Lang, Jonny - Only A Man Lyrics

I used to live my life in fear
Was worried all the time
From waking up to laying down
I had no peace of mind

The world became a darkened place
A struggle without end
Although bitter times those were
The days that I began
To understand, I was only a man

I grew up singing songs in church
With questions in my mind
Then turn my back and ran away
From God who gave me life

Then one nightHis presence fell
I wept and shook, and knelt
I fell down and cried
?Dear Jesus, rescue me again?
I understand, I'm only a man

And He said, "What will it be now
Will you choose Me
Or keep swimming
Upstream now"

"I've been inside your head, hearing you scream out
Well, here I am, just take my hand
And I'll take out all of the things
And all of the fear, all of the fear"

I'll give You my burdens
I'll gave peace
All of my desires
I'll give you what you need

And what about these chains, Lord?
I'll set you free
But they're so heavy
Lay them at my feet
I'll lay them at Your feet

Just promise You won't leave
I'll never leave
So where do I go from here, Lord
Just follow me, just follow me

I'll follow You
Just follow me
Wherever You lead, wherever You lead
Wherever You lead

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Lang, Jonny Only A Man Comments
  1. val colaurentz

    Sublime !
    C est ce que devrait toujours être la musique :pure et profonde... Une merveille pour l âme et le cœur....

  2. Debra Roarx

    Wow!! Such an incredible song!! It rips my heart out!!!

  3. Jamie Craft

    Love this song.! I was only a man!

  4. Ave_and _bri

    Great song ❤️💜

  5. Teresa N

    Great song!