Laswell, Greg - Girls Just Want To Have Fun Lyrics

I come home in the middle of the night
My father says, "What are you going to do with your life?"
Well, daddy dear, you're still number one
Oh, girls, they want to have fun
Oh, girls, they...

The phone rings in the middle of the night
My mother says, "When you gonna live your life right?"
Well, mother dear, we're not the fortunate ones
Oh girls, they want to have fun
Oh girls, they...

That's all they really want
Those girls, they want to have fun

Some boys take a beautiful girl
Oh, and they hide her away from the rest of the world
Well, not me, I want be the one in the sun
Girls, they want to have fun
Oh girls, they...

That's all they really want
Those girls, they want to have fun

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Laswell, Greg Girls Just Want To Have Fun Comments
  1. Melancholy Asylum

    Best cover song in the world

  2. Paola Villa

    this is genius

  3. CarrieVannie

    Damages brought me here

  4. Andy D

    so funny i just saw a glee video where they talk about singing this version and they never credit this version. They just say he sings a slower version of the song.

  5. Finn BELL

    *H E A R T G A S M*

  6. Ryan Blomquist

    The hills brought me here lol

  7. oovo javar

    in the dark brought me here

  8. Marica Saccà

    Simply beautiful ❤️ better than the original one

  9. Heather

    The deep meaning behind the song itself is astonishing, incredible how he was capable of making a up-lifting pop song into something more poetic, sentimental. I've listened to this song countless times. It never grows old. I constantly listen to this, every time I play it I understand how to lyrics are portrayed. An incredible song-without opinion.

  10. Lina Polas

    The Hills brought me here.

  11. M K

    Finally checked Damages off my bucket list. Couldn't live with the cliffhanger.

  12. jasmine hardy

    Confessions of a shopaholic brought me here !

  13. editha_78

    In The Dark episode 5 brought me here

  14. TOP 10 REPLAYS

    What is the chords of this version?

  15. Bailey Richard

    The hills brought me here

  16. Macy Foster

    Turned this into a completely new song. Love the original and love this one 💕

  17. steven ln

    This song describes my life, except I’m a guy, boys wanna have fun but can’t because the mood of this song is my life.

  18. Alex-Aggelos Markopoulos

    Do you know where a song called caroline went? I cant find it anywhere...

  19. lashaundria neal

    Am i the only one who thought of glee when finn did a cover of this cover???

  20. Carl H

    I’ve never thought of this song as sad and depressing before...

  21. sith danvers

    Confessions of a Shopaholic 💖

  22. 孫悟改 Son Gokai CA90272 Pacific Palisades

    I know Greg Laswell and this beautiful song since 2006 with the TV show Damages and then i listen his others songs and love Greg Laswell! Great artist!

  23. strawberrypills

    First heard this song in Assassination of a High School President.

  24. Taylor Hill

    Glee Brought me Here Rip Corey🙏❤

  25. R'ab'R

    THE FOSTERS season 3 brought me here. :)

  26. Bailey Channel

    Carrie diaries brought me here

  27. Anthony Rutty

    who else is watching this in music class lmao

  28. Rizwan Shah

    Blue whale brought me here

  29. Cari Greene

    "I wanna be the one to walk in the sun..."

    favorite version.

  30. natalie

    I thought... ( or maybe just hoped ) that this might have been Rufus Wainright .

  31. Malak Hasham

    my infinite love for Greg Laswell brought me here

  32. Jia Hui L.

    I miss the Carrie Diaries

  33. Insert Redletter Media Meme Here

    Fucking genius version of this usually retarded song.

  34. Ryan Smith

    The hills

  35. speed racer

    "some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world" That part destroys me.

  36. Lorena Sanchez

    the carrie diaries brought me here

    Mone Bell

    Lorena Sanchez same

    Erica H

    Lorena Sanchez I was looking for this comment lol sameee

  37. Olivia Roberts

    The Carrie Diaries

  38. Anna

    This started playing in my earbuds while I was walking to my next class. I observed the people walking by, talking and laughing. The weather was cold, I was wearing all black, casually glancing at my feet. The moment was really poetic. I want more moments like that.

    Cari Greene

    This is beautiful! I wish for everyone to have more moments like that!

    Scott Lapping

    Anna......i absolutely loved your description of this "moment in time" and how this version hit you.
    well said Anna ❤️

  39. Madison Morrow

    Glee brought me here

  40. Nikita Menezes

    when you hear this on Glee... anyone else??

  41. Inayah Cee

    The amount of times I've listened to this is unbelievable

  42. Inayah Cee

    I found this from My Sister's Keeper. It was so beautiful, like the lyrics aren't even sad it's just the piano and Greg singing so softly I just sobbed.

  43. Ernie Kasper

    Wow, now that's amazingly beautiful.

  44. Maya Wright

    anyone else here from the hills?


    Yassss when Heidi was about to take the pregnancy test!

  45. Ashley Stadnicki

    my friends are doing this song for a lyrical duet this year!!

  46. Steven Hansen

    I'm only fifteen I shouldn't be having an existential crisis

    Matdy James

    Growing up is hard, and some of us still haven't got life figured out at 40. That's okay. Find something you love, and don't worry about other people - just make yourself happy. Hang in there.

    Emmaline McCarthy

    Steveroni And Steve preach!

    Amber Farooq

    Mine started at 15 - and it most certainly was not just "growing up". It was a mega-vacuum of depression and isolation and deep thought. Whoever's reading this, just know it has to happen, but it'll be over very soon.

    Melody Ho

    Thanks. Going through it right now.

    Gentle Dragon

    They always say you're too young to have this or that kind of problem. Those are people who really dont know your pain.

  47. Daniel Piperno

    fall in love with this version

  48. AngelTacha87

    This guy ruined the song. It's supposed to be F U N. This version sounds sad and just make me wanna sleep

    where am I?

    +ABC evens I agree

    Alyssa Mickley

    AngelTacha87 I like this version more in my opinion

  49. pirategirl9989

    To me, this sounds like a guy who keeps partying and living life like he thinks he's supposed to...because he only spends time with broken, jaded, fun-loving girls. And it's kind of a sad life. But that's just what I get from it.

    where am I?

    This is so true, this version give such a different perspective and I love it. Sure the original is great, but this one he has so much emotion in his voice.

  50. Caitlin Marquez

    carrie diaries brought me here... anyone else?

    Tatiana Walk-Morris

    Caitlin Marquez The Hills brought me here 🤷🏽‍♀️

    Haley Ford

    Caitlin Marquez yep

    Omesan Alkerdrov

    After 3years yeah she brought me here,plus this One has a lovly voice

  51. Emily Alex

    this was my lyrical from last year when we were poor children who wanted the teddy bear. all of us wanted it but only one could have it

  52. Soph side

    This is absolutely amazing.

  53. Tonii Gorgeous

    Love this cover

  54. Kari2025

    The Hills brought me here, years and years ago. Season 2 in January 2007 when Heidi took a pregnancy test. Long before the Carrie Diaries and what have you.

    Rebecka Tatow

    yesss same!




    Yes Spencer was totally playin her!

    Problem Child

    This comment is so old but I’m scrolling through the comments wondering how the hell these people don’t remember this from this hills. It’s such a haunting song, I remember it 10 years late

    dani c

    Ashton & Mommy Same!

  55. Katelyn Smith

    The Carrie diaries brought me here

  56. CoCo Flavor

    My sisters keeper brought me here if I never saw that movie yesterday I never would have found this an plus it was on glee and I'm a total glee freak lol I saw sisters keeper when it came out so that would my 5 time wacthing it

  57. joelle cocquet


  58. Lindsay Gruman

    love thia

  59. Jason Andrew

    awesome cover

  60. Taryn Carroll

    The piano on this is beautiful. Anyone know where I could learn it?


    +Taryn Carroll There is a tutorial on YT!

  61. Cielo Verdugo

    This song is so beautiful he did such a good job, it makes me kind of reminiscent & sad & makes me think & those are the best kinds of songs

  62. Maria Catarina

    My Sister's Keeper brought me here :)

    Michele London

    Me too ;)

    Laura Ellen

    +Maria Catarina Cardoso me too

    Michele London


    Vortex x

    Maria Catarina yeah we watched it in school

  63. ThEoUtsIdErS1023

    I know so many people prefer other versions of this song, but for me the lyrics and his voice really make you listen, it's wonderful❤️ it makes me think of sadder times, but also gives my pain a sense of relief.

  64. Nattalie Ocallaghan

    The hills brought me here 

  65. Bella Bloom

    this is one of my favourite things ever

  66. Alexis White

    My heart just melted

  67. Andy Mitchum

    My daughter's dance program used this beautifully recently.  Absolutely lovely take on this song.

  68. p m

    this song blew my mind watching the finale of Ex Wives of Rock. Thanks Bobbie Brown for turning me on to this f'n amazing tune : ) 

  69. yougotmygoat22

    To everyone saying that the tune and somber melody don't match the lyrics:
    The way he sings it adds a whole new meaning to the song. In the original it's this pump up, girls night out song, but in this one it shows the softer more sad part of someone's life. I think it adds a whole new level to the song making it beautiful and amazing

    Soph side

    I completely agree.

    King Klefki

    its actually weird... cause the original was sung by a man called rob hazard ! and now its came full circle.

    Matthias Hoefler

    Girls want to have fun, but something tragic happened to one or more of them. Maybe the fun they got carried away with claimed a life. So now the delivery makes the lyrcis ironic with a bitter aftertaste.


    The original isn't poppy happy either lol. The cover by Cyndi is though

  70. SpookBerry

    Tv Tropes brought me here

  71. jessilynnzee81586

    my dad isnt a part of my life, and if i were to ever get married i want my best friend to give me away. hes my cousin and been with me through everything.  this would be our dance song.

  72. Alex Coreable

    is it weird that Confessions of a Shopaholic brought me here, and I'm a guy LOL.

    Human from Earth

    No worries brother.
    I heard this song there too.
    I just means that you have good taste in music and you're not afraid to watch a 'chick flick'.
    So that's good.

    Waleef Muamar

    Sounds like a sweet lullaby

    Pagna Prum

    Alex Coreable me too

    Tic Tac

    I love that movie! I watched it again ytd and it brought me here


    Alex Coreable WTF, I watched this movie for the first time a week ago and I don’t remember hearing this song in it!

  73. TheSarazaini

    My sister's keeper brought me here :)

  74. Joel Joanne

    Glee brought me here :) 

  75. Olivia Smith

    The Carrie Diaries brought me here. Love this song

  76. Vida Pelin

    Crying. Watch Glee performance :'( I love Glee so much, it's so emotional. Especially because then everyone found out Santana loves Brittany :(
    And if you don't like Glee, DON'T COMMENT THIS.


    Glee ripped this off without credit so...

  77. Billy Jeab

    Damages brought me here too, luv it!!!

  78. Manuel Delgado

    goodness me, stop butchering a classic. melancholy does not suit this song.

  79. rap game bob barker

    Damages brought me here.


    Same here!

  80. tlnovelas12

    charmed brought me here.

    Sims it

    @tlnovelas12 What? XD


    a charmed video using the girls and thi song in the background

    Sims it

    Ok! :P I was like: Did I just forget this song was on the show? XD


    lol, sadly not

  81. antoinette brown

    The Hills brought me here

  82. antoinette brown

    I love this❤️❤️❤️

  83. griqs

    What are songs like this called? What genre?

  84. Cesar Andreé

    Carrie Bradshaw diaries brought me here!!

  85. grace beaverstock

    Such a beautiful version of this song and gives it a whole new emotional twist on the usual upbeat party version

  86. Naddy H

    Confession of a shopaholic brought me yay!

  87. Jet Peters

    the film My sister's keeper brought me here. What a beautiful song! Love it.

  88. Jordan Devenport

    He took the most annoying song and turned it into a melodic ballad. Somebody give him a medal

    steven ln

    Do you even know what a ballad is?

    Brian Borchardt

    @steven ln This is a ballad.

  89. John Crothers

    Best cover of this song ever

  90. angi mur

    love it

  91. Thea Schou

    Glee & The Carrie Diaries brought me here <3

  92. Bridget Dean

    The Carrie Diaries!!! I love Sebastian and Carrie <3

  93. BobFromAccounting2

    Damages Season One ♥

  94. Luckystarlett

    glee <3 best song Fin ever sang.... R.I.P Corey <3

  95. LemonadeMouth5153

    love this version

  96. HunsDontNeedHouses

    No, he produced this single first.

  97. Redvelvet duff

    this song is supposed to be happy and uplifting ... ha well clearly not