Lanez, Tory - Closer Lyrics

Yea, you know
I used to think about it as child-like
What would it really be like if I actually got up there
You know with the stars
All the fame, laughs

It all started when me and my mama in argument
Swear we gon' live in apartments
Feeling like a deer in front of whips without the headlights
Mama cried tears from the trouble with the feds like
Something's stopping this drive, like a red light
I just wanna be more than my mama see
Cause honestly I'm tired of the street crime
Grind every day of the week I, she creeps high
And do whatever I like, like T-I-C-I
Know I fucked up in the past
And your heart chips breaks like a cup or a glass
But, I'm right here mama
So wipe your tears mama
You would see your nephew a new Nike Airs Imma
Be here 'till I never see tears
And give you that truck that's detailed with each tale
Cop ya a little house on the hill
Yea, I see [?] mama, L-U-V mama, R-I-P mama
You probably can't hear me but I miss ya
Cause all you left me with was a picture
Yea, whatever it seems your death got a car that drives into my dreams

But I'm going higher
Closer to my dreams
I'm going higher and higher
I can almost reach
Sometimes you just have to let it go (let it go)
Leaving all my fears to burn and die
Push them all away so I can move on
Closer to my dreams
Feel it all over my being, in my being
Close your eyes and seek what you believe

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  1. Duck TheWorld

    On & On by Pia Mia brought me here

  2. Cairo Yemayá

    i feel like this song has potential but im not feeling it as much as I could

  3. Max Rockatansky


  4. Jaquelyn Pepin

    610 K Views Please

  5. Jaquelyn Pepin

    6.2 K Please

  6. Anthony Correa

    This song is so slept on , My new fav !

  7. Giøvaniplaysrobløx

    any body 2019?

  8. prettythug2731

    Ooo00 Four Eyez ..... It has your Signature all ~ Over it ~

  9. destiny perkins

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  11. Dulce Maria Arenas Escamilla


  12. Josie Price

    Poor Pia Mia 😓 her version > this

  13. Eve Nunez


  14. prettythug2731

    Kayla. Ky. Nise. N*ce is the Reason .....The Song Off**

  15. Kevin Rodriguez

    NYC we ouchea B, Can't sit still to this banger!

  16. Ragga Chat

    skeet culchhur

  17. Ragga Chat


  18. prettythug2731

    That * White boy @ in the Suburbs .... K.O. !! On and ON hahaha ! OMG !!! Forever 💋🙋‍♂️🇺🇸⭐️️

  19. Pam Thomas

    best song in 2018

  20. nanii

    I listen to this on the school bus everyday 😫😍

  21. José P

    I Love At Song So Much On & On

    Sixto Pepin

    Sixto You Have The Best Jamaica Songs In 2018- 2019

  22. José P

    On & On DJ Megan Ryte Ft Tory Lanez & Hoodcelerityy

    Sixto Pepin

    100 K To 1.1 M

  23. KateVEVO

    It's a song by Pia Mia?

  24. daloveweaver

    It was so hard to find this song but im here on and on and on

  25. Official.niyahh

    Yall don’t even care about the song y’all just here for Tory can y’all be more supportive of the WHOLE song and not just one person👍🏽

  26. Jose cassama

    Shut up ... meg ( peter griffin voice )


    Dread Dilx bro that’s my god mom don’t be tellin her to shut up you either like the dang video or go on about your day

    Jose cassama

    Niyah’s amazing Life what ?

  27. sscotto84

    This song sound better... really really really fuxin LOUD

  28. Herm Good

    Nice feel..... summer jam

  29. prettythug2731

    Hiiii *** I'm Nicolas....

  30. Pierre Sanon

    Love this Chune...
    Find the sample here --->

  31. Joey R.

    hot 97 NY wus poppin

  32. Duck TheWorld

    the original song is "On & On" by Pia Mia feat. Syph

  33. Jojo Saylor

    Hood Celebrity voice is 🔥

  34. N1CE

    Where's the sample from?

  35. aye yuhhuurrdd

    Waiting for this shit to blow upp👌🔥

  36. José P

    On & On

    José P

    HoodCelebrityy I Love At Song

  37. Nichelle


  38. Clair France

    My favorite song in the world

  39. DJ $TYLE$

    this song is going to be around for a long long time...

  40. Navigata

    "Hi Megan, my name is Navi. The beat is fiyah...oh, and nice pic."

  41. Duck TheWorld

    This is a really dope remake but the original song "On & On" by Pia Mia feat. Syph is better

  42. OnlineSuperCoach

    Love the Vibes

  43. BriaJarae

    Yall want a lyric video ?

  44. Angel Girl

    Hi I'm Megan <3 love this song excellent keep the hits coming <3

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    this song is so underrated

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    This song is fire 💯💯💯💯

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    Hmmm came to show support saw your Drake Scorpion Review

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    Where my walkingtrophys at!!!!!!!! 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

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    Hood C!!!Nah lef u out..keep blazing!!🙏👂peel waiting for another tune.

  52. House of Matrix

    Who here from Rap Genius!

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    i just love it ♥

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    Cotch & Burnin'

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    This needs more views!!! Can’t stop dancing to the beat

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    This is a wave ím trying to ride for the whole summer

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    Who Came here that listens to Hot 97

    xxxtentacion's ski mask

    me , new York city gang


    THE SEGA TEAM is that what made me think of this? lol

    al freeman

    yup! here cause of a ill mix compliments of hot 97


    Listen to this shit driving down the Jackie Robinson

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    I absolutely LOVE this song! Heard it on Shade 45 while driving back to Vegas.

  65. Tharsan J

    its a vibe.

  66. Sincerely Majestik

    Summer Chune 🌴

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    This is the best version of Tory Lanez. Although he’s good at being versatile, I prefer this sound over any. 🇬🇾

    Jazzy #1gurl!!!!!

    jjustyyn _ I’m Guyanese too

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    Nice sample mix with Barrington Levy. 🔥🔥🔥

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  70. I love jimin and jisoo


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    Ariel Smith for real

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    FF A ok

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    still sounds fire...

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    It's a good song but not the best. its a sample

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    Is she from hot 97 from from new York


    Bryan Melgar yes

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    Labor day flex music

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    Shock 3l1t3

    BritannyDuhh same I was like I need to search for this now


    Shock 3l1t3 - Omg I Was In The Passenger Seat Bumpin 😂😂😂 Im Thinking It Was The Stefflon Don Girl ...




    Have that label put this in rotation...SONG IS FIRE

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