Lang, Jonny - Nice & Warm Lyrics

Can't wait to get back home
Where the sun is always, nice & warm

Can't wait to get back home
Where the sun is always, nice & warm

You know it's freezin' out here
And that howlin' wind sends a nasty chill through my bones

Oh you know I shivered myself to sleep last night
The cold won't let me be
That's when I woke up and realized that
This ain't no place for me

And I can't, can't wait to get back home
Where the sun is always nice & warm

You know it's freezin' out here
And that howlin' wind sends a nasty chill through my bones

Some good old friends got together
And they took me away
From this cold old alley babe
To a warm place I could stay

Oh I can't can't wait to get back home
Where the sun is always nice & warm

I'm so happy to see you all
And that old nasty chill is gone

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Lang, Jonny Nice & Warm Comments
  1. James Newman

    I dont know which is Better, Jonnys Voice or his Guitar Work. In any Event, his Version of this Tab Benoit Tune definately does this Song Justice. I'm not going to say it's better than Tabs or that Tabs is better than Jonny's. What I will say that they are both a Little Different, but they are both Equally Great.

  2. Laura D'Amico


  3. High Life

    Espn on Antonio brown brought me here

  4. Assedo Odessit

    Johnny Lang won the love of critics and numerous fans due to his unusual manner of performens. Thanks to his skill and stunning voice, he received the prestigious Grammy award. He has some very cool guitar tones on his records. He well knows how to hold his Telecaster.

  5. Sheila Barron

    Very Very Nice Thank you Don♥️

  6. jdm44456

    This is gotta be my fave .. A W E S O M E chill over a glass of red ... cheers 💕

    Don's Tunes

    Cheers man, enjoy!


    Don's Tunes .. Lol, .. I a woman 😄

  7. Arnold Piotr Wątruch

    piękne ... dziękuję-...

  8. Cutest Wolf Ever

    How did I miss a Lang? He was my and my dearly departed husbands favorite. ....sigh

  9. easleyrider

    Jonny was 13 or 14 when he recorded this. My god

    Don's Tunes

    Yes..amazing talent.

  10. Def- D

    Listening to this makes me feel nice and warm too ! Love you Jonny !!!!

  11. Estela Simas

    Fantastic Don. !!

    Don's Tunes

    Enjoy the tune Estela!

  12. Marilee Denr

    Love it

  13. Richard Ewing

    Great song,guitar,vocals oh man sweeeet🎸🎶☠️

    Don's Tunes

    Enjoy man!

  14. tracey jordan


  15. Issam Jungel

    I don't want to go to heaven when i die cause i found heaven right here

    Michael7 Cline2

    Yes. This is paradise right here for many, especially when the problems no longer weigh us down.

  16. Gydheone Wagner

    Magnificent Blues by Jonny Lang, one of my favorite is "Lie To Me." Thank's again and again Don's!!!

  17. Δημήτριος Διρχαλίδης

    Έτσι για να θυμόμαστε το Παυσίλυπο club της Μυτιλήνης 12 και ένα στον αέρα!!! Συντροφία με μένα και εγώ χαιρετώ σας φιλώ σας και αγαπώ σας!!!

  18. Karina Loren

    Blessed is the day, when I followed YouTube suggesting Don's Tunes

    Don's Tunes

    : )) Enjoy the tunes Karina!

  19. Gydheone Wagner

    Definitely awesome.......

  20. Stefanie Kronberger

    Love your channel <3. Greetings from Germany

    Don's Tunes

    Greetings Stefanie, enjoy!

  21. Hastin Nuraini

    hello from Indonesia

    Don's Tunes


  22. Pam King

    This video is gold! "I don't always listen to Jonny Lang but when I do, I crank it way up!"

    Don's Tunes

    +Pam King 😁 yep

  23. Bruno Dode


    Don's Tunes

    Enjoy man!

  24. Markt N

    It ain’t freezing no more when I’m right here, Sir Don!

  25. Made in Brasil Ltda

    Pesadíssimo,Brasil na área.

  26. Migos Bando

    thank you don for taking time out of ur schedule for us

  27. Migos Bando

    i miss one update n dam its like my soul has been ripped apart one of a kind unique music BEST CHANNEL ON YT

    Don's Tunes

    Thanks man, enjoy my friend!

  28. Roshan Kathayat

    Feeling Nice And Warm😗😗😗😗😗

  29. Beni Stingray

    Awesome tune Don, thanks for all the fantastic music! Good weekend everyone.

    Don's Tunes

    +Beni Stingray Cheers man!

  30. Tz T

    Thanks Don. This is way the best channel on YouTube EVER.
    Keep up the good work man.

  31. Captain687

    why no black and white? =O

    Don's Tunes

    Little refreshment from time to time can't hurt; )

  32. Denise Duhon

    Awesome song... but always did love Jonny Lang music...

  33. Christine Hubert

    Glanz & Glema...super !!!!!!!!!!

  34. Guga Morais

    *Don, **_________** **___________** **_________** **___________________** **_______________** **______** __ **____________________** **_____** **____** __ **_____** **________** **____________** **_______** I Dont Have Words.*

    Just Thanks


    Don's Tunes

    +Guga Morais Cheers my friend!

  35. Iman Bahmani Jafarloo

    I have a so busy week. this channel is like a drug.

    Don's Tunes

    +Iman Bahmani Enjoy responsibly😋

  36. tonton inbas

    So sorry... discovering Jonny Lang....
    Many Many thanks!

  37. zion yuzon

    Guitar goals

    zion yuzon

    Rocking so smooth

  38. Manuel Nora

    ...Cool... as allways... tanks Don...

    Don's Tunes

    +Manuel Nora Enjoy man!

  39. Federico Fernandes

    I was wondering that a talented man like Don should have a channel on Spotify, and guess what? Damn it! There is one! 8hrs of pure blues. Thanks man

  40. MGeorgete Cardoso

    Wow great blues👍🎸🎻

  41. Chiixo Dofus

    Omfg don , u're the best

    Don's Tunes

    Thanks! Cheers!

  42. Marcia D

    And thank you Don & friends...

  43. Lstg Exs

    Even when visiting Bangkok.. what 2 do in the free when free time? Listen 2 Don's tune of course!

  44. westernspirit

    I think this is my new favorite tune. Please keep it going like this, Don. Cheers!

  45. Sylvie Lopez

    So nicely, tank you very much merci beaucoup

  46. Vaso Akinidi

    Good morning🎵Thenk you.!!!!🎶🎼🎵💜

  47. TheIdeaman

    my man Don you and I sir have the same taste in great music! thanks for sharing!

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    Enjoy man!

  48. Marcelo Amador

    Ah mira que bueno!

  49. Karen

    Maravilhoso <3

  50. Josh Richardson

    Sunday night just finished work.. Day off on Monday. Time to pour a large single malt scotch and relax to the blues. I like it and have been making a habit of this. Cheers all

  51. Rafael Phoenix

    Smoothery smooth :P

  52. Damjan Lasic

    Can I just ask you Mr.Jonny Lang?Why are you so good?👏🤝👂👂👂👂👂

  53. Prateek Arora

    I miss those black and white, grayscale pictures. They created a connection with the music and had a distinctive charisma.

    Don's Tunes

    They will be back; )

  54. youssoupha fall


  55. Furkan Acar

    Another perfect day off!

  56. Mary Harrington


  57. ShivaCosima

    Wonderful.... 🌷

  58. Nitesh shah

    Perfect for this winter!
    Cheers Don!

    Don's Tunes

    Cheers Nitesh!

  59. Annahí Martínez

    My sundays just get better with your music, Don. Driving to this is glorious. 💕

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    Enjoy Annahi!


    wow your beautiful

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  61. Kike Navarro

    Keep on doing it again ❤👉


    bon vraiment trés bon

  63. Anabela Capelas

    We have an appointment here on Sundays." Some good friends got together" Don is uploading.. What a tune man! Thanks. Nice week ahead😘

    Miguel Defares

    Yep.. 😄

    mark wakephord

    Nice one Don. Jonny was a child prodigy with that powerful soulful vocal. He is getting better with age and this slow song is great.


    Where's here?

    João Bernardino Bernardino

    Anabela Capelas oi eu mim interesso muito por esse tipo de música,

    Keri Vastine

    It's not a good day until i get my blues fix from Don. Thank you

  64. bruno sour

    no black and white pics??

    Don's Tunes

    Well..a little refreshment today; )


    I love it. It fits perfectly with the weather outside. Your channel is pure gold.


    bruno sour

  65. Paulo rob

    isso sim é música pros meus ouvidos!!!!

  66. Wesley Sremmurd II

    Brasileiros? ❤

    Made in Brasil Ltda

    Wesley Sremmurd II noisss

    Lucas Pavin

    BR blues!!!! salvee

    Made in Brasil Ltda

    Lucas Pavin salvado


    É noixxx!!

    Pablo Grillo

    Estamos aqui. No melhor.

  67. Soy Joy

    That is a good song i love it ❤❤❤👍 thank you

    Don's Tunes

    Enjoy; )

  68. Anupam Tomar

    Fucking awesome man , wanna fuck someone on this tune.

    Nitesh shah

    boob and vegene !?

    Khan Skywalker

    Nitesh shah How so if I may ask.

    Giving love to a woman whilst this plays in the background is classy as fuck. Speaking from experience. Women love it.

  69. Matt Watson


  70. Slavica Nikl

    Nice! Thank you.❤

    Don's Tunes

    Cheers Slavica!

    Slavica Nikl

    Don's Tunes 😘

  71. DBNzOnE

    next model for song 'Natalie Portman'

  72. Tannani Mahjoub

    Very nice

  73. Jose Garcia

    Don's knows the Tunes and not Looney. 😋

  74. Francois Xavier JACOB

    Un musicien que j'adore depuis de nombreuses années et dont je possède plusieurs disques

  75. The Beauty Of

    it's sunday, it's Don's day !

  76. Keiran Lucas

    12:00AM here in Australia, enjoying another one of Uncle Don's tunes <3

    Евгений Федоров

    Keiran Lucas Знатно!!! Спасиб!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1.35am here in Australia. Listening to my favourite artist on my favourite channel. Thanks Don.

    Keiran Lucas

    Trevor's old Lady it’s just past 2:00am in Adelaide and I’m still at it. 👌🏻👌🏻

  77. Lonewolf rider

    ❄🤗🔥 Sunday tune
    Love it Don!

  78. Anonim A

    Feeling like the king!

  79. 2020goro

    Notification squad!!

  80. Танцующий с волками 1

    Задумчиво ,,ковыряет''! Класс!

  81. Meryem Benjelloun

    Thanks Don for an other amazing son . This channel is gold ❤

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    +Meryem Benjelloun Enjoy my friend!

  82. Brahim Akki

    I'ts really FREEZING out here ..

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  84. 1fitRN

    OH MAN! One of the modern era greats! This gunna be good if it caught Don's ear.

  85. Oumaima Kerraz

    Nice song

  86. Saladin Hierosolyma

    Sunday tune.. Perfecto