Lanez, Tory - Violins Lyrics


Can't stop what you can't see nigga...

Winnnnn baby!


I been in it for a minute boy

Got a hot plate come get it boy

Cause all my whips come tinted boy

Audemar on my wrist come with it boy

I been in it for a minute boy

Got a hot plate come get it boy

Cause all my whips come tinted boy

Audemar on my wrist come with it boy

St Laurents with the ice on
(Some weird ass noise)

You niggas couldn't see me with the
Lights on (another weird ass noise)

Bad chick you probably gotta put ya price on
You could brincuher in I kill it all, Lysol

All green lining (yeaa),
With the lint on em (ahh)

Frog green diamonds (yeaa),
Kiss the prince charming (ahh)

Sleepin on you rappers yea a nigga been snoring

I'm just riding on the track like my name was jeff Gordon

I get crash out the meter though
See ya chick ski a hoe (yeaaaa)
See her come see her go
Ya ain't even peep it though (yeaa)

Cheesy like a pizza though
Eat her like a peter roll
Makeirer sing figaro
Latin chick Diablo (DIABLOOO)

Nasty ass nigga know some classy ass women

Dating me will get ya Louie and ya maxy pads Lining, haa

I'm half dutch, that really doesn't matter
I just threw that on the track cause I had nothing to come after

My sign is a leo is
My necklace on frio

Picking out some dimes my selection is a trio (WIN)

Don't ever think niggas is getting better than me

I'm with my click and I'm ready
(I'm ready)
I'm on a 5th of that remy

Picturing niggas in my position couldn't picture many

I'm talking lickings from henny
Taking pictures cause I'm friendly
Friendly but nigga don't temp me
Soon as I start feeling yo envy

Bets get from round me ya emptied
I'm bound to get ency
And all you actor ass rappers deserve you a emy

Cause ya'll got time and money to pay for it
(They do) [x2]

See I got dimes of honeys to pay for it
(I do) [x2]

See when it comes to this game I gotta play for it

I mean center, Lil ass niggas need dinner

These girls all snakes, And they need venom

So I tell em come here baby sink ya teeth in em

True relig denim, prescription jars with cali weed in em...

Ha ha ha [x2]


I hope you didn't think that he's finish

Like he won't come back with a mean sentence

I got shit on the streets, I need tenants

Riding 4 deep in a jeep with 3 semi's [Cough]

Boy I'm hot, I gotta keep sweaty

The game on lock, lanez got the keys ready

I'm the leathalest Injections

Deeper than you pussies, no need for protection

Boy! [x2]

And we win!

And we win!

Said we win!


Win! [x5]

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Lanez, Tory Violins Comments
  1. Darryus McCoy

    Real Tory lanez know this song

  2. gr5gor

    2k19 and it still goes hard! 🤙🏽

  3. Brandon C

    what project is this song from

  4. Shabba FromSmashBros

    The beat is crazy by itself 🔥

  5. Dr. Shambles

    remind me of carter 4 Lil wayne

  6. Mr Miss

    He really made it.I remember bumping Tory Lanez back in the day 2011!

    nobruminatti bruno 7



    Miss Miss lol me 2 these people have no idea how fire 🔥 Tory's music been

  7. Rawcus Banks

    wilin over here

  8. Delaney Salazar

    Sometimes rappers need to stay on the low

  9. King Mosé


  10. Kin Rich

    This is so fckin dope!!!

  11. Face916AOB

    Picture Tory performing this track with Miri Ben Ari.... ^__^

  12. Bodyboarding808


  13. Varsha indrakumar

    I love the part where he says "these girls all snakes and they need venom so i tell them come here baby sink your teeth in em'" lmao

  14. Gerrod Jones

    Lol but better gotta give it to him

  15. Gerrod Jones

    Bow wow wanna be

    K B

    he's waaay better 😂😂

    Gerrod Jones

    @Kymberleigh Battle yes yu got rite lol


    You still think that❔❔



  16. Varsha indrakumar

    Im loving it :D 

  17. SwaqqinAllDaii

    Nice flow !

  18. TheJarred23

    Sounds like Kid Ink, so chait

  19. juan coronel

    kick genius brought here

  20. OfficiallyPharoah

    catchy hook with emphasis on what sounds cool, dope beat to hide the fact that he's not actually saying anything....homie got all his fans fooled!! I'm not hating on him I'M JUST BETTER!

    nobruminatti bruno 7

    nigga where the hell are your songs??? i dont see your mixtapes!!!! i dont see your work from the underground!! tory made it without pullin other down, learn with the big ones....

  21. NewYork NewYork


  22. blackanmild666


  23. Mahonismuss1

    13 bitches can't handle a violin...

  24. TyTanikRecords

    New Track! Hope you Enjoy!



  25. Asok Max


  26. Nate Seymore


  27. Micheal Porter

    HIS FLOW IS WEAK... I can freestyle better then he can write! DOPE BEAT THOUGH!

  28. Kidd Oken

    Check out my channel. Just dropped the Tory Lanez Konichiwa remix. Trust the flow tight.

    -Kidd Oken

  29. LIL ACG

    #TEAM SWAVEY .... taking the fuck off

  30. TheOfficialUMG

    Check Out My Remix.!
    17 Year Old Artist With A Purpose.!

  31. Yo Yo

    the instrumental is so sick

  32. ComradeEKO

    Nope. Some people just don't like hearing about someone's cars, jewelry, women, and money. It's like Common said...
    "If I don't like it, I don't like it. That don't mean that I'm hatin'."

  33. jaCob Cossom

    fuuuck dis joint slaaaaps.

  34. mrnubz12

    Same with Kevin durant found this song for me

  35. itsYOUCHUBE

    iwant to fuck paulina so hard

  36. Lets Talk About It

    los brought me here lanez killed this shit though and this beat is classic

  37. hemster83

    Canada represent!

  38. NBAmixable

    KD brought me here

  39. Carolina Kid

    I have made a remix of this song if anybody would like to listen to it.

  40. Malik-Welch CaliSwaggAce

    Wy is everybody spamming they remixes of HIS song on HIS SONG. Yaw some assholes and most likely don't got bars any way and if yuh wanna prove me wrong reply wit yo video link otherwise STOP SPAMMING THE SWAVEY MAN #FuckinCowards

  41. Brian Bernier

    look up austin boytt violins, best remix on youtube hands down just tryna help him outt!! thumbs up

  42. Nile Ross

    I dont mean to sound like a spammer but if thats what it takes to get yall to listen to my shit...fuck it.. cause im gonna make just please support the hustle...type in "Nile Ross MoonLight" watch my video & subsrcibe..I wont disappoint...Thank You

  43. Roman King

    der tüp heult ja fast wenn er schnell reden will. WTF

  44. Brandon waltho


  45. kaveeion3


  46. mi beau

    Cana - Duh - Eh ? ... Fuckin' A .

  47. darrenAVA

    Oh so Swavey.

  48. Miles Daily

    what tape is this off of

  49. Cyn

    @koocool2 use mp3skull who the fuck uses frostwire these days?!

  50. xYoungHaydenx167

    Frog green diamonds kiss the prince charming ! killin it doe


    @dinmosiaren nah

  52. Diehohenjake


  53. brian armas

    I hate how they dont have this man's songs in FrostWire! they dont no Swaveyyy yett!

  54. jil siracusa

    i could listen to the instrumental alone for hourss

  55. Buddah

    i want this mixtape <3

  56. Datboi ReMy

    I honestly believe in my heart, that those 2 Dislikes was Complete and Utter Accidents. Because there is no way, N E BOD E In there Right state of mind that would Dislike this on Purpose.

  57. Stacy Cole

    @everyone haha...white people..

  58. Ketsado

    @kulade99 dumbest comment ive ever seen...

  59. Q tippa

    @kulade99 fuck you tory lanez the best. you dont like it dont listen to it.

  60. Lee Ramos

    oh my god we already got a wayne dont need another

  61. juwaan brown

    the one who dislike should jus die..

  62. Aaron Shai

    I really thought this was his song.... That other dude, Roosh, ain't kill shit... This shit rii herrrr.... #SWAVEY

  63. Ant K

    I'm the lethalist injection deeper than u pussies no need for protection!

  64. Sterling Brathwaite

    @xSh0cKwAvEs U____U

  65. Sterling Brathwaite

    @xSh0cKwAvEs kill ya self

  66. Diehohenjake

    Tory Lanez - Violins (Instrumental)

  67. franchisekid123

    Where can i find this instrumental shit goes hard

  68. losing king

    so many rosary's lolz lots of prayers

  69. Sterling Brathwaite

    His outift is swavey

  70. wonder8ight


  71. Dreambillz

    i need dis beat

  72. Brandon Daniels


  73. Leovoss

    @Uchiha324 produced by Stompboxx

  74. Leovoss

    @Uchiha324 Not his beat, he's is the second person to go on this beat, go to his page and in the comments section there is some guy who everyone thought tory stole from cause he used the beat. search his name and find out that way.

  75. Amanda Charles

    this is nastyyyy, i love it

  76. dbot90