Laura Marling - I Was Just A Card Lyrics

I was just a card, caught up in the stars,
Looking down to Mars.
You know, you know
I know, I know something
About you that you don't want me to know.

Never found a solid hand till I found that man,
Till I found that man of mine.
You were looking at me, thinking,
"Who am I?"

Never knew the sky was white till I took that flight,
Till I took that flight to him,

I was just a card, caught up in the stars,
Looking down to Mars.
You know, you know
He knows, he knows something
About me that I don't want him to know.

Could've sworn I had that man when he took my hand,
When he took my hand down near you.
You were looking at me, thinking,
"Who is she?"

I didn't even see the night till I said goodbye,
Till I said goodbye to him,

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Laura Marling I Was Just A Card Comments
  1. fradaja

    i hope beyonce watches this

  2. TheAprilMuse

    Love this song, thank you.

  3. Mazze LeCzzare

    Joni Mitchell had written most of the songs she would perform in her life when she was very young, and had been performing them sometimes for years before she devoted them to albums. There just wan't youtube back then so if you weren't in the circle you had to wait for the album to come out and buy it and listen. It takes nothing away from what this woman, Laura Marling is doing, except I think maybe they are just old souls

  4. redhatgnome

    The next Joni Mitchell. Except that Laura Marling isn't. She's herself.

  5. Luis Angel Hernández Soto

    This would be sound great whit a jazz band

  6. prikiinha

    Is it weird if I think she's already reached their levels? Seriously, I can't see no difference between the things she writes and, v.g, Leonard Cohen's, Joni Mitchell's and James Taylor's songs, regarding the maturity and profundity of the lyrics.
    I still get impressed when I remember that she wrote Alpha Shallows, Blackberry Stone, I Speak Because I Can and others when she was 18, 19 years old. She's amazing and very special, really!

  7. Jessica Shray

    @carpediemguitar thank you! been meaning to find that out. can u pls post a tutorial?! would love that! open D is so hard to play to

  8. Rosie J

    I can't find a tab anywhere, so I'm trying to watch what she's doing but it LOOKS SO HARD!

  9. Pengelly Narwhal

    @samshergill im not quite finished but when i am i will post on ultimate guitar - should be done soon :):)

  10. samshergill

    @TheZombieHorseZ Yes Please can you send me the tabs? :)

  11. Sherri McCue

    @treetrain hey just happened upon here and saw your reply @treetrain. Still totally enjoy Laura Marling. I've made her a station on Pandora and iHeartRadio :).

  12. J.J. & Jeff

    @sherri14309 Thank You for realising this about her, appreciating her and really taking her in. You have it 100% correct. I'm 27 who loves older artists like james taylor and tom paxton, and she really has such talent and potential to reach their levels. I hope all is good by you Sherri!

  13. tatoula


  14. cookiebones20

    steady the camera already!

  15. Pengelly Narwhal

    if anyones interested i now have a tutorial on how to play the begining of this song. hopefully in time i'll be able to tab out the whole song and post it.. please check it out?

  16. Pengelly Narwhal

    defiantly prefer this to the album version :3 does anyone happen to know the tuning for the guitar? or maybe where i could find a tab :)

  17. Simon Brooks

    this is awesome. and she is amazing

  18. captainoflies

    Everything she does just seems completely effortless, she's amazing

  19. Stephen Bright

    Would love to have seen the people in the radio station....their jaws must have dropped lol because this was amazing.

  20. OliviaSnellMusic

    i love this live version 20 times more than the album version... and that's sayin' somethin'.

  21. Declan Cook

    she's so pure

  22. loriel0524

    i love this~can't stop listening...& why should i?

  23. Atheer Barrishi

    I swear her voice just keeps getting better and better, this blew me away.

  24. Sherri McCue

    I'm a 44 year old mother of three boys, and this young woman writes with such maturity and emotion. I'm so happy to witness this type of talent today. Such an amazing, beautiful sound. Wow.

  25. steven reid


  26. Janelle Heath

    I love how she's using a classical guitar this album xD. The only guitar I have is a classical, now the songs will actually sound right lol.

  27. jsystevo007

    like the 2nd albums mostly in open D!

    the new albums the dogs bollocks!

  28. MARxSx1

    tuning? open d?? :)

  29. dobbsiancant

    sounds like her best work to date.well done,laura.