LANDMVRKS - The Worst Of You And Me Lyrics

Here we go, we're back, put the bass up
It's a pain that I can't stand anymore
I remember the fear but I want to live my life the way that I've chosen to

I think I was afraid then, but didn't want to face it
My brain isn't fucked up yet
I CAN'T even believe how long it fucking takes to shatter
It fucking takes to break
Oh god you made me feel so worthless
I've started to become heartless
We're both falling to the ground and there will be no escape

You're faking all these tears
You've started to bring out the worst in me

I don't want it and I don't need
This is the worst of you and me
Hold me tighter, I still breathe
No i can't believe everything you've done to me

Struggling with some fears and second thoughts
It reminds me how fuckin' hard it is to find some relief
I wish I had forgotten every piece of you every reason
But you're kind of a ghost crawling deep inside my soul
And it's a whole new night for you and I
But the same nightmare that goes around
And I'm going to break every chain that binds us
All the things that keeps us down

You're faking all these tears
You've started to bring out the worst in me

I don't want it and I don't need
This is the worst of you and me
Hold me tighter, I still breathe
No i can't believe everything you've done to me

Don't watch me you have done enough
Feel the shake in my own voice
So lonely... I know...
We are so lonely I know... We are...

You were looking for failures
You dug on the surface but you didn't go deeper
I remember the fears but your face is a ghost
Don't say anything if you're afraid of what it costs

Now i'm feeling is so tired
Have we gone too far?
Tell me there is something that will never return
Places become empty and so lonely again
Cause this is the worst of you and me

You better wake me up but you're afraid of what it costs

Tell me there is something that will never return
Places becomes empty and so lonely again
Don't say anything if you're afraid of what it costs
Cause this is the worst of you and me

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LANDMVRKS The Worst Of You And Me Comments
  1. Ashish Sharma

    That line 3:23
    "Tell me there's something that will never return"
    Gave me a goosebump.

  2. Cyril Bigas

    0:13 "Life going des Nachos"

  3. steasy

    Florent looks like James Moriarty here

  4. IcecoldAngel1987

    2:30 - 4:23 blows my Mind!!

  5. Metalcore Boy

    2:40 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Claire

    this song is perfection

  7. Dean Robinson

    What a waste of a Beautiful couch...

  8. rocktheworld010

    Can we just put that scream at 3:44 on repeat please?

  9. SwordOfJustice

    I'm sitting here late at night, working on something that will eventually get me through a tough time in my life; and this song shows up. And oh my how it hits my heart. I love this so much, I have been playing it over and over with so much emotion every, single, time. Almost makes me want to cry when the outro hits. Please continue to create amazing masterpieces like this. <3 Much love guys.

  10. Launchpad McQuack

    Holy fuck that is the whiniest screams I've ever heard. Trash. WTF is that squeeky shit, haha. It sounds like Mickey Mouse screaming. The fuck.

  11. Herald Balthazar

    Bassist got that ball buster pedal turned all the way up.

  12. Max Power

    Steve-O is a good damn vocalist

    chris kimmel

    Nope not funny

  13. Irbis Intruder RR

    круто поёте пацаны!!!

  14. Captain Chaos

    Wow so true. Heart break is probably the most painful thing you can experience. Wish it was easier. If you love someone that doesn’t go away

  15. Ben

    Feel the energie people, shits lit!

  16. Ackersenf

    What the fuck did i just hear in the last part?????

    Ladies and Gentlemen....THESE are emotions!!!!!!

  17. Василя Темирбулатова

    That part from 2:35 just so insanely good!

    Joán Marquina

    Yep… you can feel the pain.

  18. Kunaiechi

    At first I felt like this was the weakest single. But after listening to the whole album, I think this is my favorite song by them easily, it's such a good change of pace, and the transition is done so well. Two different flavors of Landmvrks in one beautiful song. And that's not to diss on the album, it's easily a 9/10.

  19. Teemu Reijonen

    One of my absolute favourite bands in 2018. Old and new sh*t tastes good from them.

  20. Pooven Mootoosamy

    attila vibes

    The Bitch Who Fucked Your Mum

    lol how

  21. MUDELA

    The calid colors of the video don't match the crudity of the music


    That's why the second half of the video has a different filter on it. Making it colder colors on it, rather than warm like the first half.

  22. Donavon Mottley

    Thank you spotify shuffle mode

  23. Snake TD

    i can not describe how much in love i am with your music. the new album is killer and i'm totally hyped for seeing you live in Leipzig next year. all the best from germany!!!

  24. Rudi Setiawan

    amazing vocal and happier sound, thanks

  25. Levi-jordan Hodgson

    The flow at the beginning reminds me of stray from the path

  26. ahmo2

    Who is this little girl screamink? Great success!

  27. Leo FONG

    This is so LIT

  28. Adam Fowler

    I don't think I have ever sacrificed the pain of enduring a headache, just so I can get the experience of a song fully.

  29. Kelsey Luo

    sounds like the hardcore version of Architects. this is sick :)

  30. Tom DT

    Putain la giflasse! J'étais fan depuis votre passage à Lyon avec Architects mais là c'est encore un level au dessus! Ça déboîte son père!!!

  31. Igor Kruglik

    Great Band! Unique voice!

  32. Barča Kristlová

    Beautiful 🖤

  33. Shane Pehrson

    Holy fist fucking christ. This might be one of the best songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. Thank you.

  34. Toms Alcore

    RATM reinkarnation

  35. Alexandre Oglobleff

    Your music never stop steping up ....

    Vive le métal français ❤️❤️❤️

  36. M H

    fucking beatiful guys!!!

  37. Floliooo H

    Love that Band <3

  38. ChonkAss

    Raw Power and emotion i love it!

  39. Mr. kartoffelboy

    I love the chorus🤘🔥🔥

  40. Michaela Matuszková

    Thank you for this ❤️

  41. Noorraks

    I was so emotional when I listened to this song, thnks landmvrks 🔥

  42. Chester Birch

    Juste énorme j'en reviens pas !!

  43. StanSmith OnDaTrack


  44. tenesajuancruzenyb

    I can't stop listening this band since I meett them

    Jackson Berrie

    tenesajuancruzenyb I just figured this band out since I listen to rap and Rock and metal and post hatdcore stuff like that I need more bands to listen to

  45. Jamie Enke

    I'm growing a little taller with each listen

  46. Aldo PrasetyA

  47. Nyzer

    Again loving this one but more in the 2nd part with all the emotions, i hope this song is one of the worst of the album !

  48. Alexander Kopp


  49. Łukasz Michałowski

    I love every single realease but that rapping staff sounds weird every single time, its ok but way too much in this one. We need more screaming 🔥

  50. Кирилл Покровский


  51. chris m

    This is my definition of AWESOMENESS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. Adam Rose

    Wasn’t this album supposed to drop today? Did it get pushed back?


    The new release date is 2nd of November ^^

    Adam Rose

    Joconew fucking sadface 😭😭😭


    Ikr? :c

  53. K0alavath

    Can’t wait til November 2nd ! 🤘

  54. Shai hulud

    3:44 that scream gave me goose bumps. Holy.

    Jonathan De Couvreur

    Yeah, but reminded me a bit of Architects!

  55. Francisco Santos

    Loved it

  56. Gureyy

    sick as fuck

  57. Fallen Resonance

    You guys are gonna blow up with this album 👐

  58. Mr Str

    Landmvrks, Silent Planet, Architects, Crystal Lake

    November will be an historical month


    Mr Str napoleon!

    Patrick Ryan

    And today Novelists


    @Jonathan De Couvreur Isn't Crustal Lake some sort of trance band?

    Vaughn Blaylock

    Novelists, too!

    Echo Tango

    Ben Nahpe 👎 a metalcore band from Japan who have a gnarly “Rollin” cover

  59. christianDOTw

    So sick.

  60. Dill MyPickle

    The flow in the beginning feels off. From 2:13 on is phenomenal though. Really loving the ending with the emotion. It’s the weakest single released though which has me insanely hyped for the album if this is the “bad” stuff.

    Adam Rose

    Mike Beam complete agreedness


    Start was sick. From 2:13 on feels like a different song

  61. The Sunday Sadness

    this is a bop, and the music video is just incredible

  62. Chris Canterbury

    Another awesome song <3 Cannot wait for this album <3

  63. Noorraks

    Damn song, and I love it..

  64. Bigya Basu

    nice... not bad