Lara Fabian - I've Cried Enough Lyrics

All of my tears have been frozen
After these years in this pain
My heart has finally chosen
To beat a bit faster again
Now I feel the awakening
I don't look back anymore
I am mysteriously standing on the good side of my soul

All I recall is the moment
Sadness is fading away
It is for passion I'm falling but now I'm back on my feet again
I wanna rewrite the story
Not even what seemed insane

How could I ever feel sorry for being stronger than I am?
I've cried enough
Over the priceless time I've lost
I've learned the going gets too tough
Now you regret love
I've cried enough
What you'll see on my face again
Is nothing but the rain
I've cried enough

Why would I try to deny it?
Most of my dreams are a mess
But what didn't kill me in fact has taught me
Life's a big game of test
Although in I believe in the future
I keep in mind all the past
Now that I live in the present
I don't care about the rest

I've cried enough
Over the priceless time I've lost
I've learn the going gets too tough
Now you regret love
I've cried enough
What you'll see on my face again
Is nothing but the rain
I've cried enough

I've cried enough
What you'll see on my face again
Is nothing but the rain
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough
I've cried enough

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Lara Fabian I've Cried Enough Comments
  1. Angelika Morgen

    How difficult it is in life to start all over again ,but I need to become strong and without dropping more tears go forward .....👏👏👏

  2. Al Dabiri

    This poet is from the same area I am from, you will enjoy them sweetheart!!!!!!!!!

  3. Al Dabiri

    You must read OMAR Khayyam's Poems, he is talking about these things in his famous robaiyates!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Al Dabiri

    But Just crying doesn't do good baby, being with someone will!!!!!!

  5. Al Dabiri

    We both shall forget the passed or future, live in the present domain, can you honey?????

  6. Al Dabiri

    You belong only to me baby!!!!!

    Susan Wenner

    Al Dabiri you are a kook!! Why would you stock her with your crazy words. Go Away man!!

  7. Al Dabiri

    I looked for you so many years, didn't know who am I looking for.

  8. Al Dabiri

    Plz be mein and come to me, I don't want to lose you, ok?

  9. Al Dabiri

    You are the only one that I love this much!!!!!!!

  10. Al Dabiri

    I love you so very much!!!!!!!

  11. Al Dabiri

    TY so so much darling, you are so beautiful, you should not cry again!!!!!!!

  12. Al Dabiri

    You made my life meaningful my love!!!!!!

  13. Al Dabiri

    I assure you, you won't cry again sweetheart!!!!!!!!

  14. Al Dabiri

    Are you talking about me darling?????????

  15. Al Dabiri

    Me too!!!!!!!!

  16. Abdeslam Touzani

    Original j'y crois encore

  17. Claudio Salvatore

    My god, this voice...

  18. Susan Wenner

    My theme song for life!! Damn it! 😆

  19. Marie


  20. marcel cilibiu

    Extaz sonor cu amintire de dincolo de orizont, căutând atunci lacrimi pentru timp.

  21. Menard B Brian

    It's take me 10 mn to realise i know that melody lolll, j'y crois encore

  22. Yacinta Jakobs

    When Will my crying stop again ik want to feel happy and laugh

  23. divina grace homiwat

    i don't even know how to cry anymore

  24. Agent Bella 07

    I'll never be done crying... When they can't see...

  25. Maryam empire Maryam empire

    I cried enough 😔

  26. Verity Assad

    She gets to my heart strings every time. If not with words with her beautiful voice.

  27. Maria Victoria Perez

    Her voice is so magnificent!!!

  28. Жансая Жазықбекова


  29. Susana Luis

    🎶...I’ve cried enough...🎶

  30. Fiona Anderson


  31. Adriana Franco Martinez

    Por fin puedo decir esto.. ¡YA ERES PASADO! Hoy mi vida es tan diferente, estoy de pie y soy una mujer renovada que te amo con toda el alma, pero esa mujer murió cuando tu la abandonaste cuando más te necesitaba. Lloré demasiado que mis lagrimas se secaron, pero aquí estoy ¡estoy de pie de nuevo.

    Maria T

    Seas fuerte, chica. Sé de que estás hablando. Abrazos desde Russia.

  32. Ana Karenina

    I’ve cried enough

  33. maxime djoudi

    now .tears of the sun of Tunisia .Terror.terror and terror

  34. Sandrine Sterckx


  35. Aaron Stoute

    I love u

  36. Ioanna N

    J'y crois encore

  37. Beata Dąbek

    Merci,tres agreables

  38. Loan Kim

    love this song so much, love her fantastic voice

  39. Amadainmortal FrauBeethoven

    Happy womens and mothers lives from a surviving one

  40. Adriana Franco Martinez


  41. Junee Banerjie

    It's so nice 😊🌺

  42. newmoon33547

    I’ve cried enough over this priceless time I have lost- finally this chapter in my life I can close peacefully knowing that my future will only get better without you in my life (^__^) my tears will be replaced by joy and happiness and hope to find real love. Thank you Lord for giving me another opportunity to start again as a stronger woman!

  43. meta astina

    Love this song

  44. ruby lara

    I chose to stop crying because I feel sorry to myself, crying for someone who's not appreciate me.

  45. SWSimpson

    I WOULDN'T rewrite the story, not even what seemed insane. This song was the "final chapter" in my healing process of getting over someone that I loved, who seemed amazing but it was only a projection and true person was actually rather depraved. This is how I learned all about malignant narcissism and why I was never shocked or surprised at how ugly the truth about him really is. And these poor brainwashed, victims of propaganda behave like cult members, not knowing or caring that the things they are cheering for are the very things that will harm them. They once claimed they are the most patriotic, now they don't care that our elections were tampered with, they don't care that the pres. has attached the FIRST amendment, they don't care that they are pushing for the erosion, and eventually collapse of our Constitution. No, I didn't learn all of that from the song I'v e Cried Enough, as a lot of Lara's songs were the soundtrack to my wrecked relationship; but I did learn about malignant narcissism and that has been a key in helping me heal, and has made me more perceptive.

    BEN Fayrouz

    No one could understand you but who was victim of narcisits perverse, only who experienced that suffering on his own skin, good luck in life!

  46. Timo Myllys

    Brings tears to my eyes.. Too many memories..

  47. c'est la vie

    j y crois encore on est vivant en temps qu on est fort ¤♡♡

    Patrick Vrancken

    c'est la vie J'y crois encore, on est vivant tant qu'on est fort 😊

  48. Nuit Mage

    I think it is " I WOULDN'T rewrite the story" and not "wanna" -- it is the only thing that makes sense in the lyric.

  49. Mihaela

    she has this way to shock with universal feelings put into her lyrics

  50. opaqueblueyes

    I will never be done crying for you..

  51. mukhayyo zaripova

    love this song. already learnt by heart just like Lara does

  52. JO dio sa

    i do the 👍 before i even hear it 💘 Lara

  53. Quitty Zerimar

    I love to always play songs from video they are all beautiful and meaningful.. Thanks...


    Great song~

  55. user user

    yeah its nothing but the rain.....

  56. Noraida Gonzales

    she's a wonderful singer, she sings with full of emotion love to listen to her

  57. rafaella rihanna

    i"ve cried enough,,,,,,,