LaRue, Stoney - Look At Me Fly Lyrics

Well how was I to know that the dust in my soul
Was there for a reason the reason won't show
It could be rust it might be gold
It's out of my hands on with the show
The prize that already bears my name
Just gotta get there first before it gets claimed
And I'll call on you when I find the time
And I promise I'll wave goodbye

High above the water never think twice
Must have been a long way down
And I'll catch you when the next sunrise comes back around
Yeah I should have told you I was stuck in my ways
Must have passed the white flags by
But I'm high above the water now, look at me fly

I'm lookin' at the devil standin' in the roses
Starin' right at me, where you want to go son
Take what you need but don't wear yourself down
If you stir up trouble you know I'll be around
But you better not call when the money's not right
In the free of the fall no one to kiss goodnight
Take a look around, make yourself at home
Just take a deep breath it will be just fine

High above the water never think twice
Must have been a long way down
And I'll catch you when the next sunrise comes back around
Yeah I should have told you I was stuck in my ways
Must have passed the white flags by
But I'm high above the water now, look at me fly
Yeah, just look at me fly

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LaRue, Stoney Look At Me Fly Comments
  1. Beverly Davis

    🐦💩 🧠
    ohhh noooo ...

    🧐 kkkk aaatt ???

  2. Sheldon Travis

    Anyone who "thumbs down" this song sucks cock an balls

  3. Steve Smith

    Damn this guy is Bad ass talented

  4. Frank Krick

    Always enjoy Stoney

  5. Jamie Foster

    The new generation of Cowboy Story Tellers. Keeping a time honored tradition alive and not only that but making it sound like a new sensation. I challenge anyone to cram an entire story into 4 minutes about 40 times a night, and do it night after night on tour...

  6. lynn horton


  7. Travis Harris

    Trashville look at him fly now

  8. Joel LaRance

    Who would not like this song??

  9. Paul Pruett

    Stoney Cody and Jason are so much better than anything on corporation

  10. lee stacey

    still here in 2019

  11. John Azevedo

    Lucky for finding this song.. 😍😍

  12. Derrick Mobley

    Had the opportunity to work security for a show he did here in my small home town of Liberty TX last weekend pretty simple show but worth it

  13. Lance Lee


  14. Lance Lee

    I'll be like everyone else.. New trend.. 2019 anyone?

  15. Soda Pop

    Like sweet soft whispers maybe baby angels using me i swear this time baby i wont let you down im comming back seconds left im not giving up here's my hail marry baby touchdown come back win everytime i see you smile

  16. Cutler Cole

    anyone still here in 2019


    Absolutely. This is probably the best song of all time in any genre.

    Leo Karasinski

    Umm if you ain't here in 2019 you're a nobody


    Absolutely here

  17. Lance Lee

    Is is wrong that I played this song on repeat like over 100 times while I BBQ'ed. All day long. Is that OCD? Should I see a doctor?..

  18. Lance Lee

    Badass song!.. 🇺🇸🇨🇱🇺🇸!!...

  19. Giovanni Lombardi


  20. Gaby Tesic

    i love this song

  21. lynn horton


  22. Caleb Carr

    Still bumping this amazing shit in 2018. It's that good...

    Empty Head

    2019 👌🏻👍🏻

  23. Meagan Keyser

    Seen Stoney @POssum Kingdom one year, if you hadn’t seen him, GO!!!!

  24. Chuck Duffy

    Sure wish I would have heard this song six years ago! Wouldn't have made a difference, but maybe by now I would be tired of hearing it. Been switching from Pandora free. To YouTube. For at least 8 months. Just to hear it again.

    Chuck Duffy

    Yeah if water is depression. Even with modern scuba gear. Looking like sometime in the next 10 feet. Splushe

  25. Efinity

    Absolutely one of the best songs hands down I've ever heard in my life!!

  26. JC Embrey

    Hes still my favorite Okie !

    Josh W

    JC Embrey hes from Texas srry brother

  27. Cameron Eacret


  28. Josh M

    I found this guy Following Cody Jinks, Matt Mason, and Cody Canada. Good GOOD stuff!

  29. Howlin' Donster

    I dig how Stoney just keeps his music simple and tight not having the need to wow with overwhelming flash.. He gets more out of letting the music and lyrics pull you in and kick your ass.. Red Dirt is where its at...

  30. Sara Lou

    I went to your concert last night @ Gruene Hall July 7, 2017 it was for my 14th birthday and I really enjoy music and my friend told me that if I watch you it would really inspire me to do something with music because it did for him and now I really want to take it seriously so thank you so much because you're the reason I want to be a singer now.

  31. Jacob Hill

    such a treasure of a song, life on the road

  32. Ron Brown

    I'm high above the water now :-)



  34. Billy Payne

    Love this song

  35. Nick

    Ya'll realize he currently, and has for lived in Oklahoma for quite awhile. He is originally from Taft Tx which is ironic because it is a very Ghetto little town lol.

    Simply Me

    Fender1016 lol yes it is

    Josh W

    Fender1016. Doesnt matter where your from a Texan is A Texan no one can take that from you his music shows .. country boy for life

    Madison Tivis

    Are you implying Oklahoma isn't country lol

    Antonio Lopez

    Nick Harwood Texas is a shit hole my friend

  36. TheGamingAdepts

    Anyone else notice this sounds like a song about a guy committing suicide I mean , I am high above the water look at me fly(fall), didn't think twice must have been a long way down, devil said don't call me when the money is low, and the song says something about the free of fall(free fall off a bridge)

    Josh W

    TheGamingAdepts maybe you need some counsiling for your own issues

    Billy Skiles

    way off. listen. he is saying fuck you to daddy. i made it. bad ass song

  37. Ronald Collins

    This is a great Texas song....Mando Saenz from Corpus, now in Nashville (unfortunately) wrote this. He's a great writer. The intro is from some other song in past but cannot remember the song. Help

  38. Amber COLLINS

    I miss Texas so much.Born and raised.Been gone almost 1 yr.U wouldn't get it if u werent raised listening to it.I LOVE AND ALWAYS WILL TEXAS

    Chuck Duffy

    I get it.

  39. Amber COLLINS

    I miss Texas so much.Born and raised.Been gone almost 1 yr.U wouldn't get it if u werent raised listening to it.I LOVE AND ALWAYS WILL TEXAS

    Josh W

    Amber COLLINS. Amen sister

  40. Wayne Lain

    47 thumbs down. that tells me 47 retards watched the video. That's as bad ass a tune as I ever heard.


    Wayne Lain .THANK YOU.

    shawn mcneely

    Wayne Lain up to 154 retards now. Lol

    Unemployed Smurf

    Hell yeah, stoney rocks

  41. 319Jbird

    I just want to know how 43 people gave this song a thumbs down?!


    not from texas

    Kyle Russell

    +dfranklin9766 exactly!


    319Jbird Stillwater Oklahoma.

    Brian Bates

    319Jbird probably Austinites

    Karen Hoskins

    43 EX-GIRLFRIENDS lolol

  42. James Finstrom

    That's what his girlfriend said.....

    Jack Wagon


  43. Taco John Neiderhouse

    Damn good tune

  44. stephanie pedigo

    Good tune


    That's rite!!

  45. Matthew Smithers

    Discovered this just in time. In an age when country has gone to Hell. This is genuine.


    Matthew Smithers Texas country wooooo

    Dusty Felker

    Matthew Smithers, I agree... when did country music turn into Britney Spears with a fiddle??

    Rage Reynolds

    Dusty Felker tf are you talking about? They don't even use fiddle. Aaron Lewis, Cody Jinks, Chris Stapleton, Whiskey Myers, Reckless Kelley, etc are all amazing

    Dusty Felker

    Rage Reynolds : I'm just saying that most pop country is crap. This guy's good. Take your pills and relax.

    Rage Reynolds

    Dusty Felker I know, i was naming guys in country music that are good. Pop country isn't but country still id

  46. Prosper Christmas Light Installation

    I'll catch you when the next sun comes around!   #ProsperRealtors  @Prosper Realty 

  47. Billy Skiles

    I agree with josh Anderson. I can't stop listening. I draw from the song a lifetime of emotions from my dad. Stone. You struck me deep on this one. Thank you. Keep doing what you you were made to do man.

  48. Turk Lee

    Stone .. y.

  49. ilse jacques

    I love everything about you stoney.

  50. rangersfan3210

    Long live Texas country

    Jay Mccormack

    Red dirt country. He was born in Texas but claims Oklahoma. Ccr Jason Boland all from stillwater along with stoney

  51. cowgirlmk

    Totally an awesome song. Texas Country is THE best! "I'll catch you when the next sunrise, comes back around... I'm high above the water now, look at me fly! " thank you for this song!

  52. Johnny Holley

    Bad ass song way better than the garbage in nashville

  53. Eric Taylor

    Texas country is the best

    Jason Welch

    Lol, that's red dirt stoney lives in Oklahoma

  54. sandy jameson

    uh uh uoh oh in love again

  55. Veronica A.

    Love this song

  56. Shawn Shelton

    greatest comeback ever ever! haha love it

  57. Brian LaRue

    Good song

  58. Veronica A.

    This song is amazing!! I listen to it all the time and I love this song so much!!!!!!!........ :)

  59. Treyintexas3

    Woohoo gonna see him on Saturday in Crosby!

  60. Hailey Blackburn

    Stoney isn't Texas Country...He's Red Dirt. Different but both equally good :)

  61. aron booth

    Regardless of where he was born, Stoney is a proud Okie. Kinda like ray Wylie Hubbard, he was born an Okie but is a proud Texan. Tornado alley country is what is should really be called... Dubbed by Jason Boland

    David Dennis

    And don't forget the Okie from Misccogie

  62. Shelby Hunter

    Lovin your music! keep up the good work! cant wait to see you at thunder on the mountain!

  63. balg91

    Texas country has the things that nashville country doesnt have Any more and that hip hop never had and that is heart and soul sweat and tears heartache and love

  64. jimNbec

    And it ain't Americana..its Texas artist playing red dirt.

  65. jimNbec

    One of the best..Brewster's Thursday night..oh hell yeah

  66. 68superchevy396

    Who the hell could thumbs down this?...... HATERS.

  67. Troublejunkie20

    well, this NY chick is loving Texas Country Music.

  68. mrsurestop

    Stoney LaRue (born Stoney Larue Phillips in 1977) is a Texas Country/Red Dirt artist, born in Taft, Texas.

  69. Ramsey Olivares

    He's from Taft Texas about 20 minutes from me. My friend's brother knows Stoney they're about the same age.

  70. Matthew Henry

    stoney larue from the big town of halletsville haha

  71. Tye Elliott

    I wouldnt say best but yeah damn good texas country from our neighbors

  72. troublefollows360

    6 people have no grip on reality....

  73. WhiskerBiscuit

    He was awesome in Fort Smith

  74. Sunil S

    Me Too... :) This is amazing stuff!!

  75. Kim Jong Udyr

    My best friend used to live in wimberly !!! Im a country singer and all my drunk friends say i look like stoney lol

  76. Becky Mullins

    Wow never heard of Stoney till today. I like him

  77. K Dennis

    Stoney aint to bad. Still hard to beat Corb Lund & the Hurtin Albertans tho.

  78. sooners2win

    I love Stoney, love Dierks also.....Old Dierks was much better, like wish it would break, bartenders barstools and barmaids, summer in galveston. Stoney music is staying Stoney! Dierks going mainstream......

  79. txbh890

    He was born in Taft, TX. I'll claim him for us.

  80. Dylan Wheeler


  81. Dylan Wheeler

    Thumbs up if you watched him at the siver saloon last night:)

  82. SweetSouthernCharm8

    thank you! I definitely will!

  83. tristandeee

    my husbands name is Cody and his mom lives in Port Aransas, HAVE FUN!!!

  84. tristandeee

    so true:)

  85. SweetSouthernCharm8

    Ryan Bingham another GREAT one!!

  86. SweetSouthernCharm8

    I love Cody Johnson Band!! I am going to see him in Port Aransas on the 16th!

  87. Tyler

    love the song waiting on the music video

  88. sethrollins#1fan sethrollins#1fan


  89. John Cartwright

    punch, counter-punch.
    but with regards, a lot of great red dirt music we call Texas Country

  90. Brian Baumgartner

    Your right. It is pretty awesome to have and I for one am thankful

  91. atmadc68

    texas country is a sound..not a place so drop the debate

  92. txfireman1325

    I dont care where the singer comes from, as long as its not any Nashville crap. Texas, Oklahoma, hell Micky and the Motorcars and Reckless Kelly are from Idaho. Jerry Jeff Walker is from New York!

    Brian Marye

    txfireman1325 exactly. Whitey Morgan is from Detroit.

  93. SoundOfWhiteNoise1

    Hardly ! While O.K. has some heavy hitters, Texas is tops - and it only makes sense since we have a bigger music pool. We can start with George Strait on go on forever from there.

  94. fishycatfish

    Fuck you chicken fucker

  95. Jeremy Gough

    Doesn't matter where he comes from in my book. Hell he could be from New York but with music like this that contains heart and soul I'd continue to by into it.

  96. Prizymm Rone

    @zfitter Cody Johnson Band is the best in Texas Country