Lanez, Tory - LICK x Drive You Crazy Lyrics


Yeah, uh

Look, bustin' out the lick and now I got it bitch I'm Re'd Up
I will never run off for the plug that got me keyed up
Bankin', it's so many Franklins in my shit, you think a nigga know Aretha
(Yeah, uh)
Bustin' out the lick and now I got it bitch I'm re'd up

[Drive You Crazy]

I'm a, I'm a go easy on you niggas
I'm a go easy

I'm lyin', really comin' for these niggas this time
It's a full-time job tryna keep 'em in line
Yeah the full court pressure, givin' niggas the stretcher
I could kill your whole team combined, who want pressure?
More than a nigga that's ballin', I need a Espy
More than a Miami papi that's on a jetski
Ice on Wayne, whole chain on Gretzki
When I start winnin', don't you rap niggas text me
Grinnin' at the view of your corpses in a fortress
'Bout to make Forbes list, everythin' is gorgeous
Indoor B-ball courts lit where the floor sit
Still runnin' shit like faucettes in an orphanage
Blog niggas gettin' they core clicks off of whore shit
Rap niggas all at they peak, I got the door slit
On star island, cigar smilin'
Drive a couple miles south hit the beach, bitches start wildin'
I done came from the cop car sirens, block ball violence
Bunch of lil niggas stealing hot cars wildin'
Tops chopped off 'til the cops start wildin' and the cop cars find us
Must you remind us, wintertime climates
Slicket set of "set up" bitches that try to line us
I have no infatuation with niggas
Only made the money cum I'm masturbatin' the digits
Matter fact I'm on tour inflatuatin' the figures
Used to be in low income, now see the show, income
Shit would make you sick, meanin' of a gross income
I deserve every dollar here and then some
And I pray I never dress like y'all
Only bird on my shirt is when I press that raw
It's umbrellas on my sweater for bitches that's under weather
Blowin' kisses at the cheddar when I test that jaw
I, never lose, never snooze, crackin' crystal sippin
Yaught pimpin' on another cruise
Foreign model from another niggas pedestals
On the top, clock tickin' on you other dudes
Think I'm typin' in a site with all these W's
Only watchin out for doe and niggas busting moves
My drive crazy, I-80 in a Lamborghini screamin' "Rock-a-bye-baby"
Bad bitch just touched down, she Tom Brady
Me I'm Tom Ford, there's more to the Concord
I been in the jungle, nigga, broke and on my last
You was on the feet, nigga, I was on my ass
You was in the sheets, nigga, I was on the ave
You was in the class nigga, I was on the dash
Hustlin' in corner, swearin' I was a goner
Welcome to the USA, I was a foreigner
Fame was a beautiful bitch, so I joined her
Came now I'm lookin' for chips, get the coin up
I remained, all summer all fall
Still gettin' money when the wheels fall off
Real ass nigga even when it's called off
Real ass nigga even when it's called off, my nigga

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Lanez, Tory LICK x Drive You Crazy Comments
  1. Scarx

    Yo I need that “drive you crazy instrumental” that needs to be remade now. I’ve been wanting this beat for a long behind time.

  2. 2lo lotxo

    Tory is in his own lane. Untouchable!!! Haven't heard a song yet thats been a miss. All hits. The content is too real.

  3. Ace Solomon

    Bruh, those first 40 seconds man...🥶💯🌨

  4. Elsaplays

    Its a sin that LICK isn’t a full song 🙏🏽

  5. Long Live Barry

    Still think LICK shoulda been longer 😭🔥

  6. Michael Bruno

    Think I'm typing in a site with all these W's lmfaooooo

  7. Skeng31 Mr

    Before he sold out

    Romy Taylor

    Skeng31 Mr this came out THIS year how he sold out?!

    UZI 23

    squashed the beef with drake

  8. The Boss

    fuck yeah this just hit pinnacle

  9. Yung Dynamic

    Ok drive you crazy was str8 hiphop, but man i just wish lick would have actually been longer. Best of both worlds.

  10. Life Of Lav

    Bruh this man said "ice on Wayne whole chain on Gretzky" 🔥🔥

  11. dakine2k9

    67k views? ait

  12. Dokia7

    Actual cheesed LICK is't a full song.

  13. unknown

    naa this beat is too classic bruh fucking fire dawg

  14. Loft Music

    Tory Lanez most slept on no doubt. Dude is a genius.

    Smash Rugged

    Loft Music Tory Lanez been grinding since his YouTube freestyle battle

  15. Chris Tercero

    full song to 'Lick' on my channel.. give it a listen

  16. I N

    Need a full version of "LICK" but knowing Fargo that's a possibility

  17. Skeng31 Mr

    Lick should of been it own song


    this tory lanez sounds a lot like drakes all time ghostwriter.. I mean think about it..

  19. jay now

    "Tops chopped off"he talkin bout cuttin the roof off drop tops and hittin the car

  20. ERRoN KiNG

    bruh I need the instrumental to drive me crazy

  21. LaeuQaJ

    at they peak, I got the door slit 🔥🔥🔥

    Romy Taylor

    that FUCKING Bar!

  22. Ahmed Ismail

    Barz for days

  23. J H

    This song ahead of our time in a way .. The combination of trap and an 06 type Wayne shit was fire, the first verse is catchy the second verse is BARS

  24. Kvng Amo

    Trash. Nigga look up to drake. Even rebuttal some lines from drake 😂😂😂

    Carmela Anthony

    Kvng Amo drake steal lines all the time. Example For Free


    Kvng Amo Drake trash compared to Tory though?

    Kvng Amo

    Carmela Anthony yes but Tory steals LANEZ while trying to make a sneak dis record. He trash

    Carmela Anthony

    Kvng Amo drake dissed him too tho. So what you want to not respond? And then on top of that, it shows that Drake is watching and acknowledging that he's here.

    Carmela Anthony

    Kvng Amo drake is king of taking things.

  25. Overton Croomes

    i wish would rap more like this..... spitting nothing but bars the majority of new toronto was just him tryna make half way catchy songs.

    Romy Taylor

    I feel you but NT2 still had some good songs for that. Talk to Me nice was hard, Bal Harbour, New Year Sauce Baby, Bartenders & Spenders and Came thru were pretty good too imo. Obviously Wraith talk lol. But hey i respect his diversity

  26. alex uzi

    "Fame was a beautiful bitch so I joined her"🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Lmao Drake disliking the track with multiple accounts

  28. gamemaster775

    DJ akademiks brought me here

  29. Aissatou Diassigui

    Fucking crazyyy 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Theworldseyes

    Dissed the shit outta drizzy wit his own flow 💯

  31. ye nigga


  32. Bryan Evans

    he is clearly going at Drake and the writing crew(more so the writing crew)

    Nicholas Pollmeyer

    Ovo sweatshop

  33. xswords

    Wish LICK was longer :(

    Charlie Victor

    *that's what she said*

    mastt x

    Charlie Victor W MY NIGGA

  34. Charlescino

    I was waiting for that base beat to drop through out the whole song

  35. o f

    it's literally a better version flow of 5am in Toronto-Drake

    Romy Taylor

    o f this isn't better than 5am in Toronto bro, I love Tory but chill

  36. Mae5tro Beats

    Who makes the beats for Tory they always fire

    john cabassa

    Mae5tro Beats I think it's Picasso

    Elijah Cole

    Mae5tro Beats yeah it's Play Picasso but he had a few others like Araab Muzik.

    Hugo C.

    90% of this album was made by Play Picass and C-Sick. ;)

  37. SuperChiko4000

    amazing song

  38. captain jerry

    drive you crazy sounds like a Jay Z song or old Drake song

    AK miles

    captain johnny he was dissing drake, hit em wit hella subliminals and prolly the beat was for a reason but tory my favorite artist rn besides kendrick, so anything fargo, its heavy 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥

  39. fv ben

    Gone loco on this shit!! 🔥

  40. Pussa TMZ

    This nigga drake bout to come back with "you was the man on the moon now u just go through ur phases" type lines on this nigga. RIP Tory Lamez

    Skeng31 Mr

    Lol drake isnt as good as everyone think tory is better i dont even listen to both but stans are annoying

    Romy Taylor

    ali Bakar "you one daystar swear I told you that in this bitch for eternity I am a Reflection of all of your insecurities" I'm not a drake Stan but you can't tell me that line is garbage

    David Saunders

    Doubt it

  41. Joel FW

    Here because of DJ Akademics

  42. Marcus Worsham

    Wow Just Wow

  43. E-Jay Loudvibez

    Akedemiks brought me here

  44. E Homes

    This track is amazing and this is coming from a huge Drake fan

    Grant Flanagan

    E Homes since you a huge Drake fan (as I am too) did you notice the lyric he bit from Drake? I'll wait 😇😇

    E Homes

    @Grant Flanagan yeah the lyric where he says "about to make Forbes list everything is gorgeous." He got that from 5am in Toronto


    Damn you like artists that doesn’t write their own music ?

    N/ A

    E Homes Honestly it sounds like Tory is channeling his inner Drake with this one.


    It was a shot. He dissed Drake by referencing his line.

  45. MCofficiale EXTRA

    you people need to stop talking about drake who gives a fuck about that nigga we here for Tory so talk about his music not some other nigga

    Slime Hank

    MCofficiale EXTRA this song is about someone why wouldn't you talk about that person?

    MCofficiale EXTRA

    @Marcus I know but like every song that was released today some one is always like nah drake this drake that. People should just enjoy the music

    Peter F

    MCofficiale EXTRA he's dissing drake though

  46. Core Blast

    is this a drake diss track


    Core Blast no he's going off all rappers

    Adrian Meza

    Core Blast one part of it is

  47. Gowther

    fuckin heat!!!! i felt like I couldn't listen to him because I listen to Drake but this man is a fucking beast

  48. Bread

    Chixtape 4 > New Toronto 2 but both heat

  49. 2 Loyal

    Fuck Drake and his whole team ill blast on you niggas you better pray that your gonna live another day

  50. Are Edits

    Yall know he dissing drake on this track

    Jair Soto

    jose gonzales who doesn't🙄

  51. dakine2k9


  52. thatscheese27

    akademick comments coming soon


    thatscheese27 damm u wasnt lying

  53. Ed Vibes

    Who else agrees "LICK" should just have been a separate song on it's own but longer?

    Zee A.

    Yeah it's way better than Drive you crazy


    He'll yea smh

    Devin Cousineau

    man i fuck with a lot of tory shit but this the one really killed the vibe with that switch. deffinately should have been a seperate song

    Ace Solomon


    Ace Solomon

    And "Better", and "New Year", and did I forget to mention Bartenders & Spenders should've been Tory's first joint with Bryson Tiller?

  54. Lotty

    Bruuuh that drake diss

  55. Cloud Alsina

    Favorite one so far

  56. Nostalgic Jams

    Listen to Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 2 (Full Mixtape) here:

  57. Dre Dat Dude

    my fault lol i was try ta spit some barz epic fail smh

  58. alex uzi

    2017 already a good year


    Alex Baeza was it ?

  59. Ravens4life5

    Why did he change up the song?? Does anyone have the full song to lick?


    Ravens4life5 lmao that is the full song

  60. Isaiah Mitchell

    sounds jus like his dad

  61. Dre Dat Dude

    whoops my bad

  62. Daveonne Quitugua

    "Pray I never dress like y'all only bird on my shirt is when I..." Shots shots 2:04

    Justin Berry

    Daveonne Quitugua lol facts

  63. Lil Broomstick

    100th like

  64. LamsKidd [] iceBadass

    Holy shit !!

  65. Shan Tells

    fucking BARRS👏👏👏👂👂

  66. xiCLASSache ٍإبتَسم


    قلب الأسد

    ههه كمان هنا شكلك تحب tory lanez

  67. Cold As Ice

    Got me out of break up deppresion with this new music damn

    Rez NBD

    Cold As Ice See this is what music should do! 😄🔥💯

    Cold As Ice

    Rez Fitz thats what good music does

    Joey Still

    i don't know you but I'm happy for you that you are feeling better man!

    Cold As Ice

    Joseph Nieto thanks brother

    Jim Lan

    Tory lanez makes me think like a mobster. "Fuck that bitch" type shit

  68. Last Ronin

    Old Wayne flow


    Dre R drake got his flow from lil wayne. They bros

    Angelo Abel

    Last Ronin Bro a bunch of people use this flow.People stay coming at Tory. Name me one current rapper that invented a new flow. I'll wait.

    Last Ronin

    Angelo Abel lol no harm done brotha I fuck with Tory I was just saying..

    Stephen Sarkas

    Lil boat

    Kevin UA

    Big Sean Don

  69. Claudia Campos

    Primer comentario ♡♡♡