Lana Del Rey - Some Things Last A Long Time Lyrics

Your picture is still on my wall, on my wall
The colors are bright, bright as ever

Red is strong, but blue is true
Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

Your picture is still on my wall, on my wall
I think about you often, often

I can’t forget all the things we did
Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

It’s funny, but it’s true
And it’s true, but it’s not funny

Time comes and goes
All the while I still think about you
Some things last a long time

Your picture is still on my wall, on my wall
The colors are bright, bright as ever

Things that we did are we forget
Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

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Lana Del Rey Some Things Last A Long Time Comments
  1. megan

    Was this released or leaked?

  2. Paul Rodriguez

    I came here after watching the short DJ short film. I balled like a baby watching it. Lol. And i don't cry to anything. So it makes it that much more special. R.I.P. Dan, and good job Lana!

  3. Dalton Dunbar

    december 17th, the love of my life is moving away permanently. im going to miss you aurora... true love finds you in the end...

  4. Richard Montenegro

    This song is very very deep and sad

  5. carbon waste

    i still think about you

  6. Brick Beefcake

    But nothing lasts forever.

  7. Federico Genovale

    nothing like DANIEL

  8. Isabelle Lacerda

    Love it so much, damn this version should be on spotify =(

  9. sebastian valenzuela

    Terrible cover, she changed all the fucking Sense of the song. More respect for Daniel p l e a s e

  10. Last Bohemian

    Daniel is so much better in the Refrain ... Lana is Mainstream ... Daniel was outta this world...

  11. Nothin Chillin Killin


  12. Justin Stone

    Loved this song since I was 12 y/o when I heard my older cousin listening to it. Just now found this Lana cover. Tears in my eyes, feeling joy an pain at the same time. Always think of my brother that took his own life. And smile ❤❤

  13. X G

    moonlight miles

  14. Benji Gault

    This is beautiful, thanks Daniel.

  15. Kalyan Ram

    Such a haunting cover.. so melancholic. I cannot imagine any other artist covering this phenomenal song... love you Lana!!

  16. budhenry221

    Some say the most beautiful song ever written.

  17. stage hand
    This is the Daniel Johnston short film i first heard her sing this tune. Haunted, ethereal, beautiful.....

  18. HejSofia

    This is beautiful 😪 love Daniel and Lana.

  19. michael westerberg

    Beautiful cover. R.I.P. Daniel :(

  20. William Cole

    ...but not forever

    RIP Daniel <3

  21. Southside Bookworm

    Great cover. RIP Daniel gone much too soon.

  22. Luisanjel Angulo

    Rip daniel Johnston

  23. october72393

    You are loved by humans you never knew

  24. WhiteCamry

    RIP Daniel Johnston.

    Southside Bookworm

    @Ronnie Felix I was really shocked at first thinking 58 was much too young to die. But then I realised sadly with bipolar and schizophrenia it's actuallynot an unusual lifespan at all.

  25. Gehenna Dogs

    :-( rip Daniel Johnston

  26. Jezz L

    I listened to a lot of music today but this is the only song that matters

  27. Dan J

    Sucka de cock
    Is a disgrace
    For even attempting this
    It was only to diversify her audience
    She’s still a duck faced slut

    Her red is strong
    Her conch is ewww

  28. tater thot

    nice song i wanna die 😍

  29. Alex DeLarge

    I love lana wow can’t believe other artists like beach house have covered her song


    Alex DeLarge not her song was originally by Daniel Johnston


    there are better covers out there than this.

    Guillermo GZB

    sunshaped it’s still a very good cover

  30. Integralismo Brasileiro

    I'm not familiar with Lana del Rey's works, but kudos for keeping the legacy of Daniel Johnston.

  31. ashtonal_ lampoon


  32. Riley Olson

    I love Lana and I love love love Daniel Johnston. But for some reason this cover was a major turn off for me.


    Im a big Daniel Johnston fan and have never listened to lana del rey but i really like this

    Riley Olson

    thomas wow! You've actually never heard Lana??? That's crazy, she's got some bigs hit you might know of if played for you. I really appreciate her and the experience of her music, but same goes for Johnston-- and I can't help but feel that this song isnt hers to cover. I know music can relate to anyone, and that's the beauty of music, but I don't like that someone of her status is singing such s raw, emotionally entrenched song. It feels almost like capitalism to me, and I'm not about it. I've been jamming to her cover of "Doing Time" by Sublime, i love it!! But this one? Nah, I only wanna hear Daniel sing this tbh.

    Guillermo GZB

    I remember when it was released I didn’t really like, but I came across it like a year later and I absolutely loved it

  33. ivan medina

    now that i fully understand the lyrics this makes me cry everytime, the relationship didnt last, but the picture of her has lasted a long time

    Will Bobson

    Thank Daniel man

  34. Maghfira Rahmadewi

    Accidentally discovered this song just after watching Brokeback Mountain. The lyrics really hit me right in the feels :(

  35. Соник :з

    Алёна, АЛЬОНА!

  36. Lisa Lee

    I like the Beach House version way more!

  37. Clue less

    Everytime i listen to this that brokeback mountain's last scene hits me hard ...

  38. Bad habit

    Lana del rey is my religion, and no one can change my mind

  39. Ana

    always makes me so emotional.

  40. Chris From Tha Block

    Cover makes sense

  41. Señor Thompson

    [ I love you Danny...]

  42. chiefkeefsossa

    daniel johnston

  43. La Bizarra Romina

    Algunas cosas duran mucho tiempo...

  44. Italo Garrido

    Your picture
Is still
On my wall
On my wall

The colors
Are bright
As ever

The red is strong
The blue is pure
Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

Your picture
Is still
On my wall
On my wall

I think
About you

I won't forget
All the things we did
Some things last a long time
Some things last a long time

    It's funny
But it's true
And it's true
But it's not funny

Time comes and goes
But all the while
I still think of you
Some things last a long time

Your picture
Is still
On my wall
On my wall

The colors
Are bright
As ever

The things we did
I can't forget
Some things last a lifetime
Some things last a lifetime
Some things last a lifetime
Some things last a lifetime

  45. Ro Bae

    i wrote a song for lana, check it out on my channel

  46. cheepasskid

    God the little change in the way she sings some things laaaaast a. Long time. Gets me every time and to me captured what Daniel Johnston was capturing first. Beautiful stuff. One word

  47. Larí B.

    This song brings me a Life is Strange feeling 😢💔🦋

  48. Amanda Willis

    Found this totally on accident...I adore Lana. And of course the original is great. But if you want to hear another amazing version of this song, check out the one by Beach House. A-ma-zing

  49. Tony Soto

    I feel a connection @1:48 “I think of you often” to Lana’s cover of Chelsea Hotel no.2 “I don’t even think of you that often”. Maybe it’s a bit far fetched but I’d like to believe it.

  50. Daniel Mortera

    this is shit

  51. Clementine Sky

    Some things last a long time

  52. Jazmín Bonilla

    lovely, but Beach House version is sublime

  53. Fernanda Damerci

    Mi reina😍


    She ruined the song

  55. Trey Earnhardt

    I hate Lana but this is pretty good.

  56. Leonardo Silva

    Essa música acaba comigo

  57. NevidljivoPismo

    Original is my favorite but this is a very sweet cover I love it, thank you lana

  58. Jessica Cruz

    Fun fact when Daniel was first told of this cover he wasn't even interested in listening to it.

  59. Mauro Romero

    shit pure

  60. Lau Neymoon

    I love this song so much its makes me cry

  61. scarypotter777

    such a shitty cover wtf

  62. Antoniceys

    Tomorrow Never Came reminds me of this!!!!

  63. Thistle Candytufts

    the most odiously terrible desecration of a song ever wrought
    anyone who covers Daniel Johnston does not understand what made the original great

  64. Luna Arwen

    Oh, but now I remember that I've listened to this already:)

  65. Luna Arwen

    That moment when you realize you will never know all of Lana's songs because new unreleased songs seem to appear constantly.:)♥

  66. William Cole

    Someone help. I need more songs like this. I've been listening to this on repeat for days now! (P.s. I'm already familiar with all of Daniel Johnston's stuff and all of Lana Del Rey's stuff)

    Todd Bross

    I know some tunes that you may like:
    The ballad of day by day - Clement Snide.
    Promise - Ben Howard.
    Tuesdays - Jaye Bartell.

    William Cole

    Awesome, thank you ser!


    William Cole I have most of lana Del rey's unreleased songs on a playlist on my account and also have her albums ( just the instrumentals )

    cezar caruntu

    William Cole Try some Perishers, I think you'll like them :)

  67. William Cole


  68. Kaylee Arletta

    she really did nail this cover


    >3 chords
    >too much reverb
    >0 emotion
    >made daniel want to kill himself

    "Yeah guys! Awesome cover, I love Lana! So talented!"

    Dexter Pullyblank

    Neil D Did he actually want to kill himself after it was put out?


    Neil lmao hardly her fault if it made him want to kill himself

    Kalyan Ram

    @Neil excuse me. She nailed this cover. I would love to see your amazing beautiful cover here sweetie :)

    Rat bitch

    Kalyan Ram the idea of “you couldn’t do better” is completely childish and makes no sense at all. If we didn’t critique the things that people claim to specialize in, there’d be no quality control. People love to criticize world leaders but could never run a nation if they were put in the situation. I’m not saying that Lana is not talented, she’s absolutely nothing if not talented, but this song in particular just feels like a bastardization of the original.

  69. DeadBunny69

    One day when we meet I will tell you how much I love your cover of this song.

  70. germx x

    Her vibrato is beautiful

  71. Br Mac

    Just when I think she can't get more cool, she goes and covers Daniel Johnston...

  72. Aaron Drees


  73. Animal finatic

    I love you

  74. jCRS

    daniel jhonston covrr

    Rudy Simmons

    he actually threaten to kill himself off this cover and it sent him into bad mental health because her felt it was commercialized and insincere


    But since he is severely mentally ill, suicide is a usual part of the package and can be triggered by anything because the view on reality is skewed. Mental illness is the scariest thing that can befall a person.


    Music is a product and must be bought. So for every cover, there is a price paid and has nothing to do with the writer of the music but the legalities involved and copyright limits etc.

    Joe King

    this whole songs screams mental illness. This poor bloke was obsessed with a girl called Laura or Laurie and he was singing about her picture a decade later. If you listen to it from her POV then its a really creepy song.

    nathan smith

    +Mark Humphrey she forgave him.ease up

  75. Samuel Blues

    Love this!

    I record Grunge-Blues-Psychedelia in my room, on a little 4-track.
    Have a listen on my channel :)

  76. Jame Mendenhall

    Not a bad cover but I don't want this bringing tons of fake fans to Daniel Johnston. hes such a good artist

    Sang-Shao Tbone

    James Mendenhall I would have never listened to Daniel without Built To Spill's influence. I came to the party later than some, but holy shit I get it and love him.

    joshua church

    Carli Ihde Well said.


    Yann C go back 2 tumblr fake fan


    Carli Ihde big respect

    Guillermo GZB

    Bringing attention to his work isn’t a bad thing

  77. Jacob Bryant


  78. Mattheudamus Boneparte

    Sorry for some reason I got her mixed up with Carly Rae Jepsen. Forgive me. Lana Del Rey isn't bad😁


    Mattheudamus Boneparte Carly's new was good breh

  79. Eva Rosseto

    personificação de Deus na terra.

  80. Damla

    love love love

  81. Fdc Cruz

    i can't more :'(

  82. Themidwifecrisis

    Damn good cover

  83. Sin nis

    Ayy, como hay gente que puede arruinar tanto una canción solo por cantarla

  84. Animal finatic

    This cover and song is so beautiful. It's simplicity and lyrics really get to me, especially the one lyric where it says "I still think about you." It's personal, but I guess thats what makes the song so emotional. Amazing, I love you Lana and thank you to whoever wrote the song.

    blake bartee

    daniel johnston.. his version is better

    Ronnie Felix

    +blake bartee subjective... lanas voice is a million times better

    blake bartee

    @Ronnie Felix true but I think that the artistry and beauty of the song and lyrics are in his voice not hers.


    Ronnie Felix wrong

    A. Vestige

    Daniel Johnston wrote the song. He died at 58 on 9/11/2019. He was a unique & intensely honest songwriter & performer. Lana Del Ray does an exquisite version of his song (not saying better, but beautiful all the same). All the better that more people hear his work. 🎶

  85. Kaufman

    I like how this features in the new film about Daniel Johnson... he obviously sanctioned this version and probably hand-picked her to cover it...?

  86. Barrie-J O' Neill Fan Page

    In case you didn't know Barrie-James O'Neill produced this and also is playing the quitar.


    lol how sad is this


    Do you even know what produce even mean? Not wrote the song. HE produced this version


    Man On The Moon are you really that stupid... they’re obviously talking about lana’s version not daniel’s version 🙄


    Man On The Moon
    Daniel didn’t even produce HIS version of the song, it was done by Jad Fair from Half Japanese.

    Christi Whittington

    Barrie-J O' Neill Fan Pag

  87. lio free

    I just had my little dog stolen..this song reminds me of it.. (Just crying) love you Lana!

  88. Chris

    brilliant [email protected] johnston

  89. Ronnie Felix

    Blue is true

  90. Jeffrey Munoz

    This song is my 21'st birthday night song

  91. widM

    Fuck me! she's so beautiful.

  92. Dylan Kurzawa

    She and Beach House have the best versions.


    listen to the version by Fuxa and Britta Phillips.

  93. cristian castillo

    I can't find this song on I tunes help someone !! Please

  94. Josimar

    Voz fantástica!

  95. Rafael Albuquerque

    It sucks that some people can't simply appreciate the work and start with this how does it better bullshit, I am not a Daniel Johnston fan, I have known this song for awhile through other artists like Beach House, that also covered this song. I am a Lana Del Rey fan and I am grateful to hear this song that I like, with her voice that I love, thank you Daniel and thank you Lana.

  96. zoe rae


  97. ansya sutan



    i love you Lana are my QUEEN

  99. giard-leclerc hugo

    Wow! a mix of my two favorites artists... I couldn't imagine that such a thing could happen. I prefer Dan's version but I would enjoy if she cover more daniel's song :D