Lancaster, Jason - Change Lyrics

I would like to take this time to thank you all
For not leaving me behind when I was small
Cause when I felt all alone without hope of my own
So many left me behind I felt I'd been outgrown
I can point out every time that I was wrong
Without help from anyone, just learning songs
Some people hurt without conscience and hollowly promise
They will always stand firm but their falling has come

I can stand on my own with the help of my real friends
And tell you all about the day I got unchained
Cause I'm here, left for now
I can scream and I can shout about the ways
That you all expected me to change
But I will never change

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Lancaster, Jason Change Comments
  1. Luis Miguel Macías Gonzalez

    Anybody in 2019???


    I love you Jason!

  3. Gluepops

    I wish this was on spotify :(

  4. Jesse Vanity

    He's so different now

  5. Steven Jones

    You are the best artist/ lyrsist out there

  6. Matt Creasey

    Has he released ANYTHING in the past three years since this was released? Jason Lancaster is one of my absolute favorite artists & has been since I was probably fourteen or fifteen .. but he fell off the face of the planet shortly after Go Radio split up, and I was devastated :'(


    Absolute Trainwreck He has done some songs for Mayday parade awhile back if you haven't heard of those. I would suggest the song Miserable at best by Mayday parade.

    Matt Creasey

    Hatora Abe Those are all from many years ago, now. Pre-2014 at least ...

  7. Creations Studio

    love this song💛

  8. Aeleri Parmeter

    I just discovered this guy from a YouTube ad...he's amazing! :)

  9. Jennifer Desilva

    I missed his voice :'(Jason you're so amazing

    Mike Harris

    Jason + Patrick =stalemate

  10. Jessi Gee

    Dude needs to stop quitting music. He loves it too much.

  11. Alvin Acuna

    more music plz its to bad not many people know about you man

  12. Tarha Selvidge

    I love this song! Wish it was longer!  :)

  13. Razi Selamat

    Don't change, GOJASON!!
    because we love you <3

  14. syrup s

    awwh I missed his voice so glad he's back

  15. Dawson Schofield

    Jason, this is amazing :) you never disappoint

  16. jordi jackson

    whys this not on spotify yet

  17. StarCrossedPimp

    This song reminds me of "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Collins off the Tarzan Soundtrack

    DeLaney Kaiser

    Yaaaaaas! *insert heart eye emoji*


    @Laney Kaiser hahaha glad somebody else heard it too!

    awes0mee (:



    +Andrew Almond Same here :)

  18. Federico Bandini

    Why did you change it, the demo version was perfect :(

  19. Karrie Chou


  20. piesquared.

    Ugh, I missed this voice.

  21. Bobcat6828


  22. Matt M

    Let's gooooo