Lanez, Tory - Henny In Hand Lyrics

Can we get away?
Somewhere far away
Hide of all these blocks and corners
With my Henny in hand
When I'm with you babe feels like
Like the stars changing colors now

Can we go to a place but alone
With my Henny in hand?

Can we bump to the bass real slow
With my Henny in hand
(Stay safe in the streets)

When you say my name, gray skys turn clear baby
Just wanna take you somewhere far
With my henny in hand
Looking at your face, ooh, ooh
Those beautiful eyes, make me wanna
With my henny in hand

Can we go to a place but alone
With my Henny in hand
Can we bump to the bass real slow
With my Henny in hand
(Stay safe in the streets)

Can we go far to a place where the 808s play hard
Where the jakes stays far from us and the cartel chase lay off
From the place to place where we lay safe
In the seats straight peace
You ain't gonna tell a nigga stay safe in these strets
Where we live kids land in peace
And the sun down
But for now let me lay you in sheets

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Lanez, Tory Henny In Hand Comments
  1. Chanell Diaz


  2. Leinadjh

    This is art.. Audibly and visually

  3. Chanell Diaz


  4. Dat Fresh AfrikanBadBoi

    Video deserves way more views

  5. Patricia Neri

    November 2019?

  6. Monique Addn

    Toryz music was better BEFORE he became famous.

  7. Ace Solomon

    WE *NEED* THIS TORY BACK 👌💯🔥🔥🔥☂️

  8. Cloud420

    This was my fucking shit when it first came out

  9. R L


  10. lucky phakula

    2019 🔥 🔥 🔥

  11. Nathan Rangel

    Men this chill songs are better than the new music of Tory. For real vro

  12. JmansFragments

    tory lanez the greatest story teller in mycity no cap

  13. YoBoi Productions

    This song is fuckin futuristic you can literally vibe to this shit in 2025 as well.. it still sounds so ahead of its time even in 2019

  14. Kanisha Pelt


  15. drea Roses

    he's so talented

  16. Amadou Cisse

    Bedroom hits🔥🔥

  17. thatnuwave

    This beat tho 🔥

  18. JUNO X

    Been 3 years and this shit still underrated 😴 H.I.H, The Mission, and Karrueche 💪 Miss the old Tory 💯 Make no mistake, he still dope regardless

  19. JmansFragments

    those dam HIGH NOTES Man

  20. Whatis Doms

    still listen to this everyday NO CAP

  21. Miguel Balderrama

    Man I really miss the old Tory lanez and not the main stream version he is now... you will be missed rip

    Sean Curtis

    Bro I feel u. It's so sad this didn't get recognized for its greatness

  22. club medd

    hands down one of my favorite beats ever. crazy underrated

  23. Joann Evans

    Could he sound any sexier damn?

  24. Rebecca Stroney

    love this

  25. Sincerely Sincere

    👂🏾🎧 🎼🎤💿🎥🎬🔥

  26. Lee Trillz

    Why did the ending feel like it was on some video game GTA shit..?

  27. AestheticAbby

    Thank you lady Gaga for showing me this song 😂 what a bop

  28. ItsOnLy DiRt

    One of the greatest videos from tory, i jus wish dude had blood on the back of his head running out the crib

  29. william langley

    Dope ass movie

  30. m M

    that girls silicone injected lips look like an inverted butthole

  31. fuck off fuck off

    Ilysm tory when u gone b my bae tfff 😭 someday

  32. Samelia Haywood

    I swear that everyone needs to know about this song. it's LIT AF. I always come back to this.

  33. Laura Nett

    WOW he's fucken great.

  34. Bianca Salcedo

    What a sexy song!

  35. Gold3NChyld

    So no one is going to ask about what's the females name?

  36. L.O.U.D Official

    Who's still watching in 2017?

  37. prince cheema

    whats the name of the model?

  38. Kymani Davis

    I didnt no this was Tory song Im late

  39. Phaseme0810

    this girl is <3 sexy doe.

  40. cleonriize

    One of my favourites.

  41. Andrea Fulks

    Me I would had a goblin my henny

  42. Sherkole Nyak

    If tory doesnt go back to making these short films for his music videos i will quit

  43. iDeally

    ayye they had the Insurgent on deck💪😂😂

  44. dwnsouthtx210

    Can anybody name the models?

  45. Sergio Ramos

    who was the video director though

  46. Adam S

    short people got no money

    Rez NBD

    Adam S You're stupid.

  47. Joker Jacob

    When he gave her the cash, she should have just finessed and went home 😂😂

  48. Black Kermit

    the time whwre tory is compared to drake in comments

  49. Astrid Louise

    Tory's attention to detail is insane. This man is still very underrated, his artistry does not get the recognition/respect it deserves.. and that is both a blessing and a curse.

    Richard Grayson

    Astrid Louise preach👏

    YoBoi Productions

    He literally makes music atleast 10 -15 years ahead of his time.. he got that futuristic sound.. but unfortunately most of them still sleepin on him

  50. guellojello

    GREAT video and of course dope track

  51. Deniz Coskun


  52. DeAndre Pasco

    where the fuck is the tory lanez / frank ocean project because these assholes need to link up and make me new piping music to seduce people with.

  53. Jacob Potato

    He must to have been grabbin his nuts extra hard to sing this

    Ehab Hamad


  54. Thomas Composition

    I don't understand the video


    Tory was using the stripper to setup the dude in the suit. The guy in the suit paid the girl to come visit him in his room. Tory was supposed to rob the guy in the room. While all this was going on, the police were also looking for the guy in the suit (probably for kidnapping the other girl). Coincidentally, the police were raiding the room at the same time Tory was about to rob him.

    Thomas Composition

    +BlackRambo_757 thank u man

    Olivia Hines

    10/10 perfect summary

  55. Samelia Haywood

    fave 😍

  56. Paul Adderley

    Will this come on Apple Music ?


    No, but you can find it on his Soundcloud page.

  57. Magyar Bencee

    Why is not there on spotify?:((

  58. Xsuela XSWA

    Go watch this same video but for fallback. Fucking awesome here too

  59. Lukinhas Carvalho

    Perfeita 🙏🏿

  60. Eron Mosley

    This go hard on in my new car

  61. Trinee Co

    Tory love

  62. Deshawn Smile

    I had to go back and watch some of his videos WOMEN PLAY SERIOUS ROLES IN HIS VIDEO

  63. Kayla Dimples

    Pewdiepie!? 1:30 😂😂

  64. Marlon Fulford

    banger 🔥🔥🔥


    it's not a banger lol
    its fire though

  65. lerato ratsiu

    This is so damn good to watch

  66. NKLS

    Thought it said "Henry In Hand" at first

  67. Brandon Haines

    He should come out with like a whole album with videos like this. A la rkelly shxxt

  68. Pedro Estrada

    who's the model 😦

  69. Israel Gonzalez

    Put this on spotify👌🏽

  70. Jho Bravo

    Anyone know the name of the girl model?? pls

  71. Jagga Matic187

    Will someone please explain the meaning of this video to me??

  72. Henny Henri

    whats that mean henny in english?

    pure 98

    its brown liquor

    Henny Henri

    ohh its henessy

  73. The floor Jungkook humped in Blood, Sweat, & Tears

    WOO! This song got me feeling some type of wet. I'm all hot and bothered now xD


    noice ;3;

  74. JeanCule TaMère

    Sorry guys, what is henny??


    +JeanCule TaMère pretty sure its a liquor (alcohol)

    Danielle Prince

    Hennessy, it's a brown liquor

    JeanCule TaMère

    thank u !!

    Emily Green

    +JeanCule TaMère Cognac.

    Michael Cornwell

    The best shit in the muthafuckin world

  75. Danielle Ferrell

    henny in hand


    LADY GAGAS SNAPCHAT BROUGHT ME HERE 😍 new fan! Just checked out all of his videos, in obsessed.

  77. Gitti Pfeifer

    gaga brought me here

  78. Faruk Solak

    I'm here because Lady Gaga shared this song on Snapchat.

  79. Maasi

    Gaga was listening to this :)

  80. Luca Atticus

    gagas snapchat


    I want Tory's music to be kept a secret, but I also want my nigga to be successful

  82. bigshannonsims

    Video and song is fire. Great video.....

  83. Theo Paul

    every song on YouTube for this guy is lit like damn get this nigga on even his songs that he consider throw away is better than most artist

  84. Hossacip

    Does his bloodline trace back to wolverine because the back of his skull healed quickly just seconds after getting hit with that bottle? All together great production and lyrics quality video too.

  85. Sean Curtis

    I only just discovered Tory Lanez.. why? he better than any new cat in the game. BLOW and this is intense

  86. Ashley Burton

    There better be a Henny In Hand 2! I want to know what happens next!

  87. lynna rose

    This song is fuckin amazing for a slow song

  88. Tinyiko Sikhosana

    that girl in the video. OMG

  89. Dominique Theresa Chloé

    i would love to make lap dance to this song... it's insane tbh tory is sooooo talented

  90. Vfxswagg

    Andrew Baterina though... no homo haha

  91. mark lewis

    beautiful video.

  92. Erika Alvarado

    mad dope

  93. Mr. Unknown

    Does anyone know who the girl is?

  94. jariel Carter

    the beginning through me off when he started singing high af

  95. Patek Onmakok

    good ass video

  96. Crystal Crawford

    wow I like this guy more and more now