Lanez, Tory - New Year / $auce Baby Lyrics

[New Year]

I said fuck a single bitch 'cause I need two of ya
I said fuck a single bitch, I need a new of ya
I said fuck a single bitch, I need a two-pair
While I'm poppin' on this bitch just like the new year
All my bitches so outdated, got the new year
She can't fuck if we ain't make the new year
She can't fuck if we ain't make the new year
I'll be stuntin' on you bitches on the new year
You got one bitch, nigga, I got two of ya

[$auce Baby]

Yeah, I might walk in with my niggas just like "Fuck it"
Bitch, I walk in with no niggas, bitch you buggin'
I might take like thirty-thousand out and chug it
Go to V Live just to see them bitches bust it
Young rich nigga, I came up sellin'
I was on the corner, why them niggas jealous
I was never on the phone talkin', female-ing
But I always got it sent like it's emailin'
Yeah, bitch I got the sauce, I don't need to talk on the train
I can't hear the line like hushy hushy in the Bay
Rich young nigga, drop a pot off in your laptop
Trapper of the year, I'm gettin' top off in the trap, yeah
Ballin', OT ballin'
Every time we walk up in here, it look like the whole team's Jordan
It's too much designer that the whole team's sportin'
So you look at us and think the whole team's spoiled up

Suck a nigga dick or something

It's a young nigga with the dough
I just bought a chopper with a scope
With this bad bitch, keep it on the low
Happy eatin' chicken, thuggin', sleepin' on the floor
For my bitch in bathrobes, let me move like an asshole
All because the way the cash flow
I'm in Lawrence and I'm tourin' with a bad, bad, little one
From Houston like a nigga with the Astros
I got ten toes, penny bitches in our pent-floors
On your bitch, I got the infos
Haters act out when they know I'm out with [?]
Bitches see me and they move like they they nymphos
I like bitches looking good in all they, Snapchats
Fuck around and make a movie, let me snap that
You can fuck those bitches easy, ain't no cat snacks
They be hatin' on a nigga when I smash that

Fargo, yeah

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Lanez, Tory New Year / $auce Baby Comments
  1. Kashief Reid

    Still listening to this album

  2. Chris Campbell

    Yo this song nice fr fr shit have a mf wanna be on some God lvl wavy shit 0 fucks moving to this

  3. Micah Yang

    I'm high af rn, like 17 pills, this song bangs./

  4. Marvin Brindis

    How the fuck this doesn’t have mill plus views!?

  5. AndreSuperNigga HD

    2019 someone?

  6. Oben

    I literally come to this channel just to listen to Tory Lanez rap. It’s so god damn disappointing that all of his good songs where he actually raps aren’t even released.


    Which ones....this was on NT2!

  7. Mauricio Covarrubias

    Who still bumping this in 2019

  8. Jana Berendsen

    best year for Tony Lanez

  9. Quayshon Ellis

    Going into 2019 !!

  10. Aaron Patterson

    Here after Joyner-lanez battle lol

  11. Samsung note 10 Is the king

    The ones who disslike are 6ix9ine n lil pump fans

  12. Calvin Grant

    Chixtape 5 hurry plz

  13. LoganthaSlogan

    “Everytime we walk up in here the whole teams Jordan”

  14. Lauren Martin

    manz quoted A$AP fergggg

  15. WokeNoJoke

    Uhhhh ohhhh.....

  16. Najeem Afolabi

    why isn't this on spotify

  17. Carlton Johnson

    I said fuck single bitch I need two yeah

  18. mikey schrill

    2018 and still made no big moves fuck me running

  19. Shateryka Washington

    sound drunk i fucks with it tho Tory

  20. Rick Tyver

    Hey guys, check the first beat that i dropped and let me know what do you think about it

  21. 50ksavage Good Savage


  22. 88dommy


    ITS ABOUT TO BE 2018

  23. Uhhmazinqq Saraaa

    Having a bad day tune in a Tory 😍😍😎

  24. Uhhmazinqq Saraaa

    I said fuck a single bitch cause I need two

  25. robert willis

    Love the song but I'm saying, why else would you go to v-live? It's a strip club.

  26. Aaron Fuller

    Wtf. Like i want to dislike this mf but i cant best song to me.

    Rez NBD

    Aaron Fuller Don’t do it.. Tory will always bring you constant heat trust me 🔥

  27. N J

    That's fye

  28. ROB

    Still less than 250k smh....

    joseph salcido

    2019 only 343k

  29. LoganthaSlogan

    Yea ballin whole team ballin every time we walk up in here it looks like the whole team spoiled

  30. Faux _Gaming

    i need these pictures damn.

  31. ashley emm

    why he sound like madeintyo here

  32. Adeline Davis

    how come he can make a great new mix in a week but then drake and em take months? think bout it. tory you the man been a fan and strong

  33. Crysse Gr

    And another one!

  34. freshstylechile

    temón ctmre!

  35. Jordan

    I said fuck a single bitch cause I need two yeah..

  36. John Batiste


  37. KiLLA CAiN

    1:52 lol

  38. Solluminati's Hairline

    Cuz I need 2 yeah...

  39. wildlife876

    the flow to this song is crazy !!!🔥🔥🔥

  40. Abraham Tellez

    This is dope

  41. Rawan ta

    what a song !!!

  42. Grammy .V

    Lowkey poppin 🔥🔥🔥

  43. Alexander San

    This shit gets me hype ASF!!!

  44. pk_1

    Nostalgic...Another one!

  45. Ines Gonzales


  46. Ashley B

    downloaded onto phone, now i just have to learn the lyrics.

  47. tmacfan16

    tory flamez!!!

  48. Ashley Diaz

    this hoe too nice 💎

  49. Antonio Foraci

    I just bought the chopper w the scope 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. WALokotes509

    He's was a king then reborn a god

  51. LaeuQaJ

    I could hit the track like haja it be bead

  52. ye nigga

    digging this whole beat switch thing in a minute rep fargo

  53. Manny Rico

    Better then kodass , looser vurt. 21 assash

    Mason Lane

    Manny Rico lol that's obvious why even post that.


    Uzi isn't even bad tho

    Adeline Davis

    kodak and 21 and uzi sumtimes get good hits but they get old tory ever dies

  54. J Jew

    Tory promising that '17 album too 🔥🔥

    Romy Taylor

    gonna be a WHILE. we just gotta enjoy these for now lol

    j Guerra

    Walking In with evrybody bitch I'm buckin.
    Too much suace

  55. melo

    how did you get the full res of the photo?

  56. Jayy T

    Tory been had the juice 🔥

  57. Collins K.

    From 0:00 - 1:00 so crazy, love this voice

  58. Jake Pughh

    🔥🔥🔥 that's it.

  59. Jen Akin

    $auce baby

  60. BotecodoFaga


  61. XainXSam-YouTube

    I get a drake vibe from this but it's lit another after another

    Adeline Davis

    better than drake

  62. whorid

    this pic is so dope, all the other track arts only show his face

  63. Javier Sierra

    straight fire fuck can't compare to drakes trash of music keep it up daystar!

  64. Nostalgic Jams

    Listen to Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 2 (Full Mixtape) here:

    Brandon Poy

    Nostalgic Jams my favorite album

  65. IG-La__Tae Bihh

    "Tory lanez been in the studio all his life" bitch is you dumb? It go waaaay back to his ancestors... every last one of them was born in a studio and never left it..

  66. IG-La__Tae Bihh

    As soon as I heard the first instrument... I added that bih to my playlist... smh.

  67. Philip Segura

    Bruh i've had to piss since talk to me nice but this mixtape have me glued to my seat. I think i have a bottle around here somewhere...

    Justxbecause MSP

    did u piss yet?

    AndreSuperNigga HD

    Justxbecause MSP lmaooooo

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    Is drake going to push back his album again?

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    waveyy beats on my channel y'all gotta go peep 🌊🌊💯 z-winn next up

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    Nostalgic Jams it's your year too.

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    "I don't need to talk on the track. I can hit a hdov hdhkbd brigid and be back!" DISS TO ALL THE MUMBLE RAPPERS! Lmao 🔥🔥🔥

    Life & Times of Edsi

    Rez NBD Thats a Drake reference he did a bar similar on his first tape.

  72. Rahmoy Murray

    Jesus Christ its Tory lanez....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  74. Bruh


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    Bruh Tory is making my mood better with every song he's postin

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    Yesssss Was Waiting For Bae!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

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    king Fargo

  78. Mark Burns


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    the takeover is coming

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    Fargo lives in the lab (studio)

    Paul Terriquez

    i Kyon word

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    is The Weeknd reminder Sample??


    Antonio Ruiz don't think so

    Antonio Ruiz

    in $auce Baby


    Antonio Ruiz don't think so

  83. ReverbRap

    I feel like Tory Lanez has never left the studio in his life.


    J O H N XX faxxx 💯


    @Itaku Lmao I wouldn't be surprised


    ready to spit something at any given moment headass


    milk dud head ass boy

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    2017 is already taken this guy is on another level 👌🏻specially when you are smoking a fat zoot 💨

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    Tunechi ! I know I'm so ampedddd

    Tee Smith

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    Tee Smith most of them are flames too

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