Lauper, Cyndi - Boy Blue Lyrics

You never knew yourself well enough
But she never knew you at all
And when she put you out on your own
It may have stolen your innocence
But not your soul

Tell me where is little boy blue
You'll find him standing always
One step ahead
Fast a little, shy a little, boy blue
Wise blood runs warms and deep
On the street
... Kids walking, just a kid walking

You send a letter with photographs
And I'll tuck them under my dreams
And if we wake up old beyond our years
Not quite as brave as we seem
It's just the pain that never disappears

Tell me where is boy blue
You'll find him standing always one step ahead...

Dance a little, cry a little...

Where are you boy blue
Where are you...

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Lauper, Cyndi Boy Blue Comments
  1. Marcos Fernando

    Uma de suas melhores performances. Genial. Brilhante. Autentica. Our soul is wonderful.

  2. thespiderwebbs1

    estill fork alabama

  3. Garnette Frank

    I love her whole entire look. she's adorable<3

  4. Saif saifuddin

    I love this song from 1987 until 2020 stll lestng i love cyndi lauper from madura~indonesia

  5. Denis Martinez

    Un estilo único. Que lindo timbre de vos. Inigualable. Cindy diva de divas.

  6. Saif saifuddin

    I love this song from 1987 until now ...i love cyndi lauper " madura indonesia"

  7. Kameron James

    Great version, the reason its longer than original she was upset about her friend and kept singing part of the song so the band followed suit and played along. Amazing!

  8. D Mc

    I love her so much!

  9. Sergio Padron Arellano

    Real singer, not like today pseudo singers that more show than talent


    RICK DERRINGER ,give it up for Rick on lead guitar.

  11. diego di

    Uma porrada nos ouvidos
    Que som maravilhoso pode crer
    A melhor cantora do mundo cyndi Lauper

  12. Cynthia Corcoran

    I'm world aclaimed sound. For one.

  13. Cynthia Corcoran

    For all our babies Boy's. Boy blue. Cynthia Corcoran 🦁

  14. Roberto Coin

    While my friend Gregory Natal was in the hospital, dying at the impossibly young age of twenty-seven, he asked that I write a song for him. He wanted me to release it in the spirit of “That’s What Friends Are For.” I thought, “What, like Burt Bacharach? Yikes, that is a tall order.” So I wrote “Boy Blue.” I poured out my heart, and my liver,
    into that song. It was tangled up in so much of my sorrow and so cloaked in my sadness that I don’t know if it was good enough for him. What do you think? RIP Gregory. 💙

  15. Roberto Coin

    Cyndi wrote this song about her friend Gregory Natal, one of her best friends and a gay man who died of AIDS at age 27 in late 1985. He lived life as a homeless teen after being thrown out of his home by his mother after she came in upon his father raping him. She threw out the kid and kept the rapist. His nickname was Boy Blue because the nursery rhyme of Boy Blue was his favorite poem. I don't agree with Cyndi on my opinions of homosexuality, but I have to say this song is catchy, good, and this performance of it in 1987 'live in Paris' was phenomenal.


    He was actually 29 and died on January 1, 1986.

  16. Jesus M. Lira

    Verdadero talento, no como los regetoneros.

  17. Adriana S.

    I lover with her unique style, very Punk! So Brave

  18. A Blast From Your Past

    Still In Love With This Song After All These Years
    7 / 16 / 19

  19. John-Paul Nagel

    One of Cyndi Laupers Best

  20. Juan Velasquez

    Love.. Te amo eres super genial

  21. Efren Jaime

    Estos son los artistas y canciones que deben tener millones de vistas y ventas. Cyndi lauper tiene un talento sobrenatural. Definitivamente cyndi le da millones de vueltas a cualquier cantante femenina.

  22. Brian Barr

    Now that's a performer folks ....

  23. Michael Dornelas

    Maravilhosa canção

  24. brunom72


  25. Thea Knight

    6/13/19 loved it since i owned it on cassette

  26. Kirk Xavier

    I listen to this around 4-5 a.m in the just always plays in my head when I randomly wake up 🌛🎑🌴

  27. Doc Holiday

    Gun control, how about people control Cyndi people kill not guns get off of if .9mm ...

  28. Gideao Franca

    Hoje ela era pra ser igual Madonna musicalmente.

  29. Alexandre, O Grande

    Cindy i love you! Best singer of all time... Alexandre, Brazil!

  30. anthony harris

    Absolutely incredible energy in this video. After all these years this is still one of the best live performances out there. Kudos to Cyndi for pulling together some awesome talent for her band: Rick Derringer (lead guitar), Sue Hadjapoulos (percussion), Sterling Campbell (drums)...

  31. Cristina Rodrigues

    I love you cyndi
    You re perfect

  32. Cinzia Storchi


  33. Cynthia Corcoran

    Cindy lauper is the name

  34. Danilo Brun

    Estuve presente en este concierto en el Zénith de Paris. Esta version es la mas inolvidable de todo su concierto. Nunca he visto cantar a una artista con tanta fuerza, pasion y amor como lo vi esa noche con Cindy. Love for ever. Simply the Best !!!

  35. Michael Belsky


  36. Eugene Ricario

    My all time favorite artist...i love cyndi lauper...

  37. 55Porter

    She never fails to sound exactly the same live as on record, if not even better!

  38. Sergio Rui Ferreira

    Minha Grande diva.....amo

  39. Yamil Ramos

    Una artista de otro planeta, esa energía tan fuerte.. Concierto que dio en París en el año 1987, muy épico y mi favorito.. Te amo fuerte Cyndi..

  40. Patricio Briones


  41. Michael Serrat

    Great Cindy!!!

  42. Михаил Архистратиг

    Великолепно, как всегда!

  43. M 3cinco

    This could have been a glorious follow up single after Change of heart.

    Barry Graham

    Boy Blue was the 4th single of the album, after What's Going On.

  44. chica del sur

    cyndi lauper es un volcán <3

  45. Umi Diah

    Great band Cyndi.. From Indonesia !!!

  46. Fergie Tobing

    I was born 1977 in Indonesia.actually this was my first cassete.whos listening this dec 2018?

  47. ajaxfilms

    Just great!

  48. mystic smile

    Saw her in the 80s best live performance I've seen. So new. So emotional and so beautiful.💝

  49. Roch Lester

    This little, tiny woman, got talent to spare for those who nowadays
    would lip sync all their way to the top (Justin Bieber, Britney, Ashley
    Simpson, etc.); way to go Cyndi!

  50. Joe Momma

    Memo to today's pop tarts: Cyndi is singing live. No auto-tune. No lip syncing. No sparks. No dancers. Straight up singing!

  51. Thea Knight

    She was waayyy ahead of us, wasn't she?

  52. Pablo Vivanco

    El grito del corazón...

  53. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente cantora boa música perfeita saudades dessa época eu era adolescente saudades


    Ellllllllll boy Blu uuuuu Cyndi Lauper 👑👒 Brasil i love you .

  55. flan blooby

    Gostei muiiitoooo

  56. Vanessa Moreira

    Quero tentar expressar oque sinto ao ouvir. Excelente. 💗

  57. Pol Vanflower


  58. Luca Di Fraia

    Great song! Boy Blue <3 Cyndi my life

  59. Luca Di Fraia

    Sempre il top Cyndi <3

  60. Claudio Costa

    Simply the best... Viva Cyndi Lauper 😍

  61. lambent ort

    One of my favourite songs - such a haunting song esp when she goes into her primal screams in the outro... it's even more gutwrenching when she sings it live

  62. dead


  63. André Soares

    Cyndi Lauper 😍 a melhor......

  64. Gerson Shiroma

    E foi merecidamente homenageada agora, no Ding Dong do faustão...sem dúvida, a maior cantora de sua geração!

  65. hd886

    después de haber visto este vídeo....¿alguien tiene duda que Cyndi fue mejor cantante que Madonna? y ¿también mejor cantante que cualquiera de las estrellas pop de ahora ya sea Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor swift, Rihanna, Beyonce?, ¿alguien tiene duda?

    Efren Jaime

    Ninguna duda. Cyndi lauper es cantante de las grandes ligas. La otra es una taibolera de las grandes ligas

  66. golf-freq

    Note to all those on the fence about, perhaps, maybe being a fan of Cyndi Lauper: Just fucking do it! K, thanx.

  67. Cindy Russo

    Cindy Lauper, lembranças de minha juventude. Amo.

  68. Michael Dornelas

    I love this song 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💕💕💕

  69. BlunderCity

    One word is enough: Amazing!

  70. fabrice4705

    Here is a woman that stood up to the suits (not just men but women too), took control of her career, sacrificed sales and popularity to stay true to her work and vision ... and is rarely recognized for her work or for the fact that she is still going strong despite any support from Radio or a strong commercial outlet .. SHE deserves all the life time achievement awards that the Music Industry has to offer - She is Rock n' Roll Royalty and She is Pop Culture ... She is, Cyndi Lauper.

    Paul Purcell

    YES! truth :-)

    Enal Barker

    A true artist

    Hyde Park Director

    Love this!

    Hero360 Project

    Fabrice4705, your sentiments are spot on. ;) I'm pleased to reassure you the giants in the industry do now recognise Cyndi as "American Royalty". I've been fortunate to meet her twice, (2013 & 2018) she's totally awesome and beyond words of compassion. This performance is epic! ;)

  71. Jim Jones

    This brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it,because I know it hurts.

  72. Hadryanno Matrix Reload

    Eterna Diva eterna Cyndi

  73. ajaxfilms

    Just great!

  74. Kassi Ydris

    so unappreciated. but not by me. 😇😇😇always love you

  75. Heriberto Gonzalez

    Please tell Cindy Lauper i want to see her on a live performance

  76. Arty Mc

    musica de verdade so com a diva cindy lauper

  77. Weekly Leaks X 11 !?

    Mz.Cyndi Lauper Lips Synced Xoxxy MVBabes!

  78. Silly Willy

    If people didn't get her back then, they surely will not in the age of Horrible Trump

  79. Ana Paula

    Eu acho essa música linda ♡♥☆★■□●○•°

  80. ThamiaFlopVEVO


  81. paty pimentinha

    amo Cyindi Lauper

  82. Lori Hansen

    I wanted to try this for karaoke, but they didn't have it. Are you kidding me?

  83. Jose Roberto

    Sou fansaço! eternas canções...

  84. david miller

    happy pride!

  85. Walter Pewen

    Does anyone even know what this song is about? It was written when AIDS was ravaging the country with no treatment in sight. It may sound cool, but it's about the loss of a friend. Plenty of us lost many. Read some history once and a while, whether you like it or not....

  86. Eddie Gonzalez

    the best 'n all the times no absulute comparations

  87. Henrique Ignacio

    Salve Cyndi.

  88. Charles Drake

    I forgot how great this was.

  89. Paul Sheppard


  90. E agora? É Khlóe?


  91. 政彦山本


  92. AnthonyYouTubeFan

    Why didn't I hear this song much in 1987?! It's one of her best songs and vocal performances. Criminal that this didn't make it to the Top 10.

  93. ajaxfilms

    The best.

  94. Edinaldo Gomes Da Silva

    diva pop

  95. day light

    She's BRILLIANT! Wow...