Lanez, Tory - Dancin' Lyrics

Out in Vlive still talkin' like she know me
New Toronto nigga that finesse like Ginobili
Dancin', dancin'
Touch it with no hands
She get bands, she expensive
My life is expensive

Count me up, expensive
Lookin' like this money that I throw is Endless
Rolls Royce and the Benzes
Fuck boy, you will never make the friend list
Strip club, flexin' with my manses
All I see is niggas bitches through my lenses
Ain't gon' lie, that bitch is temptin'
I wanna fuck you but you know I'm too expensive
Foreign Bitch and she don't know her grammar
Talkin' money, only time I understand her
All my pieces here like a scammer
I could fuck the bartender and the dancer

Out in Vlive felines still talkin' like she know me
New Toronto nigga that finesse like Ginobili
Dancin', dancin'
Touch it with no hands
She get bands, she expensive
My life is expensive

Boss bitch in the mansion
100s, 50s, money she be handlin'
Fuckin' every bitch you on the 'gram with
Hoppin' out the Wraith, now I'm lookin' like a scammer
MIA, I just landed
Crashed a new Gallardo, did the damage
G5, speakin' Spanish
She sit down like," [?] "
Broke bitches drinkin' but it can't shit
All in my section, we kick bitches out for standin'
500 thou' off of dancin'
She wanna fuck me, but she know I'm too expensive
Tell 'em I'm a dope boy, caught my chances
You tryna get your money, girl, I understand it
Steal that pussy like a bandit
No I can't fuck with you, you too much propaganda

Out in Vlive still talkin' like she know me
New Toronto nigga that finesse like Ginobili

And she still like the Vlive
Strip club, you in the [?]
We'll double back it
We'll double back it, G5
On my action, it's time
Know you still on me, yeah
Know you still on me, yeah

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Lanez, Tory Dancin' Comments
  1. Darell Mclean


  2. Playboy

    Only real Tory fans fuck with this fr fr🔥☔️

  3. Conor Haines

    whos still listening to this?

  4. tadeo salvador lopez coronado


  5. Konandy Ange Amadou

    Slow mooche

  6. paroosh18

    Talking money only time I understand her!!!!

  7. Adony Estimon

    What is this channel and what is this music Holy Shit! 🔥🔥🔥


    Adony Estimon you sir have been sleeping.....welcome to torys world lollll.

  8. Samiur Choudhury

    This pisses over everything 🔥 🔥

  9. koonce

    0:50 when he turns into Swae Lee

  10. Yani Minyota

    For real.

  11. Yani Minyota

    You did.

  12. Vortex Formula

    Tory got them T-Rex fingers. Fucks with his music all day though.💥

  13. Camero Black

    Drake so salty watch lol

  14. DiamondBQ

    2:11 😂😂😂😂

  15. TheKraftykid

    This tune is so hard, i had to do my own thing over the beat! Check it out

  16. Justin Cartagena

    Tory Lanes and Travis Scott need to drop a song or two. It would be fire

  17. Joshua Foster

    If his album sounded like this, he would've went platinum.

  18. 1 1illusion

    play dope man then this and anway everyday

  19. young yahye

    god fucking damn man i wanna meet tory so fucking bad and just make a dumb ass song with him

  20. Tahge Phillips

    who else thinks the 14 dislikes were trump supporters

    nhrdgs wgshn

    ? ¿? ¿

    Lauin Ibrahim

    btw trump hung out with more black People than you
    this new generation has become stupid af with their social justice warrior crap

  21. Christian Sebastian Bonilla

    dope song 😍🔥🔥🔥💪

  22. Wavy YT

    Tory lanez better then Drake

  23. Wavy YT

    Tory lanez better then Drake

    Samiur Choudhury

    Djxkenshin u my friend are 100% correct!

    Ty Brown

    I mean he did steal a lot of Drake flows. But he nice tho


    Ty Brown drake is my #1 but tory is on HIS ASS....

  24. Dominic

    This is my shit!!!!

  25. I God

    We need a video for this shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 HEATTTT

  26. Jason Trinh

    2:10 X'D.

  27. I N

    Hoppin' out the Wraith I'm lookin' like a scammer

  28. Warren John

    I think he sampled legend of Zelda link to the past

  29. Francisco Batres


  30. Flava Music

    Call 911 my speakers are on fire 💯💯

  31. Jay Will

    the most underrated artist I know of this century.

  32. Machs In

    Sorry Young Boys, Tory Lanes Is Better Than Drake ✌✌

  33. FastMoney Willie



    Love your channel and you have a great music taste. Glad that I'm subscribed to you :)

  35. IfyouneeditIhaveit CannaPlug

    Everyone goes speechless with this shit. Total fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  36. Orlland Joseph


  37. Naser Din

    fuck ya

  38. Matthew Sielski

    New Toronto 2 > Chixtape 4


    Matthew Brooks they are both 🔥🔥🔥 on par with eachother

  39. KingWilliams

    shit is fire cuh

  40. H F


  41. nos925

    lol he mentioned ginobili

  42. bbb 115

    that voicecrack at 2:10

    Mr. 4th Quarter

    bbb 115 That's passion tho, that's how u he means it.

    Da Fonz

    That's how you know he means wtf he said


    The voicecrack actually makes this song what it is supposed to be ....perfect!

  43. Feras Music

    This and Talk to me nice/Fargo season are the hardest tracks of the album

    Navdog Deluxe

    Saref - Trap and Hip-Hop Instrumentals

  44. Baran Simsek

    Thats the Tory other songs are gay rap

  45. Keyz Lyon

    SIMBA: Sampled from Drake's - Diamond Dancing??

    The Hood Pope

    SIMBA Future & Drake not only drizzy

    Keyz Lyon

    #subrscribe to me ill sub back

  46. fishsun

    is it just me or this pic goes with this track so well?

  47. Carlos C

    stay killin', Fargito

  48. Aidan TheReal

    between both tapes this in my top 5

  49. Sonja Miloseva

    Every beat identical on the New Toronto 2, still fire tho ain't gonna lie

    Jimmy GoldChain

    Das a lie but u do u

  50. Nostalgic Jams

    Listen to Tory Lanez - The New Toronto 2 (Full Mixtape) here:

  51. Z winn

    waveyyy ass beats on my channel 💯🌊

  52. MASVSO

    Click On My Profile To Check Out MY Work! YALL DEFF FUCK WITH ME !

  53. King KY

    I think he found his own style

    Jon Doe

    then everyone being inspired by someone elses art form wouldn't be able to have an own style. Thats like saying evryone doing' boombap would be stealin Pac's style or somethin

    Louis L

    just because he wrote for him doesn't mean he gave travis his flow or sound


    He wrote in quintana



  55. Aidan TheReal

    this nigga special

  56. Serkan Mert

    this song is atm tha one on his mixtape wit da heeat boi

  57. _KIZZLE_ BEEN 0N_


  58. ImErikHD



    @Tunechi ! lmaoo sup my nigga! ofc i sleep bruh, happy new years my nigga its all love

    SAuCe kId OFficCIAL

    Long Live└A That's that fire my nigga 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Ahmed Mah

    There's no fucking possible way you can dislike this song

  60. Bruh


  61. Haley Marie

    i would so give the owner of this channel the AUX cord

    Shira Carroll

    me too lol


    I don't get it

    Cat Eyezz

    I stg I say this every time I end up on this channel lmao

  62. The Fella

    Nostalgic was a subscription for the mind...heavily medicated with the Artists they fucks with. I'm especially glad the fucks with Tory alot!!!

  63. King KY

    Fargo new year?

    Rez NBD

    i Kyon Hell yeah!

  64. Farooq Karimi

    Damnnn this song goes in this guy is nonstop 👌🏻

  65. xiCLASSache ٍإبتَسم


  66. Emili Valčić


  67. Cold As Ice

    Tory killing itt damn

  68. monearthe$

    his flow is timeless fr

  69. Dre Dat Dude

    that be some shit for ya ears if tory and tiller would do some more songs shit 🔥🔥🔥

  70. David Onuoha

    Starting the year good🎶🌊

  71. Tee Smith

    it's my lucky day, these uploads from Tory are straight 🔥🔥🔥 Nostalgic bless you


    Tee Smith ‼️‼️‼️ 🔥😈😈Yall should peep my dance cover to @torylanez - Proud Family😈😈🔥‼️‼️‼️

    Tee Smith

    JamesBxnd tv I'll have a look 😊

  72. BadBwoyRico 876

    Heat 🔥🔥🔥

  73. lol lol

    Nostalgic chill with these uploads frfr


    lol lol he dropped two mixtapes lol

  74. Dillon Mackey

    slap 🔥🔥

  75. Khald Ahmd


  76. FIRO

    tory's YEAR YEAAAH

  77. payiva


    Eddie Thomas


    Tahge Phillips


  78. Lowkey Treal

    my mixtapes has all these on one. just go download.


    Tyrell Hamilton which mixtape is it


    oh wait i have it its new toronto 2

    Jair Soto

    Tyrell Hamilton but help him out wit them views boii

    Lowkey Treal

    It's called new Toronto2 and chixtape 4 is out also. Download my mixtape app

  79. Eaphen Samuel Pace

    more of the same...


    Eaphen Samuel Pace he stays in his lane (new Toronto rapimg and the cixtape for singing)

  80. Jake Contos

    Toryyy my man coming out with straight 🔥🔥🔥

  81. Red Khezu


  82. Siham Ali


  83. Omar Chakor