Lanez, Tory - Shining (Swave Session) Lyrics

You know I woke up this morning
Wave on a hunnid and climbin'
Like yeah, 'Yonce
Haha, yeah baby
They shouldn't let me on things like this
Haha, yeah

What up, Khaled? I'm up wildin'
Gettin' money, fuck it up on a island
I've been wildin' tellin' bitches to climb in the coupe
Roof [?] swine to the flu shit
Niggas can't fuck up my vibe
Niggas can't fuck up my hype
Fuck up my pie and the trap niggas die in the trap
I'm the plug and there'll never be applies in my trap
Nope, nope
Niggas ain't running off on Fargo
Gotta couple bitches and they all cargo
Niggas all involved, the fuck is a Volvo?
Nigga you a con, the fuck outta convo
Dippin' in a V- [?]
Tell a hater we ain't speakin' like three day fo
I'ma shooter like BHOs
You would put them thangs on your head
Like Beat headphones
I'm hot whippin' with the full clip
I'm Scott Pippen to the bullshit
I'm not tripping on you fuck boys
I'm getting sips with the full dip, you dig?
I don't think that my girl's for me
Fly ass nigga make a fly girl corny
Sky girl stole me and a shy girl horny
Take some of yours, when my girls bore me
Five girls for me, all after this show
All left at the door, Paul packin' a four
A pretty brown skin and Lebron stackin' the dough
And I'm packin' on me 'cause I'm attacking' the fours
You dig?
Bitch, I am that nigga
Fuck your man, I blam that nigga
Peanut butter soft, I jam that nigga
Like, oh you think you fly? I land that nigga
I'm the wildest, call me the pilot
Niggas diss me and bullets just start flying
First class ticket to niggas gettin' the stitches
Seat back preference, let the nigga rest quick
One Umbrella Mob to the world
Ain't a better squad to you, wait, uh
Ain't another squad to your girl
Fake ass nigga, you a fraud to the world
Can't flow when you throw, you dig?
I suggest you learn
Old money just sit like a fresh new perm
I just had a threesome out in S [?]
Let the white girlfriend take the next two turns
Mhm, Tell a bitch be honest
Go out to the club, every bitch be on us
Like, you know that I'm rich, be honest
And you know that I'm rich beyond this
You dig, nigga?

Yeah, you know I did this whole verse
With a blunt in my hand?
It stayed lit the whole take
As soon as you know some
Oh yeah, we fucking up the whole summer baby
The whole summer is fucking ours
Nobody elses
You could tell all them halfway-
Them halfway throwing jab ass niggas, it's a dub
You dig?
Talk to me nice, you should not talk to me twice
It's Fargo

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