Laura Bell Bundy - Rebound Lyrics

Feelin' sorry for myself since the love is gone
But you're all I want today
I just wonder can you make me feel that way
Tell me boy

If I get all over you, can I get over him?
I've been feelin' so blue, give me back my faith in men
Pick me up and lay me down, won't you be my rebound

You gettin' the picture baby? (Yeah, I get it girl)

I'm not asking you for love or to commit
So, if you like it, you don't have to put a ring on it (Beyonce, uh-oh)
I don't want to behave
I'm just looking for a man who wants to play
What do you say?

[Repeat Chorus]

I've always followed my heart
But now I think I need a fresh start
I've seen you mopin' around
It might do you some good if you had rebound

If I get all over you, can ya get over her?
You've been feelin' so blue, but I can make it better for sure
Make it better, make

If I get all over you, can we get over them?
We've got nothin' to prove, but if we like it, we can do it again
Pick me up and lay me down, won't you be my rebound

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Laura Bell Bundy Rebound Comments
  1. Anne Creates

    "Beyonce~" gosh ahaha 😂😂

  2. Ricky Hess


  3. Anne Marie

    Listening to this song kinds of reminds me of her song boyfriend. Just worded different, but that's my opinion.

    Gypsy Wilson

    Anne Marie i agree

  4. Dylan Trowbridge

    I single

  5. Dylan Trowbridge

    I love the song

  6. Morgan Ely

    I just love Laura Bell Bundy!!! Especially this song!!!!!!!!

  7. Chelle Belle

    I don't understand how she is not insanely famous!! Her voice is incredible!!!

  8. Rachelle Leckbee

    Love your songs, I was thinking I have seen her somewhere, Then BAM ..... She plays Shelby on Hart of Dixie.... AWESOME

  9. Brittany L

    Until tonight I've only heard of Giddy On Up, but hte songs I"ve heard so far are amazing. WHy isn't she popular?!!!

  10. Haley Smith


  11. kyouyuki

    sometimes we all need a man who just wants to play!

  12. arod0311

    LOVE IT!!!

  13. 1stazlawdog

    I like.