Lanez, Tory - Shot Caller (Freestyle) Lyrics

Shorty residential, I can be your sponsor
I don't want your love baby just give me them tonsils
Honey know I'm fly like a fuckin air marshall
Dot niggas ball it don't matter what it cost you
My niggas on they chains like a mothafuckin fence
Someone tell them lames hit the mothafuckin bench
80 for the frames on the eyes of a king
Eyes out for the shirt, iPod for the ring
That's the iPhone
Bad bitches wanna bite me like a python
I'm in your skin like hair with the lice on
It like shit
You can get your face split
Like a zit that you pop when you think its hot shit
I don't know how I did it
I don't know how I did it
I get so much pussy man that I don't know how I get it
I be on that I hit it
You be on that I get it
You be on that grown shit
I be on that I live it
Ridin I'm dippin dirty
Them bitches they gettin flirty
I'm high and I'm sippin purple
I lie no I'm in the dirty
Them bitches they wanna fuck
I pass to my nigga Kirky
We fuck then we get up early
You want it then get it early
The haters they black ball
Paper the back board
I hit em in the front and leave they brain in the back yard
It's paper to stack dawg
So why you niggas stallin
If you ain't stackin don't be actin like you ballin
Actin like Spalding, all up on the court side
Ridin for the north side
Nigga come through I'm lookin smoother than a door slide
Move a couple units in, we can get the porsche ride
Livin by the shore side
When I was just a youngin
Imagine little 5-10 nigga with a onion
With some wishes for the bunyon
Money ain't a power ain't a fuckin nigga stuntin
I keep it too real that's why these fuckin niggas frontin
I put it on his head and let another nigga done him
Never touch the work I let another nigga run em
Pack the Louis luggage got the one way out to London
We just passed through customs
Me and Jae we out the country
And I'm somethin like a teepee
Niggas cant see me
If you pullin hoes you gotta rope one for Stevie
Bitches couldn't play me if they burnt me on a CD
Model after model shit is lookin like a repeat
I fuck a bitch and pull the swave out of her
Shout my nigga Honey its gon be a loud summer
That's my little sister and I'm very proud of her
Now back to the business bout to blow this cloud bubble
And I, I do this shit
I'm too legit
Refuse your bitch, like a Skype call
I'm killin germ ass niggas like some lysol
I'm eatin throught the game, its like a rice wall
But yea, can I say it any clearer
That a nigga got your boo but ain't tryna get your scare, get it
I slide through a chick like debit
Then she eat the dick like credit
Got a new trend and I just might set it
Should of let your mom know
I can get your mind blown
I can kill that bird on your shirt you can die slow
This that SLS now get the fuck up outta my throne
Motherfuckerrrrr oh yea.

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Lanez, Tory Shot Caller (Freestyle) Comments
  1. Austin PushaB

    2018 anyone ?

  2. Richard Arroyo

    I Think He Did Better Than French To Be Honest...

  3. KazuyaTV

    Tory Lanez Rapping is doper than singing

  4. KiLLA CAiN

    "in yur face like hair with the lights on" hahahahaha lololol

  5. Hector Carrillo

    Wtf is up with all these stupid ass words? xD

    KiLLA CAiN


  6. Lirkn

    Chris webber tho

  7. Lirkn

    He's good tho

  8. McKenzie Campbell

    im lanein

  9. tashad alexander

    he go hard

  10. Tyler Waldram

    T-Dot Babby !

  11. German Carbajal

    He is too dope my dude

  12. Erik Sotelo

    first time i've ever seen a like bar completely green

  13. Nicole Natcher


  14. Anthony Showout

    Hes Already Signed ..Sean Kingston Signed Him..They Both Talked About It On MTV

  15. caliboyyswag

    absolutely fire.

  16. Chris Rivera

    some ratchet ass shit

  17. Vinny S

    He's going to make it, he's better then 70% of these days artist

    iIi ENT

    You was right "I Told You"

    Carl motha fuckin Johnson

    You were right

  18. NOLAnwa87

    Tory Lanez aka Daystar Peterson > Ass Montana

  19. PlatinumJerker

    oh. my. god.. Tory has TOO MUCH GAS

  20. Dr.Gloriious Records

    Too Propper