Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can Lyrics

My husband left me last night,
Left me a poor and lonely wife,
I cook the meals and he got the life,
Now I'm just old for the rest of my time.
For he, Oh he, oh my

I speak because I can,
To anyone I trust enough to listen,
You speak because you can,
To anyone who'll hear what you say,
I swear it was not my choice,
I used to be so kind.

Never rode my bike down to the sea,
Never finished that letter I was writing,
Never got up and said anything,
Worthy, for he, for my.

Graceful sleeper,
You midnight dreamer,
I'm floored by your sound,
I'm floored by your sound.

I swear it was not my choice,
To reach out for someone wise,
I used to be so kind,
I used to be so kind.

In the breaking of the morning we'll be dancing on my soft lawn.
When you're shaking out the anger that stops you from taking my call.
When you're running up the highway,
Singing I'm the king, the king of you all.
When you look back to where it started,
I'll be there waving you on.

Never rode my bike down to the sea,
Never quite figured out what I believe,
Never got up and said anything,
Worthy, for he, for my.

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Laura Marling I Speak Because I Can Comments
  1. Jolly Infidel

    Im a huge music fan and have been for many years.
    I can assure you that you are listening to one of the finest tunes ever.!

  2. Christine Lichauco

    I heard this song on Damnation during one of the major plot points and it really brought it out

  3. antibullshit

    All those red lanterns, shinning in the distance ...

  4. Anistasia ••••

    I want someone to play this at my funeral...

  5. Ripley

    I loved hearing this song at the end of "The Invitation".

    Hua Mulan

    Ripley yup, me too.

    James Jackson

    Amen! Didn't see it on the soundtrack, thank god for Shazam.


    It was a DAMN good choice!

    Snart Died

    wooahh didn’t even realize this and I love that movie

  6. Michael Taylor

    My new favorite song.

  7. Michael Blue Riband

    that awkward silence when a song ends and you try to pretend you didn't submit your dignity to a twirling trance. 

    Teddy Wake

    Michael Blue Ribbon this is how I feel every time a song ends I really like haha

  8. lara k

    i'm so glad i found this on 8track <3

    Michael Taylor

    Just found it on iHeart Radio about 10 minutes ago! 

  9. J Neson

    So great !!! To bad she took down the vid in the US ...

  10. SockPuppetnumberA3

    lel, 3 years later and seeing this, you'd really have to wonder

  11. Becky White

    Nah, this is just vaguely 'country-like' music. England has its wilds too!

  12. Scary Larry

    did you get it?

  13. TheWarriorsPath


  14. amanda c.s.

    For every crap artist England puts out, ten good ones are behind it. In America, sadly, we are the opposite.

  15. Adayla Defiance

    Ok, so I was wrong about the dancing part. But there was fire! Haha. You can see the video here: dailymotion (DOT) com /video/xc7ats_laura-marling-devil-s-spoke-officia_music (YouTube won't let me post links correctly.)

  16. Adayla Defiance

    Yes, there was one. Mumford and Sons were in it too because they played (and sang) the song with her on the album. I remember one part they were dancing around a fire. I tried finding it not too long ago but Vevo said it wasn't available in my country. So I guess they changed the settings for it. Makes me sad.

  17. Josie Dakota

    what ever happen to the music video to this song. i may be mistaken but i could have sworn there was one.

  18. Heavygusto

    Except gun violence and televangelists!

  19. Reojoker

    Not off the top of my head, no, but I know that it's in open D tuning. Most of the album is. Really annoying actually.

  20. Bujo

    shes from england yet this is very american wild west.

  21. Chelsea Carberry

    Does anyone know the correct chords for this ??

  22. skinburiedsecrets

    i'm alone, ... him and me

  23. zoduzzo

    obviously my excitement and love for Laura got in the way of my spelling and grammar and whatnot, i apologise for burning your eyes...

  24. Vince Walk

    3 people are asleep and clicking again

  25. Vince Walk

    calm down for gods sake! epicly? what the hell?

  26. Jamesy TheReDevil

    IM GOING TO BUY THIS CD! i mean download this cd XD

  27. Quentin de Cagny

    I love this singer so much.
    Added to The Goooaa Channel -->

  28. Isometimesplayguitar

    @acciodalek you clearly haven't been here......

  29. rosemarydragon

    @acciodalek bot freally ubkless there isw a heatwave in England¿and that planet close it us all!

  30. StrummingSparrow

    you really gotta love the beginning with the needle down and the sound of a vinyl spinning and then a backwards ghost.

  31. Megan

    England gave us the best comedy, Adele and Laura Marling. And an amazing accent. :3

  32. maxwtf

    she is a badass

  33. kyle

    Just saw this on GO! Tv channel, thought I'd YouTube it

  34. jimmy jones

    Even the president of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked !

    I knew i'd heard this somewhere before,i like her though.

  35. Theresa O'Shea

    It's alright ma.

  36. takethescenicroute

    @aggasg Lol. I'm English. I was just trying to be terribly witty :).

  37. takethescenicroute

    @aggasg and spelling

  38. GrGrGrGrGrGreg

    I thought she was Scottish?! She sounds SO Scottish!! I LOVE HERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  39. BekiHeffron

    @underthefornix ...she doesn't sound like a chav, believe me that's a rarity in England. I dont know anyone who speaks the queen's english.

  40. 77death7

    @vagabondfrank no she's british...

  41. lukas408

    @acciodalek but good football :)

  42. ChemicalDroid

    @davelaye I was immediately going to dismiss what you said then i went and listened. and holy fuck. must say im not really a dylan fan though, the singing is totally different. but the riff is essentially the same.

  43. S Wid

    Damn.. England really does have everything

  44. mdadamiec

    @AnnieKruz no, it's kind of a joke. i'm not going to explain it.

  45. mdadamiec

    and later still check out john butler trio's 'damned to hell'. the banjo seems somehow to be linked with devil and hell. moreover, referring to dylan now is not really necessary, because everyone today not playing punk or techno must be ripping him off.

  46. spintokid

    @davelaye dude thats a blues riff thats been altered and used my loads of people so to claim it for one artist or another isnt the point the point is how they use it...

  47. KrœnT

    Sehr schönes Lied, mal was anderes, sehr abwechslungsreich.

  48. Luke Marshall

    Well it's catchy i suppose.

  49. zoduzzo

    i have got to get this CD immediately!! to the shops!!... tomorrow coz its night timeee..... maybe on saturday because tomorrow is friday... i will get the CD in 2 days! :D because it is so amazing and wonderful and i love her voice and music epicly so much!

  50. TabithaKateMusic

    so amazing