Laura Bell Bundy - I'm No Good (For Ya Baby) Lyrics

Do I know you, 'cause there you are
Trust me, I'm not like any girl
at this bar
You can keep talkin' a mile a minute
And I can still see my life
without you in it
So don't (don't), don't ya start cryin'
Don't (don't), at least I'm not lyin'
I'm shootin' you straight,
straight from the hip
Don't waste your time,
just read my lips

I don't think you heard me correctly
I'm no good for you baby
I can't say this more directly
I'm no good for you baby
I'm no good (she's no good)
I'm no good (she's no good)
I told you, I told you,
proceed with care
Baby, oh baby, you better beware
I don't wanna lead you on
I'm no good for ya baby
I'm no good (no good)
I'm no good (no good)

I'll shake my junk to make
other boys stare
And I'll pretend you're not
even standing there
I can drink whiskey like it's
going outta style
And you can wait for me to change
but you'll be waitin' quite awhile
So don't (don't), call me devil woman
Don't (don't), think you'll be
gettin' any lovin'

I'm reckless, and restless,
I don't clean my mess up
I'm tryin' to be nice, it's not often
that I fess up

[Repeat Chorus]

I ain't looking for Mr. Right, ain't
looking for Mr. Right now
You can say what you think, I wanna
hear but it won't help you anyhow

[Repeat Chorus]

I'm no good, I'm no good....

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Laura Bell Bundy I'm No Good (For Ya Baby) Comments
  1. Jose Ramirez

    You're my💗 Laura Bell Bundy💗 💞you look good to me💞💋💓 I love you baby always and forever 💓💋😘💋💓💖💝💗❤💕💞😘

  2. Jennifer Hofman

    HOW is she not more famous yet? I don't hear her on the radio. Her voice is amazing, her personality shines thru her music. She has it all!

  3. All Right

    ..there are not so many singers outside, who is critical and honest about themselfs, bravo!

  4. Jeff Niemiste

    She's purrfect


    I might even let her get me a couple of drinks and be no good for me

  6. john e Lawler

    lovely voice but great legs lol

  7. Dave G

    I don't like the song, but I LOVE the way she looks, and her moves!

  8. Leah Marie

    Wow she looks so young!

  9. Aaliyah Henderson

    You have a great voice I think you should be a country singer keep up the great work. I love what you do I don't want you to stop making music. <3

  10. R3dp055um

    Huh, I'd never heard of her before she released that "you can't pray the gay away" video. Obviously, this is from 8 years ago.

  11. Phillip Riggins

    Pretty Cool video, thanks for posting this video.

  12. Amanda Nichols

    ❤ 💘

  13. Savanna Bennett

    I’m no good for u “baby” (My ex boyfriend) I really hate u lol 😂

  14. Анатолий Евлашкин

    Мегалайк 🇷🇺

  15. Walter Suggs Jr.

    This is the kind of songs I want to make except a pedal steel and electric guitar on chorus, love you Laura you’re an amazing singer

  16. Donna Hunt

    Why is there not more talk of this woman? She has it all !

  17. Laureen Connor

    She is ugly as Fuck

  18. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    What a beautiful song, vídeo and singer!

  19. Mary Blumer


    Josie life

    Mary Blumer you know she was in the Legally Blonde musical, right?

  20. Tobias B

    good dam dixie girl :D

  21. Simon Kirkman


  22. Suda Sankuntaw

    you is my idol.

  23. rongoff99

    now that's real sex apeal..

  24. Kevin Henderson

    Aw are all kinds of good, LBB !!  Finer than frog hair !  Love it !  :-)  <3

  25. savannah elise anderson

    I'm no good

  26. Amelia Dean

    Thats it. I'm in love with Laura Bell Bundy.

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Mia's Madness me too! And I'm a girl lol

    Elliot Kingaby

    Love seeing proformers just having fun and being a bit of a goof. She always makes me smile

  27. sylvia

    in this song she reminds me of a young Dolly with her lyrics and sass. such a great singer

  28. Eduardo Munaro

    Tuto De Bom

  29. muchachito-pk2

    bravo baby

  30. Logan Bell

    Beautiful wemon!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡

  31. Gacha Trident

    very pettrry

  32. jo7192

    She is awesome dam

  33. Emily lox

    she's come a long way from being Britney's spears backup singer.

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Emily lox um no no no love. Brittany was HER backup!!!! 😂😭😂😭 She was the lead in ruthless the musical (on off Broadway) when she was 10 and Brittany and Natalie Portman were her understudies 😂😂. Sorry but I'm a tru Laura fan and will always have my queen's back!

  34. Wayne Russell McClanahan

    One of our Kentucky (GO BIG BLUE) gals who can drink whiskey like it is going out of style and definitely bull shitting when she says she ain't no good.

  35. Mounzer Afif

    she may be not good for me but she can sing real good

  36. deez nuttz

    love it Jordan

  37. Vanessa Burci

    she's amazing

  38. casey scruggs

    I think you may be, just sayin

  39. MamaMilkBubbles

    haha I love her

  40. breyer_photogragh Ashlee

    I just love this song

  41. Ele Gala

    boats boats boats!! BOOAAAAAAATS!! :D

  42. Waylon Bandit

    She is absolutely adorable and SO talented in so many ways

  43. Lionello Sacchi

    Oh... wow

  44. LordMontystink

    Loving the songs, the moves and the accent! Come and play for us in England some time. You are wonderful.

    Kate Fowler


  45. MrAvatar DarkLadyKiller

    love her shes on it love her

  46. Jan Paul Olsen

    Miss Bundy u still composing new songs?

  47. Jan Paul Olsen

    Bet I can change that

  48. Jan Paul Olsen

    Never work u r good that's it OK keep on going hun

  49. bredbox1

    I'm in love

    Lissa Paquette

    R a tley

  50. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    At least she is Honest !

  51. Henry Lamport

    I think that you are a lot better than all the other country singers the reason being is because that you have a brilliant voice and a talented young lady and I fancy you.

  52. Jerry Barker

    This song is. Great. Love. All

  53. Blkchevy98

    What's up with the crazy dance? Love it. Thanks.

  54. Sweet Skyangel

    She plays in how i met your mother season 6 episode 7

  55. raestanwood

    Loving the dance!!

  56. Dee Rose

    I love her singing so much

  57. Klaus Geltl

    Indirectly, Katy Perry brought me here. Laura does a visual impression of her in another video, so I found out Laura's name. She's so funny and refreshing, I've only seen two videos but love her already! ❤❤❤

  58. Khadijah Amani

    On top of legally blond U R EVEN MORE AMAZING

  59. Small Slardibartfast

    I'm loving the quirky dance moves!

    LaJuana Bochtler

    Small Slardibartfast +

  60. Александр Фокин

    boat, boat, boat =)))

  61. Miranda C

    i love your music and your videos this one has to be one of my favorites you was having a lot of fun. not many music artist wold do something like this. keep up the amazing music

  62. MIGEL jimenes

    4 ME IS AWESOME GOOD!!! :)

  63. SouthernGirl

    That song is not one of her `s best songs.

  64. Brooke Wilson

    I love her voice, its like a womens version of a wraspy voice!

  65. Dan OConnell

    Awesome !

  66. sparkles9729

    She's so talented!!!! Love you LBB!!!! You'll always be my favorite Elle! <3

  67. singingnymph

    I love her sense of humor. :)

  68. Belinda Graves

    Love her, shes all around awesome.

  69. Sarah Rice

    LOVE HER VOICE!!!!!!!

  70. Garimiah Bullfrog

    The lady has it going on - so many under appreciated lady country singers - but she leads the pack. She is so good in so many ways. 

  71. wayneo1269

    This woman is hot and can sing.

  72. Gail Bevilacqua

    I love this girl's music!

  73. Caroline Tran

    love her character.

    Christina Han

    @Caroline Tran : how do i know that this was from you before looking at the name?? hahaha too cute :)

    Caroline Tran

    lol anit it

  74. theothertroll

    It's like when you look in her eyes you see a vast space of absolute nothingness - classic blonde.

  75. alex shows

    best one yet

  76. Alex McGeachy

    This one is a good song.  It has the catchy tune part without the bimbo mentality.  Yes she is talking about boys, but it isn't cliche.  Thank you for the song Laura.

  77. rhino ranch

    Fantastic.  Where is the location?  Looks like a recording studio.

  78. Pitsoup

    Ahahahahaha... Refreshing...ultra talented... I too am going on a Laura Bell Bundy Binge...see yawl there!!. 

  79. Caitlin Heppner

    Took a little getting use to but I like this song!

  80. FunkieMonkeyJunkie

    Anyone know the name of the guy playing guitar?

  81. Carl Schwamberger

    I'll take a acoustic performance in a little bar before any over amped electronic performance anywhere

    APB 225

    100% Agree!

  82. Amy Talman

    Loved her since Legally Blonde!

    Chloe Allen

    Me too! I really hope people start to notice her more she's so talented

  83. Tazz McLeod

    She was the child from Jumanji 

    Tazz McLeod

    No, at the very beginning :P


    oh ok i guess it was

    Megan Quigley

    She was the younger Sarah Whittle. KD was Judy.

    Paige Constant

    No. You ever seen Spiderman. The girl was a younger version of MJ.

    Hey It’s Sarah

    Paigey Wagey yes Kirsten Dunst. She was Judy in jumanji. However Laura was also in jumanji she was young Sarah (who plays the game with Alan in the beginning when he gets sucked in.)

  84. Erika Doolittle

    Amazing love! Kepp it up!

  85. peacelovetennis10

    I don't know why I haven't listened to her more. She is pretty, hilarious, and a good singer. I love her!

  86. Robert Newman

    Love it!!!

  87. Michael Dwyer

    there no answer for women like you, i'm going to go on a laura bell bundy binge!

  88. Cristobal Ruiz

    incredible legs....
    exciting performance...
    always funny...

  89. Carlos S

    Good country blues, sexy and gorgeous

  90. Carlos S

    Good country blues, sexy and gorgeous

  91. Momoscooscoo

    She is a perfect mix

  92. Momoscooscoo

    Better than this crap pop country now days

  93. Anthony Schroeder

    omfg  SHE IS SO YUMMY!

  94. Kim Fenske

    Britney Spears could have learned a few singing lessons from Laura Bell.

  95. Joel Evans

    Beautiful voice. Too bad vevo wants to pop up 100 freaking ads during the video.

  96. Kaley Graves

    2:43 cracks me up so much. <3

  97. Rebecca Worsham

    LOVE her - not sure why Country Music has't embraced her more fully...

  98. brian vaughn

    Love the song 2 step love to watch her move

  99. TrekBuilder

    I think Laura as way more talent than Carrie Underwood. Don't get me wrong. Carrie is awesome, but Laura can dance circles around Carrie, and Laura looks like she is always having fun.