Lanez, Tory - What Happened To The Kids Lyrics

What happened to the kids?
A bunch of fucked up shit that happened where we lived
Niggas braggin' and pro backing it at the crib, yeah
I was throwin' blows, toe taggin' it at the crib, yeah
Fightin' niggas older than me
My older brother said he won't defend me
I'm like, "Fuck it, nigga, don't defend me"
I know the Lord sent me
I sense Jehova in me every time my soul is empty
I know the devil on my shoulder heavy
But the Lord'll always have some soldiers ready
I've exposed how deadly this war can get already
Mind, body, flesh, and my flesh
I know the heavens and the hells
Is both fightin' for my soul when I rest
I got these tightened up holes in my chest
They feel cold in my vest
And still, I pray my son'll grow in my steps
So he can get that same feelin' at night
And know his life got a purpose
And he ain't gotta pop a pill in his life
Ain't gotta hit them corners, chillin' wit' them killers at night
Like I did, and make mistakes that I did, tryna provide for my kid
I can't let him just rumble through all of the fumble that I did
'Cause honestly, so many times when all of these niggas I just can't
Let his life fall into shambles, know this, life is all a gamble
But we bettin' from this angle, nigga
I'm tryna teach my brothers 'bout the dangers, nigga
Cold world, I'm tryna make some fuckin' changes nigga
Give us somethin' that's gon' change us nigga
Positive conversations when niggas angry, nigga
Instead of throwin' us in cages nigga
Section 8, they got us livin' by these wages nigga
Stop treatin' us like we dangerous nigga
And maybe we'll stop bein' so dangerous nigga
A lot of niggas out here stainin' niggas
If he your color, he your brother, you can't hate this nigga

Self-hatred what they taught us
And look at all the shit it brought us
Mothers, daughters, sons, and sisters all in coffins
And what we got to show? Somebody that's recordin' nigga
Mental illness at an all-time high
We so caught up in the 'Gram, tryna be all-time fly
So much, you can't even show up in the same clothes
Somebody always lurkin', they clockin' your same pose
Callin' all women hoes, you know how the sayin' goes
Everywhere I go, I see the same hoes
But that's the same shit I'm sayin', don't save souls
Am I a hypocrite for sayin' them same roles
I'm tryna change life, change mines, and change yours
But bitch, I'm only human, I fall in the same toes sometimes

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Lanez, Tory What Happened To The Kids Comments
  1. MedSou

    99% of *You* won't read this but...
    You are the 1%, *You will be successful this year,keep going* ❤❤❤

  2. Austin Thomas

    And this should have 200 M views but truly it not even about the views because it could’ve just helped / reached one viewer. In a reality, artists don’t put out songs which contain a deep message because it usually falls between the creaks. This definitely a classic Tory 🏆 May God bless you

  3. Cindy Mell

    Growth and change amazing 🙏

  4. Cindy Mell

    Wow fabulous amen

  5. Brent Ingle

    "I sense Jehovah in me" Yes Tory I'm glad you on the right side

  6. basem albskini

    They recorded in my store they told me shooting for Community school or something
    Then Troy showed up lol 😂

  7. Shaiip Daruler

    Grammy for this one.. do a remix out meek on it.. this stroll dumm hard all Facts #Salute

  8. Shaiip Daruler

    Facts stop treating us like we dangerous igga.Then maybe will stop being so dangerous igga

  9. Willie Prescott III

    Finally 1 million

  10. Lawrence Slsko

    Tory is a Rap God.

  11. Kypriee Eleis

    Tory Lanez has like 10 different voices. Don’t know whether he’s gonna rap, sing or sing and rap at the same time all while using different voices 😂😂

  12. Chris Cutz

    This is the type of music that needs millions of views

  13. Ray Day

    Ill See You In Concert When You Hit The NOTown Oct 17 Tickets will be a Birthday Gift To myself and Only Concert I Plan To See This Year!

  14. Redrick Caves

    Still not at a mill🤯

  15. PINKANGEL 36

    This is probably his best video and sing I seen in a while. A lot of young dudes in the hoods need to see this msg.👍

  16. Ravi Kumar

    This is the Tory we need, none of that stripper music shit, don’t be like Tyga lmao

    Willie Prescott III

    Why can't people appreciate he can do both.


    Very profound. Every word in this song is real and evident to what going on. We was brainwashed to have self-hate and displaying that every day within the inner city. Raise up and change.

  18. TheAlpha ll

    Real shit 🔥 💯

  19. Eat Eat with E

    I wish this video reaches a kid who just react, it just aint worth it!

  20. OTGeezus YBG

    But I’m not understanding why this hoe ain’t touch a milli. But his new shit did. Mfs just cant comprehend this real shit man.

  21. Nikita Stowe

    Tory loves the kids we all love ❤️ tory I love Mr Tory as well 💋💕❤️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️😊😊😊☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️☂️ this is so important. What will happen to us we are the young generation so let’s keep that in mind

  22. 7ventus E.

    İ need it on Spotify

  23. furkan hikmet

    I want this on spotify

  24. sanjuanpapi

    J cole k mar< T lanez

  25. 若いエスコ

    How TF does this not have a million views yet

  26. Matthew Morrison

    Why am I just now hearing this.. smhh

  27. Rick Cross

    Why doesn't this video have more than a million views

  28. Sean Ronaki

    Bro I love Tory he's definitely one of the greatest of the younger generation!!

  29. dachief Shellz


  30. im never awake

    bruh how is this not your top song

  31. The Anointed One

    Meek and Tory on this would have sum else 😩

  32. Kpac shakur

    Why hasn’t this reach a mil yet smh

  33. Aaron Vegaa

    Crying right now... thank you Tory

  34. Brian Martinez

    He snapped mane

  35. Keion Chase

    Oh shit...
    A DEEP song from Tory?????

    Romy Taylor

    Keion Chase check out his Lost Cause mixtape, loooootta real shit on there.

  36. Bl Family

    Who from Miami he made this song in my city 305 miami run it up periodd

  37. Numba 9

    Song is so slept on smh

  38. Jamie Manko

    Mental illness at an all time high

  39. prsfx

    Need more rap with more soul these days... Thank you

  40. danny

    Beautiful message 🙏🏾

  41. Northside 2 Southside


  42. troy junker

    This is a classic

  43. Andrew Sand

    Tory became occultist with that gold jewel pentagram ring. peep that

  44. Andrew Sand

    Brampton? this video ain't got nothin to do with Brampton

  45. Dackyel Jules

    You inspired me Bro with this Song I'm trying make a movement the I will call. What happens to the kids. One of my favorite artis

    Willie Prescott III

    That's fire

  46. Adottt DaDon

    🔥 🔥 Video, Mean Message

  47. Terry Rittenhouse

    Id give my opinion on this but I dont want to be forced to appologise.

  48. george brown

    this shit fire and it would've been even better if he put Meek on here...this is the type of music he's known for

  49. Willie Will

    🔥 Love the message king!💪🏾💯

  50. Johnny Lucas

    The message need to get out bruh.

  51. Johnny Lucas

    Bruh spiting, I can relate my nigga

  52. PermafrostPyro

    This on Chixtape V right cause you spitting facts and I need to tell my friends to listen to the album

  53. Hossain Uddin

    at 3:35 was like drake, he actually raps like Drake

  54. Ndiaye Assane

    Pic mi bro respect for you 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎☠☠👹

  55. djviolett

    he really thought this would blow up 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Romy Taylor

    djviolett it ain’t about just blowing up niggas gotta put the right messages in the song and saying something. 900k views for a loosie is fine

  56. Blair Rich

    Tory so vast so various

  57. Arec Aubrecht

    Where’s the apple and Spotify drop???? Gotta be on there 🔥🔥💯

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    Here before a million........
    This video is the truth thats why its not over 10 Million views

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    AM I smelling a chixtape 5? please

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    Sound like lupe

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    Tory put this on spotify

  62. Twezz

    Keep spreading awareness , and y’all listen ! #FreeThinker

  63. Nolimit4k Tv


  64. Amir Cash

    Tory talkin that shit...💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  65. It's Crystal

    I usually listen to praise and worship songs and songs that have no curses but this music video is amazing despite the cursing. This is amazing. Great work keep doing great.

  66. Shrekislit445

    Im back in 2005

  67. Daniel Marquez

    How is this song not a hit people be sleeping on Tory man smh!!!

  68. jerin browder

    5:08 ??? He coulda/shoulda featured J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Meek Mill for that long of a song


    This is how Tory is he is a solo artist been that way for 10 years

    jerin browder

    @thug8200 nobody wants to listen to 5 minutes of the same person's voice

    Willie Prescott III

    @jerin browder who the fuck told you that

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    Tory Mayne I Just Love This One, U Just Touched The Hearts Of Ur Fans

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    Tbh this song should hit 2 million it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍

  78. Tife David

    damn this hit hard

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    I thought this would have over a million by now, crazy how many people aren't conscious enough to listen to music that is beneficial.

    deandre romiel

    fr i don't understand this



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    Ok ohhhok. :)

  82. Bhuya r03


    I missed this Tory lanez

    Romy Taylor

    INFERGNO JINN he’s still out here lol 😂 I respect his diversity but he NEEDS to more of this now I can see ways he can make a more hip hop oriented album


    @Romy Taylor Yeah I agree. I'm tired of him trying to be a trapstar. It just doesn't suit him. I prefer him on rapping and RnB.

    Romy Taylor

    INFERGNO JINN nah imo he got some hard trap shit but just not recently, real addresses, Diego and The Godfather are all still heatrock

  84. Lotus V.

    You too gifted Tory!!! Word to LIFE

  85. Leneir Bush

    This is so heartfelt and so True. I’m all down for a solution and they hear but there’s a difference when you don’t hear 👂

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    This is why I been fw Tory since 2011. Dude comes with a message behind his shit & he be creative af with his music/videos. Solid shit!

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