Laswell, Greg - London By Night Lyrics

London by night is a wonderful sight
There is magic abroad in the air
I'm often told that the streets turn into gold
When the moon shines on Circus and Square

Deep in the dark that envelops the park
There's romance in each cigarette glow
Down by the Thames, lights that sparkle like gems
Seem to wink at each girl and her beau

Up comes the moon when the city's asleep
He's not alone, for it seems
Somewhere up there stands an angel to keep her watch
While each Londoner dreams

My love and I saw the sun leave the sky
Then we kissed in the fast-fading light
Most people say they love London by day
But lovers love London by night

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Laswell, Greg London By Night Comments
  1. a6m5 zero

    One of my favorite covers.

  2. Claire Bear

    This song makes me want to take a long stroll through Venice at night or some other romantic place. <3~

  3. Paolo Honey

    what are the chords?

  4. Eilona S

    magic <3