Laura Marling - The Muse Lyrics

God's work is planned
I stand here with a man that talked to me so candidly
More than I choose.

My lips once rouged
I feel again the blues of longing, ever longing, to be confused

He wrote me a letter
Saying he would love me better
When my poor sons begetter the rules

Spoke of love like hunger
He at once was younger, younger, ever younger, in my hunger for a muse

Finest man that I've seen ever since my eyes have been
But his honesty did gleam me blind

Keep those thoughts from sight
Follow me into the night
And you can call on me when you need the light

You know what I need
Why won't you giveth me?
Must I fall down at your feet and plead?

Don't you be scared of me
I'm nothing but the beast
And I'll call on you when I need to feast

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Laura Marling The Muse Comments
  1. tam ziin

    this must be donovan - season of the witch

  2. ph0bicc

    What tuning is this?

  3. SuzyQ

    she must like Donovan!!

  4. michelle M

    @danno1son haha. reminded me of tht wen she started..

  5. Cameron Mackay

    my favourite off her new album

  6. Alexis Long

    This has a country feel I love it:)

  7. danno1son

    Donovon,season of the witch

  8. Pengelly Narwhal

    if anyones interested i have a tutorial on how to play this song on guitar, on my channel - please check it out :)

  9. Sullivan Grunn

    I think she met Bob Dylan on her last tour.

  10. Olivia Pilkington

    @sarahchasesrainbows Me too. :c

  11. Sarah

    i think i much prefer old laura marling

  12. Ted Marriott

    Her song - The Beast, reminds me of Lord of the Flies, too much; I need to stop studying that book.

  13. B. Anonymous


  14. Ca S

    @DOCTOR562 somewhere along those lines....

  15. DOCTOR562


  16. crockerboym

  17. Cruithne3753

    Blankety-Blank, Blankety-Blank, Blankety-Blank...

  18. Obvious Bambi

    There's not one bad Laura Marling song.

  19. fnord23


  20. Blackhand Music

    Is that Marcus on the set? It sounds like Marcus.

  21. CFGM

    Love this song, and the the album is fabulous! Just keeps getting better!

  22. Ca S

    Oh My God. What just happened?

  23. Brittany Jordan

    Love it but like the acoustic a lot more..

  24. bread_astaire


  25. dobbsiancant

    nice one,laura.

  26. desmopstochter

    I am in loooove!!!

  27. Sophie Leaver

    @mrhappybunny666 Yeah I wouldn't say that's a bad thing. When an artist releases an album that they've tried to not make it identical to the last there's going to be "it's not as good as the last one". I'd rather you didn't like it because she's being versatile and not because it sounds the same as the others. I actually would agree that this isn't one of her best due to my tastes, but A Creature I Don't Know and Sophia are truly beautiful and remind me of her older stuff.

  28. Jon Hill

    Unbelievable song from the legend :)

  29. Margaret Shalloe

    :O caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaint waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiit for this album :O

  30. terrence0258

    I listened to this song and immediately pre-ordered the album.

  31. Luke Summers

    Best song on the album

  32. Iain Evans

    Laura Marling trying a bit of folk-jazz fusion. Nice :)

  33. Thom Stone

    beautiful as ever, so sad I dont have tickets for this tour :-(

  34. Sophie Leaver

    @mrhappybunny666 she's grown up.

  35. hannap13

    Only a few days to go!

  36. Harriet Gooch

    LOVE IT. Nice to have some more upbeat stuff :D

  37. Sally Jaquet

    cant wait for this album x