Laura Bell Bundy - Please Lyrics

One night of weakness, boy, I'm so ashamed
Believe me when I tell ya it didn't mean a thing
I couldn't really blame you if you walk right out on me
I know that second chances, they don't come so easily

Please don't take your love away
Please, I'm begging you to stay
I'm down here on my knees, to hell with all my pride
I'll do anything and everything just to make it right
Baby, baby, baby, don't leave me, please, please

I'm so afraid you're gonna say that I've run out of time
And you can't find it in your heart to drive this from your mind
Is losing you forever just the price I have to pay
Or boy can you forgive me, forgive me when I say

[Repeat Chorus]

I couldn't really blame you
If you walked right out on me
I know that second chances
They don't come so easily

[Repeat Chorus]

Please, please
Baby, please

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Laura Bell Bundy Please Comments
  1. Emily Hill

    I love this song, I play it to my husband every time we have a fight.

  2. Waylon Bandit

    She's so talented in so many ways but her songs seem to take a huge backseat and get so little airplay & publicity. Thanks for uploading. SO Nice.

  3. Katherine Ternes

    I should've tried harder to keep him....

  4. Brittany Ramsdell

    amazing!!! thanks for posting.

  5. Jojo Calloway

    love it!