Laura Marling - Don't Ask Me Why Lyrics

I choose to stay far away
From the ones that think
Money is money to share
Don't ask me why
And I'll tell you no lies

Sonny don't come here no more
He don't drink from this well
O he's done with the world
And done with the girl
And I don't ask him why
And he tells me no lies

Those of us who are lost and low
I know how you feel
I know it's not right but it's real
But it's real.

I don't ask for love
And I don't beg for money
I'm just asking for grace and forgiveness
Now honey don't ask me why
And I'll tell you no lies.

Been looking for answers
In unsavoury places
On the highest of mountains
And on the lowest of bases
And I still don't know why
I still don't know why.

Those of us who are lost and low
We know how you feel
We know it's not right but it's real
But it's real.

I took the wind from the sea
I took the blood from an arrow
I took the wisdom of spring
And I was thrown and blown and tossed and turned until
Time found its hand and called an end
Me and time we go way back when
I was a child
And I always knew why.

I knew my name
I knew my road
And I stayed away from heavy loads
I'm still, I'm low
O lord am I low

Those of us who are lost and low
We know how you feel
We know it's not right but it's real
But it's real.

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Laura Marling Don't Ask Me Why Comments
  1. Caio Falcão

    This version is better than the album's version.

  2. Caio Falcão

    I don't use to appreciate live versions, but this one is truly an exception.

  3. Mark Thompson

    Great tribute to Tim Hardin.

  4. unfurling

    guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching

  5. Ankie Rusticus

    I hear Jony Mitchell in her voise, so beautiful!!


    same Impression !

  6. asdfhuliashduflasihf

    She's a storyteller guys...

  7. makokan nakokam

    finally...someone that knows how to write a song as well as lyrics that fit the music

  8. Vanessa Chock

    A Laura e muito talentosa.e bonita

  9. Angharad Williams

    miss you too x

  10. charley keen

    i love and miss you too huni xoxo

  11. marlbororedgirl

    Gosh she sounds like Joni Mitchell in this song.

  12. NUBF

    Most definitely not. Joan wrote topical songs, songs about war and peace and love and the world. Of course she sung about other things as well, but she was much more abstract in her song writing, not to mention that her songs became part of a huge activist movement because of it's messages. Not saying Joan Baez is better or worse than Laura Marling but they're two distinct performers and the only thing they have in common is that they both sing beautifully and play the guitar.

  13. Roja Mitchell

    ditto >.<

  14. Nick Parker

    I can feel a lot of Joni Mitchell in this too

  15. April Taylor

    at first i thought this was the beginning of a video and she was just sitting very very still..

  16. HangOnToYourEgo

    Ha, possibly, but you think it would be a bit odd for the poor lambs, like a raging socialist reading the Mail. It would anger the blood!

  17. HangOnToYourEgo

    Well her mates Mumford & Sons played a dinner in David Cameron's honour and at his invitation at the White House, which grossed me out a lot. Still optimistic about Laura though.. she said she was "dedicated" to the Guardian newspaper and I doubt they have many Tory readers! Also I interpret this song as partially about class guilt.

  18. Stephen Bright

    you say that as though its a bad thing lol!

  19. Lauren Green

    why is one of the top comments about politics!? Laura Marling's voice is amazing and breath taking, stuff political bollocks and listen to this angel!

  20. ForToday

    I was sitting here waiting for a video. Waiting for her to move. So I'm here like "Wow! She's so good at not blinking! But why aren't her lips mov-- oh."

  21. chickensw

    @babyblues22s very Joni...

  22. Karina Harris

    Modern day Joni Mitchell with a country flair.

  23. Paul Johnston

    Whoever likes her may also like Joanna Newsom :)

  24. C-A

    I was waiting for her to move, until I finally realized it was a photo...

  25. Beelzebubbbbles

    @Animatefate Maybe he's thinking of her Ladies of the Canyon era. The emotion evoked is similar, but vocally she's totally different to Joni. Laura doesn't really use the falsetto much. She's a remarkable talent, her music and her voice and her lyrics, all highly distinctive. I hope the industry doesn't break her, because I'd love to be listening to her songs 30 years from now. I'd say longer, but 30 more years for me is quite optimistic.

  26. Branch

    her lyrics are genius and so flowing

  27. Shayne Alexander

    Umm...can anyone say Jonie Mitchel???

  28. arvin mogan

    what a talent

  29. thblackpantherwithin

    my friend just posted on Facebook about going to see her live.. how did I not know about her before?!

  30. Alexandra

    Me fascina!

  31. Siena Cook

    she sounds a little like Joni Mitchell sometimes :)

  32. Sullivan Grunn

    I lovee this album.... but I loved her old stuff so much better. it was spunkier and more alive.

  33. L Clark

    @rikanechimo My exact reaction too!

  34. SpawnOfCheese

    OOooo! Her hair is brown now!

  35. Aifric Ni Shrutháin

    is this sped up or is it just me? sounds chip-munk-esque?

  36. Micka

    Can you hear the Joni Mitchell in here? :)

  37. HangOnToYourEgo

    to add to the ongoing "is Laura Marling a Tory?" debate, I read an interview with her recently where she said "I'm devoted to one particular papar The Guardian" more strong evidence against...

  38. Radb707

    She sounds like Martha Wainwright with lyrics that Greg Dulli would be proud of.

  39. TheCentral99

    @HerrKamperfrager very well, i'm glad i'm on the same page now

  40. TheCentral99

    @HerrKamperfrager i cant tell if your comment is sarcasm, but if not, they're not even in the same genre. It's asinine to compare the two.

  41. steveeweavie

    Would love to hear Robert Plant cover this.

  42. HangOnToYourEgo

    @EilidhThePidgeon statement of political conservatism within the wider context of the whole song/lyric. It's fun that her lyrics offer the depth and ambiguity to be worth speculating about though! I feel like a Dylanologist.. Marlingologist? I won't lie, I love what she does and it would break my heart if she were a Tory.

  43. HangOnToYourEgo

    @EilidhThePidgeon true, true but someone with a particularly right wing view of the world would probably avoid wearing one still.. as a northern child of the welfare state I try and not be an inverse snob about the private school/well off background of some of my favourite musicans, but I must admit that combined with right wing beliefs would be a barrier to enjoying Laura's music for me. (feel that way about Frank Turner). Still I stand by my interpretation that is doesn't make sense as a..

  44. EilidhThePidgeon

    @HangOnToYourEgo That's an interesting interpretation! Makes me feel a bit better about the line, though I do still think there's at least some conservatism behind it, it's comforting to think there might be a bit more than that. But I don't think wearing a Che Guevara hoodie means much tbh, those things are practically more style than political...

  45. HangOnToYourEgo

    @EilidhThePidgeon me too.. though that's just one possible interpretation of the lyric. It could be about avoiding friends and hangers on who bum off her, avoiding open generous people due to misanthropy/feeling unworthy or socialist politicised types due to upper class guilt? I know the despite her wealthy upbringing Laura has worn a che guevara (!!) hoodie onstage in the past! Also some of her lyrics seem to crtic consumerism and materialism.

  46. Zach Blackwood

    September! gahhhhh so excited.

  47. Derris Rosenberg

    @lunardaddy Hell yeah

  48. rudi k

    this song reminds me of Joni Mitchell a bit..its beautiful

  49. Hana O'Glatison

    She looks pretty with brown hair but to me she looks the most Laura Marling with blonde hair :-)

  50. EilidhThePidgeon

    Absolutely beautiful, except the opening line - 'I choose to far stay away from the ones that think money is money to share'. I'm not even that much of a lefty but it hurts me that she'd want to put that in a song.

  51. midge3030150

    check my videos for a live version of this I filmed at the lowry, salford

  52. Sara Ball

    @Jefflowe22 awesome :) I can't wait!

  53. Sun is rose

    @DISASTARCAKE123 There was a rumour by xmas thered be a new album. certainly in new year.

  54. Sara Ball

    @Jefflowe22 when is it coming out?

  55. Sun is rose

    cant wait for the new album.Lovely laura heaven !!!

  56. Ergo Walsh

    she looks amazin with brown hair

  57. sojealous08

    this song broke my heart last night at her show in LA.