Laura Bell Bundy - Drop On By Lyrics

Hey baby... im sitting here lonely,
Goin crazy,
Hopin that theres a chance that maybe
Oh baby, you could drop on by

Darlin, you dont have to give me any warnin,
Make it tonight, make it early mornin,
Oh darlin, just drop on by,
I dont have a clue where you might be
Up town or just down the street in some smokey bar,
Ohhh im a longin for you cant help myself
Sendin out my s.o.s, wherever you are,
Ohhhhhh, honey,
I just want your love, I dont need your money
You can turn my gray skies warm and sunny,
Oh honey, would ya drop on by

Ohh you and this bottle of warm red wine
Are both workin on my mind, and i need ya now
To fill this emptienesss in my soul,
Boy if you were here I'd never let go no way no how,
Heyyy sugar, (ewww)
I know if we could get back together (eww)
We could make this night last foreverrr
Ohh sugar, would ya drop on by
Just drop on by
Drop on by
Ohh baby drop on by

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Laura Bell Bundy Drop On By Comments
  1. jim miller

    A great talent and a very cute young lady.

  2. Alexander van Wyk

    Laura, you are the all time best!

  3. DAVE B

    pure sexy wow!!!!!!!

  4. Georgia Cntry

    It really is a shame her career didnt take off. It should have, great looks, voice, the works,, not sure what happened.

  5. Billy Woody

    She was amazing in Legally Blonde

    Ashley Jackson

    I didnt know she was in legally blonde. I know she shelby in hart of dixie

    Billy Woody

    @Ashley Jackson The Broadway Cast.

  6. john knowing

    Shame shes been battling Coeliac disease since she was 18. She sings like the top artist.

  7. Luu Sapphire

    Laura's gorgeous voice is heavenly. She's 100% all natural woman.

  8. Dennis Imhoff

    I've been watching her videos since they have come out. Laura bell we really need you to come back to music and give us some more of your beautiful voice.

  9. Dennis Imhoff


  10. misteroz

    The only thing sexier than the video is the song.


    OMG.. I love me some Laura Bell Bundy.. What a Beautiful talent !!

  12. Ray Mcewen

    love watching your videos your awesome

  13. poetmistress2009

    From Elle Woods to this Sultry Soul❤️👍😍😍👍❤️🌻.....

  14. CorruptedGaming

    I’ll drop on by😏😂


    okay , for you , I'll think it over ,and maybe just maybe I'll drop on by if only so it will
    make you feel better , I'm always good about doing favors like that , after you get out of the
    bathtub you can wax the Car & repair the roof for me , thanks , love.
    Well ,actually , I think maybe you could wax the car and repair the roof some other time,
    maybe we'll do something else ,

  16. Brittnay Glick

    Remember her from guiding light

  17. Jeff Clayton

    Naw like the hard country!

  18. Ian Heart

    Wow!! Just wow!!! You're beautiful and your voice is so amazing! ❤ you Laura Bell!!

  19. The Custom Everything Channel

    What happened to her omg


    Laura Bell Bundy

  21. Janice Zeno

    Laura Bell Bundy is such a great Artist. Love her songs very much.💎💎💎💎👑

  22. redneck400m

    This girl is one of the few that can be 110% sexy and not look/act like a whore. Plus her voice is amazing. Shes really a rare act.

  23. john e Lawler

    I haven't heard of this lady before & this is why I love youtube

  24. Jennifer Mills

    Still can't believe she was the girl at the beginning of jumani the ran out of the house

  25. RECON O9

    I would definitely drop on by... and stay forever.

  26. Raymond McEwen

    love her and her songs

  27. walton roy mcneil

    (MeSLS)Samantha LeAnne Simons Ditto

  28. Brandon Burgess

    So sexy.. But Sounds like she is holding her nose. Stop comparing her Miranda Lambert, Miranda Lambert is just a famous piece of trailer park trash

  29. Laureen Connor

    I hope she sued the doc that did that botched nose job

  30. jennifer Pryor

    I like her song are you making 10 albums

  31. Brian C

    I have no idea why she hasn't made it?

  32. Kevin Carey

    my dream girl

  33. Edward Stricklin

    THAT 'S how sexy is done !

  34. Lori Gregory

    I still love this song!!

  35. Tom Bundy

    A little slick but nice

  36. Dave Reloader

    Really tasty guitar work on this here tune.

  37. Craig E

    very sexy song

  38. Gary Velazquez

    I just fell in love with this song. From the first two line.
    heart Job!!

  39. K Dill

    WOW! What a voice!!!!!! I look forward to more music from her!


    Watch legally blonde the musical she plays Elle woods

  40. rebecca claunts

    good song laura bell

  41. Jeff Cline

    She's the bomb

  42. kitcat Animal jam


  43. John Gialanella.

    Her video's are very entertaining. And she is so so good looking. It is strange why some people with less talent make it big and some do not. I guess you need connections.

  44. Jeff Cline

    everything about that video is off the hook when she steps out the tub oh my gosh I'd like to be there

  45. Jeff Cline

    everything about that video is off the hook when she steps out the tub oh my gosh I'd like to be there

  46. Jeff Cline

    get that look warm and sunny oh my

  47. Jeff Cline

    the look she gives when she hears the door open kills me she's one nice woman

  48. Jan Olsen

    love that song she hits a home run

  49. Jan Olsen

    just absolutely love that song.

  50. Valerie Pennington

    please just drop on by.....

  51. savannah elise anderson

    I think they seek high pitched voices.

  52. Thea Jarrell

    perfect song

  53. David Ramsey


  54. KaiserFrazer67

    She sounds every bit as beautiful as she looks... It's sad that the industry doesn't give her a second glance. She should be right up there with Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and the rest of those the industry otherwise hypes.

    Jeffrey Moore

    you damn right she should bee...i would pay to see her...seen CU...not bad...Miranda puts on a good live performance....LBB...would set it off....

    antonne walker

    cause of her age

    Manu Makeup Pro

    We are the industry. We haven't put her where we want to see her. She's amazing and trust me, Carrie Underwood only sounds in USA, I live in Chile and ask for her... She's not known at all. LBB is my girl and I play her wherever I go.

    Angelique Mariel

    Yeah she really does

    The Custom Everything Channel

    Damn right hell better than carry i say

  55. Mike Hughes

    Just close your eyes and listen, that sultry voice ... sends chills up and down your spine.

    Supergirl 1996

    No, it doesn't because as a woman i think that attitude and way one acts is more important than looks and voice

  56. muchachito-pk2

    es un poco feith hill, i like cowgirl

  57. maverick brooks

    i will drop on by baby

  58. Guadalupe Lucio

    well wat a song. I like it

  59. MrChriswm

    I would love to meet her

  60. country collapse

    My urine sounds better hitting the toilet water than her cat voice..

  61. granny

    i love this song

  62. granny

    this song is lovely

  63. akbound.prepper

    beautiful voice and a beautiful lady any sugar that drop on by is a fool.

  64. Jason Kane

    He's crazy if he doesn't...

  65. Kylie Sims

    I love you💜💜💜💜💕💕💜💕💕

  66. Violet Draga

    Sing it girl

  67. Brandy Halkyard

    OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KACKOOOOOOOOWWWWWW

  68. cheez_munky

    She has an incredible pair of legs.


    +cheez_munky check out two step by her

    Paul Austin

    +John Gruber Lol! Kentucky Dirty is better!


    amen brother


    I agree... she is a leg man's dream!

    Martin Gomez


  69. Gerald Locklear

    One of my absolute favorite songs. I have it on almost all of my playlists.

  70. Clara&syd Cosgriff

    I love you and your boyfriend is a good writer o and my name is Clara I live in mannred👪

  71. Hannah .Spring

    totally beautiful in song and artist, love this song

  72. Johnny Greggs


  73. B Basham

    impeccable voice...Yes love it!!!

  74. Rachel speakman

    I love this song

  75. Jerry Barker

    yes girl sing it beautifully love this

  76. Elder Thing

    Cheeky thing. x

  77. Waylon Bandit

    Laura Bell Bundy is one sensual, talented, and smart young lady. Far too many others with minimal skills get more airtime and exposure, especially with their videos. Sad because she is genuinely entertaining and consistent.

  78. Just Melissa

    Really truly sexy people at least in my opinion are classy and modest; they show just a little, just enough, but not so much as to give anything away.
    I'm a chick and I don't even care I'll say it she's the perfect kind of sexy.

    Angelique Mariel

    Ik she's perfect

    Audrey Gagne

    Just Melissa lol that's really gay

  79. Kurt Neumann

    Is Laura HOT or what? I wish I could drop on by anytime!

    Kurt Neumann

    I think I will! LOL!

  80. latokatn506

    Yes this Kitten Could show a Few of The Nashville Pop Tarts A Few  Things 

  81. Buddy William KKurtiss LOGDEN ogden jr

    All of us men say how we wish we could have something like that, I just want to talk to a Lady that I cant get to respond and it hurts=BAD !

  82. edgar porras

    I like this: it's soft music

  83. hokiebird71

    Seduces u, doesn't she?!?! Good lord, wish that was me dropping on by there at the end!

  84. Rkc welds

    This is my favorite song of hers,you couldn't put any more into a song.that sexy voice and that pretty face and this song wow

  85. Connie Turner

    This is how to do sexy with class.

  86. Ivan Purlan

    Симпатишная и в управлении гневом классно играет 

  87. TigerLikesTail

    This is so close in style to late 60's Memphis Soul. I wish more Country would have remained more authentic in its feel like this track is and less cliche and corporate. 

  88. StylinRed i liked her on anger management so i googled her and have been sitting here watching all her videos...and this one damn

    Joann Bowden

    StylinRed ikr! my only exposure to lbb was only on that stupid ass anger management. had no idea she was such a triple threat! love her voice & her dance moves.

    Angelique Mariel

    Me too and she is an amazing actress as well.

  89. Flying Ragilein

    what a beautiful song. please do more in this style !!!

  90. PowerGlove79

    Dear Miley Cyrus, 
    This is how you do sexy

    For Liberty

    @PowerGlove79 True but in her two step video she twerks which reminds me of Miley and is disgusting. I wish she would not lower herself like that.

    Brian Preston

    yes kids can be sluts. just look at the way some dress.

    Hey It’s Sarah

    For Liberty true but Laura twerks because she likes to dance and have fun. Miley twerks because she wants attention and she wants guys to stare at her body 😒😒

    Brandon Burgess

    True she isn't miley. Miley actually has a music career. On the other hand Laura is a solid 9.3


    Brandon Burgess Miley is only popular because of her antics.

  91. pcarebear1

    she's so underrated, I love her voice and style it's so refreshing :)

    Angelique Mariel

    Yeah me too!!!

    Georgia Cntry

    She SHOULD had a bigger career. Dont know details, but if SHE wanted it, then she had bad management.

  92. joe gloria

    kicken song... should of went to the grand ....

  93. Diane Rees

    nice song 

  94. henry marquardt

    She can drop on by & giddy on up & two step any time!

  95. emilie kurtz

    its ok i like giddy on up WAY better

  96. John Barfield

    Her smile at 1:31 is priceless!


    true statement

  97. John Barfield

    Laura bell Bundy is the hottest sexiest woman in history!

  98. mel calvert

    whew!  too much like indy! gotta love thos talent!