comments
  1. otp stylincum


  2. thereturnofj1

    The Simpsons brought me here...

  3. Newrol Hazan

    okay. Its amazing 💞

  4. 49Giants

    Just like a joint, I wanna breathe you in!!!

  5. Laya Francois

    Lol y'all straight up copied Tina Turner

  6. Veezy Vee

    this song is everything

  7. marci burnett


  8. Allegra Versace

    I'm insanely obsessed with this song..!!

  9. Gabriele Stefani

    linda 💜

  10. sadbaby

    i found this in a harry video edit

    Pathos Logos

    sadbbaby where!!??


    Pathos Logos i literally do not remember

  11. Michelle Melchert

    love this song! The videogrophy is pissing me off big time! So much more could happen!

  12. Aris Robsten

    love song

  13. Aris Robsten

    love song

  14. petertheprettygood

    still one of the best songs of 2015 all these months later.

  15. shane gal

    love her voice......

  16. frankie jay ponds

    Lol, thank you H&M store playlist.

    Latresa Holmes

    LbvVs, that's where I heard it!

    Mobola Adedeji

    I heard it there too !


    H&M gave me so much music lmao

  17. Gary Manuel

    Love this song!

  18. Lucas Alejandro

    Perfect song 2 make love 2!

  19. matthew reeves

    soulful voice. you have such a good style. brilliant track

  20. Erizan Batista

    Beautifully perfect!

  21. foreverpink

    this is amazing 

  22. tomobear

    fav track ヽ(^。^)ノ

  23. Vero

    Awesome!!! ♥♥♥♥

  24. 3019nene

    Can't wait for this cd to drop in March. Laura is amazing!

  25. Joe Piz

    superbe !

  26. SpinThatMeat

    LOOOOVE thiss