Lang, Jonny - Lie To Me Lyrics

Lie to me and tell me everything is all right
Lie to me and tell me that you'll stay here tonight
Tell me that you'll never leave
Oh, and I'll just try to make believe
That everything, everything your telling me is true
Come on baby won't you just

Lie to me, go ahead and lie to me

Lie to me, it doesn't matter anymore
It could never be, the way it was before
If I can't hold on to you
Leave me somethin' I can hold onto
For just a little while won't you, won't you let me be

Oh, anyone can see
That you love him more than me
But right now baby let me pretend
That our love will never end

Lie to me, go ahead and lie to me

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Lang, Jonny Lie To Me Comments
  1. Stephanie Butler

    His voice just sucks you in. Awsome guitarist. What a breathe of fresh air that can carry the "greats". Very talented man. He loves his music, no doubt.

  2. Domesticengineer Lifecoach

    Real musicians , Real talent and Real Music!!.... WTF TODAY'S MUSIC????

  3. Debbie Walsh

    This is great talent and music not like the crap they play today,


    Mick Jagger's love child...??🤩🤩

  5. Mike J

    I love smoking hot blues !!

  6. La Peewee OrangeBlosom

    Mic jagger..... with a guitar..
    Wow. Sing it kid.

  7. Shawana Washington

    Anybody know what sex this person is?

  8. Rusty Nickels

    I remember this from the Disney Channel.

  9. Ballsy Bunny

    one of the most beautiful songs ever written <3 what other songs are there similar to this one? anyone?

  10. Robin Rhodes

    He's coming to knoxville tn Jan 14th . I can't wait!!

  11. yannick lebreton

    c'est avec cet album ""lie to me" que j'ai découvert pour la 1ere fois Jonny Lang, je suis devenu fan depuis…..thanks  Jonny !!

  12. Violet Love

    I'm fan hurling right now, with this song. And I don't fan girl so you know this man is very talented! His voice is large and beyond amazing. The electric guitar doesn't have anything compared to his voice.

    Violet Love

    *fan girling... Stupid auto correct

  13. Aaron Danforth

    Mommy go ahead & lie to Me...

  14. Jonny Crash

    Those faces he makes throughout this song remind me of when you go down on a chick who's "not so fresh" down there, but you don't want blue balls so you keep eating it anyway....

  15. Plauto Silveira


  16. Emma Rojas

    From Argentina amazing song

  17. pshyco sin Linski

    Me im dead set on this blues mN

  18. Rita St. John Stiles

    15 years old and wooooo anyone can see

  19. Theron Sanders Sr

    SO much Soul! I love this.

  20. West Winds

    If I can't hold on to you,
    leave me something
    I can hold onto.
    For just a little while
    won't you, won't you
    let me dream?

  21. Sharon Lawrence



    Tell the Truth Johnny L:)

  23. Larry Bronaugh

    It’s Sunday 12/2/19 and “somehow” while with mum she asks me to hear this dude sing on The Voice. All I know is that Johnny Lang is THE master!! All I hear is a weak attempt to sing and play like this here. Maybe I don’t watch the show and just don’t know. But I think we have too many offerings of “new” musicians. I don’t like the singer competition shows.

  24. Allen Hallada

    I was at a college bar in Winona, MN in 1996 playing pool when this young punk jumps up on the pool table with an electric guitar and starts jamming to us. I couldn't believe it. He couldn't have been 15 years old at the time. So much natural talent.

  25. Roberta Kelley

    two thousand something something WHAT???

  26. Leandro Gutierrez

    This is real music very passion Blues For Life

  27. joan dingledine

    still jamminin 2019 the back up singer is awesome as well

  28. Eric Jahoda

    14 freakin' years old! What a talent!

  29. Former Everything

    I hope/pray he'll keep making music like that. I'm an old man, and have been lied to a lot. This song has always made me want to make things right.

    Violet Love

    Dougie? Is that u? From RR?

  30. Otto Adalwulf Fischer

    I am here in November 2019 and this song reminds me of my last wife all she did was lie to me

    joan dingledine

    same as my x husband I feel ya

  31. sandra lynn

    I love this song, I am from Vegas anyway went and seen him and BB King amazing, I dance to this song all the time.

  32. Самсон

    всё сошлось . супер найс

  33. chris langley

    I hate black culture music this is true music this shit will nvr die

  34. EJ Sherwood

    I loved this song when it came out many years ago. WHAT a voice. Man oh man.

  35. Jimmy Bateman

    I am! Top shelf, front row

  36. raymiebarnes71

    Absolutely bloody brilliant.

  37. Val Zykan

    Me love this song

  38. Marilee Woods

    Happy Thanksgiving lol lot of love Marilee

  39. Ateek Chowdhury

    did he really released a bules album when he was 14?

    Woodsman Ghost

    Sure did


    He absolutely did.

  40. Jo Smith

    I thought Adele was ...

  41. Kevin Devine

    Here's another video that guy from "Wings of Pegasus" could analyze!

  42. Patricia Collins

    I luv u Johnnie lane lie 2 me

  43. Norm Gillespie

    Johnny has become more mature but at this time he never had more passion

  44. Jeffrey McCarty

    Yep.. them scrawny white bitches are singing back up for sure

  45. Mark Robert

    The Kat is impressive no doubt

  46. Central Scrutinizer

    WTF ever happened to JL? He like dropped off the planet.

    costa mammis

    Went back to his roots singing more Christian songs .but still has great blues riffs

  47. Miranda Sanchez

    Lie to me! It don't matter anymore. It can never be the way it was before 🔥💕💪

  48. Guillermo Burgos


  49. Dennis Killingsworth

    Thanks You Tubes

  50. colleen silvey

    He looks like he is in pain and adds more drama to singing omg

  51. Rebekah Brigode

    I am fan of his music.

  52. Brenda Brown

    Jonny was awesome at that age and he’s even now if that’s possible. Can’t believe this man has 5 children and a beautiful wife. Been watching this young man since he was this age. He’ll be 39 in January where does go. His sisters singing backup. Thank you for sharing this video and God Bless 🙏🏽♥️🎸♥️

  53. VLP Jelena


  54. Kelly S.

    Loved this song way back then and still love it now

  55. Darrell Spoden

    love the song and video

  56. Bruce Millwood

    omg he didnt "make it " years ago.. hes so awesome.... maybe he has takling his family into accord. Everything is not measured by money people... He may be doing exactly as much as he wants to.... and still having his family. Kudos to you lil boy... or young man. you are so loveable for real :)

    Bruce Millwood

    itsw me the wife... marilayne millwood... i forget about all that.. the dad he couldnt care less you know lol

  57. Kevin Dickson

    Kill it Jonny, your doing great.

  58. Dave G

    Where is Jonny Lang? Would like to hear more.

  59. Sarah Smith

    2019 and this song is as relevant as ever ❤❤❤❤

    Ryan Downs

    This kids just the coolest little shit

    John Timmons

    The Blues he brings them.

    michael babiarz

    @1969flowerchild Straight up!

    valentin szilagyi


    patti Myers


  60. RC Marquette

    10/ out of/ 10!

  61. Kennethj Johnson

    Bad man ken yeah

  62. Guitar Man

    Infrickingcredible! Watching this vid makes me wanna party. Cheets!

  63. Sandy Naylor

    DROP THE MIC🎤🎤🎧🎹🎶lie 2 me tell me that u'll never leave,come on baby won't u lie 2 me.Thats what I'm talkin ABOUT.If i can hold on 2 u.....

  64. Akın Akın

    Yavuz :(

  65. Quinn Matthews

    He was in Windsor at our blues fest... please everyone come check out our blues fest

  66. Christopher Niblett

    Very tight and together version.......very well disturbed cover.......

  67. tarsha sutton

    That chick singing background has a nice voice as well


    His mom :-)


    @nredheffer1962 is that a true story? In this song, the background vocals have always been the unspoken jewel. Is it really his mother with the phenomenal pipes?

  68. Michael Rains

    White folks do soul! I'm cool with it.

  69. Sherry York

    I am most definitely still listening ❤️

  70. Diane Bradshaw

    It's my playlist if you're not feeling the best of the best then listen to one of my other playlist! Thank you that's all for now! 🥰

  71. Isak Jederstrom

    I just found this guy some days ago, I’m already he’s biggest fan!!!

  72. Tina Booth

    22 years still listening! but did you come to Colorado already Jo?

  73. Aivars Klavins

    Damit women were beautiful back then.

  74. lorna young

    Sounds so good this is my fav song

  75. Beaumont Bordeaux

    The funny part is the lip syncing white girls pertending to be the black backup singers.

  76. Jeffrey Schmoldt

    It blows me away that voice coming out of such a young person. Must have a old soul..

  77. Gman nubs


  78. Faith Hope

    They are amazing and they look like they are all having a great time. Love it!

  79. R Jones

    Jonny L and Colin James could be brothers from different mothers. Very nice.

  80. linda Stewart

    Thanks for that recommendation. ..dont ya just love this song!

  81. Hooch Smith

    Always liked his music,I like the background singin girls better ha

  82. David Colson

    truth tell it once lie its over an over pops told me that age 9 62 now served me well

  83. giacjack

    Good music vs today's music.guess who wins

  84. bandaid joanjett69

    Loving this one .....

  85. Vance Mccutchen

    The band was sneaking him the back door of clubs long before he was legal age.

    Lisa Radcliffe

    So, what about it? Talent is talent.

    Lisa Radcliffe

    If you were old enough, you would go see him.

  86. Steven Burns

    never lie, just not in my nature.....................

  87. Trino Patlan


  88. Voland Net

    Классная вещь!

  89. Smokin Bones

    I bought this CD the day it came out and have been jamming to it ever since. That's 22 years of enjoying this masterpiece of an album.

  90. Deb Bresser

    This voice is a reincarnation of many....the soul, blues, and and sweat....he is a soul that cannot be denied..

  91. Victor Radzawich

    Still one of the best! I'd like to see him and Philip Sayce get together! Both fantastic honest players and singers!

  92. Rodrigo Avila

    La guitarra es una Fender?

  93. Lorin Moore


  94. Frances Utt

    Love his voice and he’s a great guitarist ♥️


    Awesome voice. Wow can he ever sing. Talented guitar player.

  96. Issam Wahid

    just lie to me