Lanez, Tory - Toca Tuesday Freestyle Lyrics

Look, uh, uh, uh
Same clothes on me for a week straight
Pray the Lord help me for my peep's sake
When my mama died, I became a soldier
Papa couldn't save him, I was out there gettin' paper, hol' up
MAC-11, barcodes in my arsenal
Lil' nigga Lost Cause, Arg Fargo
Shit I'm comin' for the game and you all know
And you know I keep - on the - slow, uh
Should - you -ers if it's real call
I'll pay the ticket for your bitch, get if it's wheel call
And when I ridin' on you niggas wit' my lil' dogs
Stone cold, we just wanted that control hol' up
I'm with my niggas rollin' in this whip, it's stolen
Off a fifth of Hogan, if you chick is scoldin'
The whip get open and your bitch get open
Look, this shit is sinister, ain't it ironic
My pops was a minister, nigga
For that side, I will ride, I will finish a nigga
Catch them how I rolled 'em
Shootin' photos of the job, hold it
Young Fargo, I'm just tryna let it all go, look
Lil' sister cryin', she got multiple structures
Takin' needles every night just to hold a discussion
You don't know that pain nigga you don't know that rain
Beggin' niggas for they change, you don't know that shame
You never slept in no park, you had a home to stay
Walkin' through The Dot, nigga, you ain't show that chain
I was down and dirty, tryna get a pound for 30
Hit a nigga I'll buy him for a round of 30
Listen and my - got the - going
Shade 45, or K 45
And we ain't playin' on you niggas, boy, I'm so live
And you know nigga, shit, you know a nigga
Eyes on a nigga, do 'em like I owe a nigga
It's all gravy though, it's all gravy though
I come up in the spot, niggas like, I'm crazy though
I got that crazy flow
I got that might fuck around and just fuck around and just fuck you lady though
Oh, niggas know, I stay freestylin' bars like I'm P nilin'
Young nigga be wilin'
Don't give a fuck about a nigga who's hatin'
I'm in street's muh'fucker you could, uh
Hol' up, I just come through spittin'
Niggas come through and they ain't - with the written
I'm never with the written but I'm -
Hol' up

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Lanez, Tory Toca Tuesday Freestyle Comments
  1. Kev’s Uploads

    Joyner who? 🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jay5ive

    This was around the time he released chixtape 2, his bars and lyrics became colder after he dropped lost cause, you can see the transition of his artistic ability, props to tory

  3. Shaquille Robinson


  4. Kyshaun Gilliard

    This is a legit freestye for anyone saying it isn't because his song "Week Straight" wasn't released until Oct 1st 2014 which was six months after this freestyle

    lil gram

    Kyshaun Gilliard bro yall be actin like us artist dont record freestyles. Tory records freestyles. Just because its good doesnt mean its written nor does it mean its written if he used it on a song later

  5. Kyshaun Gilliard

    Does anyone know what song the instrumental is from

  6. H.S.R.

    he's doing the mm like Omelly xD

  7. Thomas Daniel

    If you know what your dream is, believe in it.

  8. Dajon Mcaky

    just because this "freestyle" came out before the song doesnt mean it was off the top, the man constantly says he writing like 2-3 songs a day.theres no telling how long he had the song in his catalog before it was actually released.

  9. bigziam

    Every vid

  10. Sean Dronek

    He came a long way so quick. Tory Lanez is cold.

  11. cole reed

    That's sick I just checked the freestyle date and he freestyles this before lost caused

    hot chicks and good hiphop

    check out canadian rapper #MykillDarcshyne and #YardiBlack . dirty bars from what ive checked.


    1st half of rap was written second half was freestyle

    Shonda W

    yeah, I realized he does that

    Elisio Mendes

    He made the freestyle before that song dudes

  13. Nazim ali-nellom

    He was messing up but it was still fire , atleast he actually freestyles off the top

  14. Kadesha Trippett


  15. newkid808s

    What's the name of the song ???? right at the beginning before he freestyles

    Romane Whyte

    +Kirk Matherson a week straight


    +Kirk Matherson tory lanez hate me on the low


    +Romane Whyte its hate me on the low -tory lanez

    J.J. Carr

    It's A Week Straight.

  16. UTB Hip Hop

    He made this freestyle before he made the songs idiots


    fucking well done - you're a clever one

    Joseph Brissette

    Lil Quickscope probably still pre written. Further more this is trash

  17. BrantleyHarding

    What's the name of the song in the intro???

    it's ya boi

    BrantleyHarding it's @ the end of hate me on the low by tory lanez

    it's ya boi

    BrantleyHarding in case you were still wondering 😂

  18. eltigreDominicano809

    Not all freestyle off the top. This was still ass doe

    Rondo Herron

    Yo momma ass

    Jair Soto

    Songs came after this

    Shaquille Robinson

    eltigreDominicano809 your dumb asf

  19. Tavian Stradwick

    Tory Lanez - A Week Straight. This isn't a freestyle, he's spittin an actual song he made.


    Only a part of it.

    Lil Snupe

    This is a freestyle 

    Antonio De la Rosa

    he made this first, and he decided to put it on the song, you can tell this is a freestyle by the way he is talking, is coming straight from his mind ;)

    zach schoolcraft

    He just started out with that line that's all. he still got it yo, yall some hatin ass mf's lol

  20. Qiameth

    lanez is dope but he isnt the best at the best at freestyles, we can all agree on this. He is good at writing and rapping/singing for sure.

    Rondo Herron

    @Qiameth Ohh Reallly BRO !!!!!??? 💁 Come On Now Bruh tell me facts I DONT KNOW . He did this before LOST CAUSE I shouldn't have to explain that , Tory fans Would know That ! I listened to him since Early 2011.

    cole reed

    King los is the best at freestyle, Tory my fave artist right now

    cole reed

    Yeah people don't believe this is an off the top because the current state of rap has made what used to be a prerequisite seem impressive. Everybody used to get in cyphers with their homies and push themselves to the limit. Like freestyling is not that much harder if you put in you 10, 000 hrs.


    this didnt age well.

  21. Ryan Sams

    He spit his pain out thats real shit

  22. PharaoHTious

    This dude knows how to make fucking music, I love his flow and passionate vocals

  23. cammy cam

    That's my baby !! He so sexy

    Shaquille Robinson

    cammy cam your so fucking beautiful and sexy. can i get to know you?

  24. Hassan W

    boy has tory lanez fell the fuck off WOW! he had so much potential 5 years ago


    @lilwayne he was just having fun back in the day, making fuck around music. now he's hungry and working hard to get where he belongs. 


    @Hassan W damn you really are stupid lmao, you act like i cant go listen to his old music xD i dont even understand half the shit youre saying, you just type word after word without any punctuation so it looks like a bunch of words. he's JUST turned 22 he wasnt making music 7 years ago! love how people think im just some dumbass 16 year old, i follow rap more than you i garuntee you my boy. and i didnt say logic wasnt good i said his freestyles arent off the top, which is all this video is. plus logic and los are much muchhhh older than lanez, give it time big boy. in the mean time while tory lanez blows up youre gonna continue to whine like a little bitch instead of just listening to the music xD poo ass nigga, just stop. sittin behind the computer all day wacking off to old tory lanez songs xD fuck wrong with you man. grow up

    Hassan W

    @lilwayne ARE YOU SERIOUS! lmao I'm dead, alright since you're having a hard time understanding I will use punctuation. Tory Lanez was indeed making music 7 years ago. when I heard about him I was in the 8 th and I am 20 years old. In 2007 I was in the 7th going on 8th grade, 2007 was 7 years ago due to this year being 2014. And logic just turned 23, so you're telling me 23 is way older than 22 lmfao . I have no clue how old los is but I give him about 24-25 but whatever. You say you follow rap more than I do yet you have no way of proving that. So philosophy 101 for you, when you say something the burden of proof is on you to provide valid evidence to support your claim, seeing as how that's impossible since you don't know me makes your statement INVALID. You say you can go back and listen to his old music yet you haven't which it shows due to your lack of knowledge on the artist and lack of comprehension of his lyrics. I mean dude you've taken so many L's and don't even realize it . Logics freestyle was of the top you may need to go watch it again so there is something else you're are wrong about I mean why are you still going, you dick eating right now and its insane. Now you resort to default internet "insults" like really that's your last resort "oh you sit behind a computer all day he he he" like get the fuck out of here bitch all these replies have been from my phone lmfao but technically that's one thing you have been right about I do sit behind a computer all day its called being a computer technician jack ass, you know something called....a career, yeah so if you think joking about someone sitting behind a computer is funny or an insult think again I sit behind my computer and make a 5 figure salary so nothing to be ashamed about over here lmao. Even when you are right you still take an L. Dam man for a 16 year old you are not witty at all you have the same old default jokes and insults everybody on YouTube is using lmfao ...I guess telling somebody they are wrong and need to reevaluate their "facts" means I'm immature... I guess my dude. Just educate yourself before you go talking shit on the internet, you started it and left with ya tail between your legs.

    Nigel Peterson

    He had to change his ways, He was a ignorant kid back then. i do miss the originality in his music. but because i have also been listening since one verse killah to now, and im a longtime fan, i just want to see him get the praise he deserves BTW Los is definitely 32 years old. and logic is 24...

    Hassan W

    @Nigel Peterson I'm glad you know this....too bad we're done with this...thanks though

  25. Asenathi MKontwana

    this neegga can pit

  26. SuperWesley2222

    Shit ain't ain't spose to be perfect it's a damn freestyle he real spittin you fuck boi haters

  27. Eric Raymaakers

    What's the instrumental? Straight fire gotta find out what it is

  28. Diizco

    Mann whats that instrumental?!?

    AMEN Producer

    @Diizco Raekwon - 10 Bricks

  29. Juannnx

    Watch him be at the top in a couple years believe me

    JiGSTYLE Production

    And now he has an album out killing it with "LUV" - 2 years

    James Lloyd

    Juannnx now look at him 🙏🏿

    Mncedisi Goge

    You can spot talent

    Arun Gamess

    you was right man

    Brandon Montoya

    Chixtape most anticipated album of the year

  30. Hood Rat Stuff

    Guess you havent listened to his remix's

  31. Fret Millen

    US sleepin on the dude

    keith crockett

    A lot of people have been but I've known of his music about a few years back but I don't understand why he hasn't blown up yet???

    Fret Millen

    hes ghost writing for alot of US  Glorified rappers like August Alsina and meek mill and some other lames, he makin bank tho

    Brodie Whelan

    Hi I’m from the future, he blows up don’t worry

  32. Rx.est

    Whats the instrumental?

  33. thug8200

    he got next brah to ill

  34. Tamika Messam

    Soooooo proud of you Daystar on my station! Shade 45!!!