Lana Del Rey - Your Girl Lyrics

Carry me off stage
I can't do this anymore
Been gone for 3 years, is that enough for you boy?

Carry me to my bed, paint my toe nails blue
Tell me all about the things that you and I will never do

I wish I was your girl...

Carry me off stage
Had too much to drink
Been on tour too long
And I've had too much time to think

Carry me to my bed, lay me in a pillow town
Kiss me on my head
And remind me of the way we were not know

I wish I was your girl...

(Late at night, baby you're my sign
Call me late if you wanna get high
Late at night, laying in Versailles
You and I get to know one another

Late at night, baby you're my sign
Call me late if you wanna get high
Late at night, baby you and I
Can get to know one another)

I wish I was your girl...

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Lana Del Rey Your Girl Comments
  1. asthma

    everyone feels ultraviolence vibes in this but I feel lizzy vibes here

    Terry Harbor

    asthma I mean it was intended to be on Ultraviolence, in terms of sound is very rock-ish


    @Terry Harbor ikr

  2. Clementine Lee

    Anyone else think that "Your Girl" just eventually turned into "Sad Girl" in the final album?

    Terry Harbor

    yeah the titles may have been inspired by one another

  3. Liz von C

    All you of trashing GNR and the other woman, shut up! As much as I love this song, Lana could have simply added it to UV without taking out gnr like you all wish.

    Terry Harbor

    Liz von C trueeeeee! GNR is one of my fav songs on the record

    Liz von C

    Terry Harbor mine too!

  4. Jasmine Marie

    Wtf HOW is this one not on an album??? And can we please get more dark rock style songs from my queen, I could die happy at that point ❤

  5. road 2 joy

    what honeymoon could have been

    Terry Harbor

    road 2 joy yeah honeymoon could have sounded like this but the truth is that it turned out to be better 😌

    road 2 joy

    ah yes, what i should have written after was, "queue the comments telling me honeymoon turned out to be better" because obviously everyone has to chime in with this

    Terry Harbor

    road 2 joy I’m confused skksksksk

  6. Terry Harbor

    HEY GUYS 🧡 a few weeks ago I posted my brand new son called Ecstasy and it would mean the whole world to me if you gave it a shot and took a listen! here’s the link: ;for those who do so, I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart🧡🧡

  7. Jasmine Marie

    HOW have I never heard this before????? Omg Lana & a heavier sound is a dream come true

  8. Nooxh17

    We got Florida Kilos and Guns and Roses but not this

    Terry Harbor



    Nooxh17 I wish Fine China , Your Girl , JFK , and Flipside were released.


    @Terry Harbor oooops. I mean, they're fun tracks but there were better alternatives for the album, plus they sounded kinda like BTD era and didn't match Ultraviolence's moody tone.

  9. Amy Rdn

    Me after seeing those dislikes: “who hurt you?”

  10. Pretty Little Liars

    This still has one of Lana's best bridges. I hope she reuses it one day.

    Terry Harbor

    I love the bridge too! I agree, it would be awesome if she recycled it, even tho I think it won’t ever happen ;(

  11. Le Lo

    She could have just given us this instead of making us skip The Other Woman every time we listen to UV

    Terry Harbor


  12. babydoll blues

    lana doesn't make songs like this anymore, i miss the instrumentals and the reverb in vocals :(

  13. Agustín Baletti

    GODLIKE ending

  14. Nairb del Rey

    one of her best unreleased

  15. Maya Shelton

    someone put this on soundcloud please

  16. Estevan Whiting

    Poor Lana :( she was so sad

  17. Bubblegum Cherry bitch

    Ok so I’m 16 and I have a “relationship” with a 23 yr old college helper guy in my English class. Im the beginning I would as him for help because obviously I liked him and wanted him to help me ik that sounds stupid but yeah.. Anyways we got closer and closer like after school I would go to this room where students would go for help and I would only go for him and we grew this like connection where I was his favorite. He told me I was the prettiest girl and he would help me out with my life outside of school and I grew more feelings for him and even in class I would always catch him staring and me and I knew he would check me out. One day we were alone in this little room where your tutor can quiz you and shit. I asked him to “help” me with my study guide and I was wearing a skirt and he knew I liked him at this point and he put his hand on the thigh and I liked it. We almost kissed that day but we didn’t. We have each other’s phone number (we’ve never called each other) I confessed everything to him and he to told me he likes me but he can’t risk it. We still like each other but hopefully I can be with him and this song reminds me of him.

    Mary Li

    You would have regret it , sucks..good careful

    Lana's Brain

    Girl stay away from him! He sounds like a whole pedophile. Don’t talk to him anymore!!!! When you get older you’ll understand and know what he did messed you up. Been there and so have many girls I know, older guys do this shit to just get off smh...

  18. veruccassault x

    Lana takes all my pain and makes it into beautiful music

  19. Shannon Hadfield

    How have I never heard this song?? Love it

  20. Salih Karaçam

    Im in love with her tone of voice

  21. Brenda Torres

    Oh y fucking godddnenenwnwnananwnwnwn a

  22. Jordan

    We need Ultraviolence 2.0

  23. Janek Franek

    polskie dziewczyny jesteście????

  24. Jason Gutierrez

    Edgar , It’s been 3 years since you left . I’m so sorry for the trouble I caused you , but fuck you for leading me on and breaking my heart on purpose . I still wish I can be your guy .

  25. canis majoris

    Sarhoş oldum galiba...

  26. Ashley Huerta

    Damn, this song perfectly reflects my situation it actually made me cry. I dedicate this song to the guy that I've been crushing on for 7 months. He's currently in a relationship with my friend. I'm happy for him as long as he is happy. But it's that, I *really* want to be his. Shit, I even went to point of putting a love spell on him. We're friends and all, but it's not enough. I'm very sad.

    yare yare daze

    Ashley Huerta a love spell?

  27. magiicw


  28. cathy w.s

    unresolved groupie love 💔

  29. TheLady Jacqueline

    the sound of your heart breaking

  30. Paola Flores

    Listen to it at 1.25 speed 😫❤️

  31. clemson runner

    best song ive ever heard.

  32. Rand

    that intro music..

  33. Natasha Doolittle

    One of the best songs by Lana! After 2 years and shit, I still listen to her everyday!!

  34. Anthony Forest


    Mary Li


  35. oneym88

    Does anyone have this track in 320kbps? 😻

  36. Maxianaconda

    The strings!

  37. MissMariah

    Sad Girl. Your Girl. Cinnamon Girl. <3

    Terry Harbor

    YES! so excited for the new record

  38. Bartek Nowosielski

    I love the production 😍 so psychodelic, amazing. How is it possible it is not on Ultraviolence?! It would be the best song of the album 😅

  39. NazzleDazzle

    Lana starts vocalizing and all of a sudden I'm in another dimension

  40. Terry Harbor

    YALL MY NEW SONG Love You But I’m Going Down JUST CAME OUT!!! ID BE EXTREMELY GLAD IF YOUD CHECK IT OUT- link: //THANKS SO MUCH💙💙 this song is everything 2me so it would really mean so much if you would give it a shot!!

  41. CheesecakeLasagna

    That damn bass, though.

  42. Terry Nama


  43. ultraviolence

    i wish i was your girl

  44. Bendis

    This song is the twin sister of Pretty When You Cry

  45. Alexandra Dicu

    This is so wonderful

  46. Mary Li

    She sings so beautifully about stuff we all girls go through,we live and other singers would never do it...she is so brave and authentic, love her for that💕🌹

  47. Madeleine Angelika

    Would die to hear this live. Has she ever confirmed that this is actually a song of hers?

  48. Brayden Fraser

    I don't understand why they don't release all of these cut tracks in their deluxe version? I'd pay hundreds to hear every single song she's made.

    Terry Harbor

    you know, that's just not how things work. there may have been a reason why Your Girl didnt make it into UV (sadly ofc)

    Brayden Fraser

    @Terry Harbor I wish it did work like that. Lol

  49. Bea Dees

    Lana conveys emotion perfectly through her music

  50. Philipp Zadrazil

    What a mess is this? Its truely a masterpiece and should have been on UV! How can u decide for other womand and not for your girl??? Its a shame😤😱

  51. Baron Saturday

    So do I.

  52. i crash u crash


  53. Dulce Amor Carcosia

    why is this not in ultraviolence????

  54. Bluejeans502

    This song makes me cry... reminds me of my ex & how we’d talk about all the things we’d plan to do (never did)... but he left me...

  55. Ludovica Pugliese

    This song would have fit perfectly in Ultraviolence instead of Guns and Roses (which I can't stand)

  56. William Aleman

    Put this songs in your new album: Your Girl, Roses, Caught You Boy. I want the new album to be Fresh & more electronic rock beats it fits you.

  57. Lola Haze

    The most relatable song ever :,(

  58. Wingate8 7zero


  59. BB Writes

    I know it was meant to be on UV but this song gave me Honeymoon vibes. It's kinda similar to "the blackest day". she's a goddess nevertheless

    Terry Harbor

    BB Writes sonically it is very far from Honeymoon’s style but when it comes to the lyrical content it totally alluded to The Blackest Day!

  60. Ellamier Rose

    Some nights I listen to this over and over. I love this song. 👑❤🌻

  61. Philip Harville

    this demo is great, and i could totally see this on the UV tracklist. i'd kill to hear what the final production would've sounded like.

  62. Gabrielle Bergamini


    Terry Harbor

    my fav line from this song. now you know!

    Gabrielle Bergamini


    Terry Harbor

    @Gabrielle Bergamini beijo :*

    Gabrielle Bergamini

    @Terry Harbor bora ficar high by the beach bby

    Terry Harbor

    Gabrielle Bergamini bora😳

  63. Veronica James

    99.9% sure she says “bed of down” (as in down feathers) not “pillow town”

    Terry Harbor

    maybe! i obviously didn't write those lyrics in the description box myself, just googled em up and put it here just in case anyone who's listening to the song wants to read them as well- that being said, some words may not be 100% correct!

  64. joe a

    oh this could _totally_ be an answer song to You’re Lost Little Girl by The Doors. this should’ve been on Ultraviolence for sure!

  65. Mii01

    Sounds like Keane in old days, like "Wolf at the door". Loved it! ❤

  66. Mariane Felix

    Guy's imagine this song in the ultraviolence..... Awesome

  67. Mariane Felix

    This one is incredible I can't explain

  68. Delia Maria

    THANK YOU FOR THIS! I really love it.

  69. Christina Sewell

    This song is so damn alluring!

  70. davidsirmons

    I wish she was my girl too. <3 For her it'd likely be a new experience having a good man in her life.

  71. nicole haining

    This song goes hard ✨

  72. BambiDoll

    Soooooo Guns N’ Roses can stay but your girl can’t hmmmmm interesting

    Terry Harbor

    BambiDoll guns and Roses is better than this. There’s a reason why one is released and the other one is not

  73. Am.el. ia

    At 2:41 I always imagine helicopters flying overhead during the climax of a great movie with this song playing in the background

  74. Palmtree X

    2:24 FUCK

  75. bby bunnyyy

    She really has a thing for blue nail polish... after listening once, I'm obsessed 💗💎🌸 this song is everything

  76. lucette5

    This should replace Guns and Roses on the album honestly

    Terry Harbor

    lucette5 guns and Roses is much better than those songs y’all hype such as fmwuttt or mpg

  77. Alex King

    Did Dan Auerbach produce this ? some of the guitar sounds like Emile Haynie...

    vegbrat Baby

    Alex King Rick nowels

  78. Alice Codognesi

    Wow if this song was on the album it probably would be my favourite... The beginning reminds me of "I want you/she's so heavy" by the beatles and the ending vocals almost give me an arabian vibe..

  79. alexdelarge195

    This is SO sexy

  80. Federico Ercole

    😢 wonderful song💔 i think yet now Elizabeth is the best singer of sad indie pop that i like very much

  81. Mikołaj Solik

    So much better than Guns and Roses or the Other Woman

  82. Maya Rose

    I can't stop listening to this fr. I can't stop

  83. E MM


    Terry Harbor

    E MM yes omg I love that part so much

  84. Ana

    he just doesn’t like me back.

    Terry Harbor

    Ana i know that feeling so well but we somehow have to arrange to make a way out.


    thank you!!! i was so sad when i wrote that i barely remembered. i’m trying, it’s been some years now.

    Terry Harbor

    Ana I can totally relate :/ it sucks.

    Li Sa

    im in a situation. happiness is qhen two ppl want each other at the same time. i wish i would have that.

    Li Sa

    in the same* when* sry:))

  85. Grace W

    makes me wanna kill myself damn

  86. CRY BABY 火ュク

    U L T R A V I O L E N C E feelings

  87. Terry Harbor


  88. Under Taker

    Beautiful 😍 Lana's songs are always amazing like her.🚬❤

  89. nacho muntadas

    Why the fuck this song wasnt in ultraviolence wtf??????¡??

  90. Isaiah Silva

    Born to Die guitar vibes but the rest is Ultraviolence for sure

  91. Michael Greenwaldt

    Huge bummer this didn't make the album. It's amazing. One of her best unreleased tracks. Wish she'd release it eventually.

  92. Pumpkin Guts

    Finally the full good version. I've been waiting for this version for 2 years lol 😅

    Terry Harbor

    Pumpkin Guts yeahhhh

  93. mary!

    i cant believe those 34 people that disliked all smoke crack! so tragic

    Terry Harbor

    mary! they just lack taste - which is unfortunate. however, crack is nice as fuck

  94. Maria Clara

    This is so ultraviolence omg, i wish that this was in the record

  95. DIYyourWorld

    Sucks how the made you take down on our way

  96. A B

    Thanks for letting me know your availability.

  97. Andrea

    ok why is there so much guns and roses slander in these comments

    Corey Newbigging

    They keep saying this would have been better on the album but I say the 2 of them should have been on it.