Lanez, Tory - Liquor Lyrics

I mean I get it with a fake ID though ya understand
Plus I'm the man

It's when them lights get lower
Liquor get on it and them visions get slower
Chickens get [?] and women they wanna show up
Any damn lady in the spots got a aura
Hold I'm fucking this ho and it's so nuts
Lookin' at the women my head spinning like donuts
Like cold cuts the way these chickens is swole up
I rose up, white Nikes and low cuts
Whoa, what
I can't even hear that
Chillin' off the shots you can show me where the bear at
I stare catch ladies say that he a weird cat
Swinging with them [?] you can show me where the glare at
All these islands say icons mixed with my diamonds I can't even drive home
Give the keys to my mans up front 'cause he just tryna get a milli like I'm Bangladesh
And yes

And when them lights get low
You could catch 'em in the cut around the corner past 3
I was saying Henny on the shots but the Demi and the Remy on the rocks
Getting tipsy off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor

I see mami, she lean on me that Lamborghini
See me and see me she see me treat me that greeny kiwi
Peaches and creamy I see that she been eatin' her Wheaties
In [?] she be bikini reading my CD
I get get some lust and illusion
Hallucinating off this frostberry fusion
This new music duck low and move it
Touch flow then lose it
Dumb down like [?]
More boss than a new bitch
Shawty goin' low got me feeling so foolish
Get it, I get fly in my new kicks
Spitting like I'm toothless, look better than two tits
Now whose chick is that one?
'Cause damn son, gotta get up out it then spit up on it like cat guns
'Cause that one could be the one
Maybe I'm just tipsy of the licky forget it
Never mind one

And when them lights get low
You could catch 'em in the cut around the corner past 3
I was saying Henny on the shots but the Demi and the Remy on the rocks
Getting tipsy off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor
Off the liquor

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Lanez, Tory Liquor Comments
  1. Mrtopsamuri

    I only like the beat

  2. Neo Khomotso

    At this point I think this is the only song I'd be able to sing in karaoke.. *listening to this in 2020😅

  3. VL Rhodes

    All these little new generation artist is some what kool but Breezy is the hands down king 👑

  4. acacio maussesse

    Who Still in here 2020

  5. NotSly Cooper

    Who here in 2020

  6. MaryAnn Thao Nguyen

    Aye 🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Макс Суп

    2020 who?????

  8. Irv Lovely

    I smoke I sip I drink I'm supposed to stop but I cant

  9. miguelg400

    This song is pretty ass

    Roleio Sports

    Lol I bet you would've said the same shit if he made the same songs for y'all. Remember DaBaby

  10. Shawn Brown

    I wont try to tell lies
    This song got me tooo high!

  11. Omar *

    was here when it first came out 2 years ago and still here. forever listening to this song, beat is such a vibe ☔️

  12. Naomi Lubin

    PUT THIS BACK ON SOUNDCLOUD PLS. Thanks, love you Tory🤞🏽

  13. Roy Bedford

    Who’s here in 2025?

  14. Ariyana Breen

    anyone from 2019/2020?

    how me and my boo be tho😫

  15. Laveka Reed

    Tory you got one boy

  16. Léon H. Griesel


  17. mzlovable always

    Use to listen to this in Chicago lol still do lol my shit

  18. Keesha Mccoy


  19. Kat Bland

    Anyone here late 2019?

    Personally Tory's best song

  20. Azrael Prometheus

    This is insane!

  21. King Rod101


  22. bentley koop

    Whoever sees this i hope you become a billionaire 💫💵🙏💯

  23. Hugo Hardy

    I love this song x

  24. Draya C

    This my shit 😍😍😍😍

  25. Kush Dinero Savage

    Hello my life's theme song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Aelaro Rodjan

    Famke Louise stole this beat and even the lyrics, she singing exactly the same in dutch
    if you want to hear, search "famke louise LIT" and find out

  27. TheBllaCk SoldJha

    I remember the first time I listened this song haha

  28. mery rose

    Eres el mejor DR en la casa

  29. Col3 Hearted

    is it sad that im just now hearing this ?? smh

  30. Jackie Marvin

    This track is a mood

  31. Jay dub

    I use to bang hella b..... to this song when it first came out

  32. Jay dub

    Why won't this nigga do a music video to this I need answers


    Jay dub EXACTLY

  33. illicit

    torey lanez ~ i sip slowed + reverb <3

  34. DiiZay

    Ain’t sip n drank the same thing??

  35. Brianna Paul

    It's the truth though

  36. LAThADoN TV

    My Shit 😘💯😎

  37. Jamil Malden

    Omg this song alway makes me feel so many different ways anyone else #numb

  38. kyle abela

    Chill track to cruise through Toronto at night to. Play it loud and listen to it echo off the buildings along queen st. Vibez

  39. LAThADoN TV

    MY SHIT 💯🔥

  40. samiya farhaan

    👌✌nice song

  41. Jesse Mata

    Still bumping

  42. Samantha Bonczar

    Damn that beat hits

  43. xXGacha SikeXx

    Ty yoututubw , but coulnt you be earlier next time

  44. corey Johnson

    I thought this was Jeremiah singing this song

  45. Mikeal Powers

    So underrated

  46. Jule Brueggeman


  47. SaMiXxPツ MΔ

    What a fucking song 🔥

  48. marquis barkley


  49. Vonta Davis

    Did did his thang on dis shit💯

  50. Patricia Chavez

    Still on repeat .

  51. N chisa fanu an Ui-Thlamuang takin a chawl ta

    Why he pronounced- "cause" like that? Check out once yoself

  52. The Bel Experience

    Listening to this off the edibles. Shit is amazing

  53. account

    the end is really serene 😌

  54. Buddahfly Van Gogh

    This the song I play when people ask me 50 questions about my habits. When it's done, I realize, they don't pay for nothing I do anyway. FAQs!

  55. IRKsome

    This song been a theme this year I swear

  56. Quiani W

    sippin in 2019

  57. Ver ified

    2019 anyone???

  58. BEAR

    who still here in 2019??

    Morning Coffee

    BEAR absolutely bro.

  59. Nana Naturelle

    my song. on repeat. forever. its perfect. bye.

  60. Trevaina Allen

    2019 and I’m still here 😩👌🏽

  61. Breonna Woods


  62. Jerald Vergara

    Bruh still listening Until now 💖🔥

  63. Tino Mujenge

    Best song by Tory

  64. Angel Hxze

    💜💜 Tory & this song

  65. Marina Howard

    Yes but too much sex in the songs change up the game guys great voices but they all singing bout ass pussy nothing new now switching up is awesome

  66. Dee Blood

    2019 any one?

  67. grace aguiar

    this gives me bryson tiller vibes

  68. Ayana Allen

    I love him😍❤

  69. Matthew Johnson

    That you and I just friends😩

  70. Amber Amidu

    I love me some Tory Lanez all day everyday.. Like Gosh.. That nigga is super lit and got some sweet melodies down his lungs. hits pon hits !!! Love You Tory you inspire through your music

  71. K.K

    2019? where y'all at?

  72. maffakka

    Somone have a playlist with chill r&b songs like this?
    Hook me up then👍

  73. cosmic socks

    2 years and this song is still fire

  74. lynne sheri

    2019 anyone?

  75. Kenya Harper

    I need a nigga to chill with and we blast this song. Issa vibe 🔥😍

  76. Jose Jose

    I love it❤

  77. Nazia Tariq

    So true, I can’t

  78. Sandra Manwaring

    The Goat 🐐

  79. BKK

    Makes me wanna drink at 1 in the afternoon

  80. Luxisa Lux

    Reload tune

  81. Princess

    2019 🤤😍🔥

  82. Chasity Spinner

    Good song that’s a much I can’t smoke

  83. Jayden Guess

    Just found out my girl cheating this is such a perfect year....


    The world is full of too many women to fall in love... take a trip to Thailand or Colombia and forget her

  84. WanderLustJules

    I'm supposed to stop, but I can't ........ <3

  85. Lizbeth Flores

    I smoke I sip I drank I'm supposed to stop but I cant

  86. M66di

    This shit so fire my brother put me on this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. manoviny1


  88. dotprince83

    1.5 speed 💥

  89. MAkore 9194

    Toryyy king

  90. Jeremy Santos

    I sip way too much drank

  91. Christian Okeeffe

    My favorite song to listen to while blazed

  92. W.M.A.T/REZ -YUP


  93. Random Khan

    6ou remind me of Chris brown hit the like button if you think