Lana Del Rey - Life Is Beautiful Lyrics

Don't be that way
Don't you pretend
You're not awake
Your soul's on fire
I don't believe
This is the end

Come on, boy let's go
We can hit the road
We don't have to say
Where we're going
We can go anywhere
We can go anywhere
Right now
Life is still so beautiful

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Lana Del Rey Life Is Beautiful Comments
  1. Syakirinno 24


  2. Ale Lorus

    2020 - Who is still waiting for this song?

  3. __lovey0u

    Almost 2020 and still waiting for the song:’(

  4. Aria Argent

    Still waiting 😖

  5. Ahmad Zoabi

    U leaked almost all her songs
    But u died at this!

  6. xxSvetlanaxx

    It's going to be 2020 soon and we still don't have a chance to entirely listening to this beautiful song

    Oscar Wilson

    xxSvetlanaxx it’s still so sad that we won’t ever hear the full version :(

  7. Gino7lord

    So entire EPs and albums can be leaked but not this?

  8. Phil G

    Free Life Is Beautiful 2020

  9. Meg

    It's been almost 5 years and I still have hope to hear this entire song.
    I guess hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it

  10. lau horace

    Who is still waiting for the song in 2019?

  11. Marcelo Nitor

    It's 2019 and still waiting for the song.

  12. zeti akhtar mokhtarudin

    where is the full track ?

  13. Maya Shelton

    2019 gimme the song

  14. The Ackee Plant

    In some alternate timeline this song released with this movie in 2015 and the past 4 years would’ve been so much better

  15. Alain B*

    Still waiting for this song🥺 @lanadelrey

  16. Gerard Martí

    please someone start a hashtag on Twitter to let Lana know how much we want this song

  17. JosGarcia09

    It's 2019... im still waiting for this beautiful song

  18. Briana Llanas

    I keep having a recurring dream with this song in the background. It haunts me in the most beautiful of ways.

  19. Jess Velarde

    2019 and still waiting for this song to come out

  20. Toshi

    2019 and I still need this song

  21. Júlia Barroso

    who's still waiting for this song in 2019?

  22. Abdullah Ghaznawi

    leak the song

  23. hyan del rey

    it's 2019 and still waiting for the song

  24. GabMik Go

    2019.. please finish this beautiful song.

  25. Carolina Gonzalez

    2019 still waiting 😭

  26. John Grec Archibald

    1.9m views.....because we are still waiting for this soundtrack to be dropped. Common Lionsgate, RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!!!

  27. ks ks

    It’s been 4 years and I still want the full song 😪💜

  28. Sam Worth

    i only went to see this shit movie because of this song and it wasn't even on it.

  29. The Ackee Plant

    I’m still holding out hope that someday this song sees the light of day. Most Lana songs leak and I pray to God this one does someday too. :(

  30. veronica munoz

    It’s 2019 and I’m still here waiting for this song 😭😭

  31. Lucas Frey

    it's 2019 and still hasn't been released

  32. Jesse Blevins

    2019 and I’m still dying for this song!

  33. Esteban Garcia

    She never dropped the song 😞

  34. aldo joshua

    2019. Still waiting the full song

  35. Kscape

    What the fuck, why isn't this song released???

  36. Darragh McHugh

    Some day we will get the full version 😰🦋♥️

  37. Harrison Neoh

    I wish this song would be released on her "The Best Of" someday. This has gotta be the most logical solution.


    Why do I feel like lions gate will release this after lanas death

  38. KIM Jinzinho

    It’s 2019 and still waiting for the song

  39. Suliman Mohammed.

    It's 2019 and I'm still waiting !!

  40. Fede

    2019 and still waiting for the whole song :(

  41. Akesia Xavier

    Still waiting..........

  42. miss-oli

    I will pay BIG $$$$ to have this song release. Please feed us

  43. Brian Bustamante

    It's 2019 and still waiting for this song

  44. WenoW

    I'm still waiting...

  45. Nico Vampire

    I need the song pls

  46. koko kokoo

    2019... Nothing... 😭

  47. MrWalaosienz

    2019...... Still waiting......

  48. queefz

    Where is the album we need the damn album !

  49. Sebastian Alvarez

    And I will always wait...

  50. Lucas Bueno

    2019 and we still don't have the full version of the song

    Sam Ahmad

    Badly want the full version 😥

  51. bravenewboi

    2019 and still surprised that the Queen of leaks hasn't had this leaked yet...

  52. Andrew Martinez

    One of the most mesmerizing snippets we’ve heard! Life is beautiful will always be in my head 😭

  53. Bill Lee

    this song doesnt exist at all

  54. honey splash

    still waitin..

  55. Nico Vampire

    Give me the fxcking song

  56. Lana Del Rey Official

    "Life is beautiful" very Soon!xx

  57. avatarn3

    2019 and this 1:04 still remains a masterpiece

  58. Kingofhell

    its 2019 and i still have hope. Lana, we need the full version

  59. Jordan


  60. genesis munoz

    release this song already dammit

  61. dreamxpain

    it’s been almost 4 years and i’m still waiting for the song to be released

  62. Kuo Castro

    useless manager....

  63. Sa Si

    It's 2019 and STILL THE SONG IS NOT OUT YET😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏!!!!

  64. mawoj93

    Four years passed and it never even leaked :(

  65. Ricky g

    I’m still waiting for the song


    i will never get over this song. lionsgate you messed up.

  67. Abelardo Neto

    Lionsgate, Lana Del Rey, someone, please, release that song!! Is that asking for something impossible? I mean, seriously. There are many people here who feel orphan of that song. We were fooled. It was expected that this song would be in Honeymoon, and it was not. So please, end what you guys started. Release the song as a single. Nobody cares if it doesn't fit any new album concept or anything. Just. Release. It. Please.

  68. sakura Genryusai

    It's 2019, it is a sunny day....
    ....and I'm still waiting for the realease of this song....ahh

  69. Nickolas Birner

    Im still buggin over this song!!!!!!!

  70. k n

    so it’s been 4 years…

  71. Adriano Ganem


  72. balegdah

    please release it oh my goddd

  73. Kenneth Wong

    I need this song for my 2019.

  74. Luciano Arantes

    olá gente preciso que todos os admiradores do trabalho da Lana Del Rey se unem e vão no twitter pedir a mesma de tentar vazar ou lançar a música LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL que foi usado no trailer do filme The Age of Adaline já vai fazer 4 anos e nada da música completa ser lançada nem mesmo pelo estúdio do filme vamos subir o #LifeIsBeautifulLanaDelRey no twitter e peço que vocês assinem este abaixo-assinado

  75. Fausto Beleño M

    una de las mejores películas y mejores soundtrack por siempre

  76. Rachel McCallum

    Still no song :'(

  77. Griffin B


  78. Eduardo Marcial

    2019 and still hoping that Lana releases this song :(

  79. Mrimon Guha

    it's 2019 and someone please release this song!!!!

  80. trashbagdottv

    sisters lets fight lionsgate to release the song

  81. mateusz665e

    It’s the biggest shame we never ever got this song... and the producents of the movie did a terrible move by not putting the song in movie. Shit happens daily. Always cry when I hear the fragment of the song. I hoe some day it just leaks to the internet omg

  82. A Random Ambipom

    Release the song bitch 😡😡

  83. Edny Cuate

    It’s been 4 years and this song still hasn’t come out..

  84. EsSimou

    I've this song on my phone. It's not life is beautiful

  85. Angelo Coryez

    Why Lana, please release this fucking amazing song

  86. Silenton

    true homophobia is it being four years later and the full song hasn’t dropped 💀

  87. Nhật Tân Nguyễn

    2019, still no song

  88. Nick E.

    Not a day goes by where I don't think about this song. This song has been the best and the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

  89. Lazuli

    I need this song 😭

  90. Lucas Santos

    I’m still waiting. :(

  91. Alan Fama

    Alguien sabe porque lana nunca pudo sacar la canción?

  92. Boy Blue

    Where is the song 😭

  93. Momo Del Rey

    its 2019 and i still can‘t sleep at night cause i don‘t have that song. it makes me cry all night. we need it. pls. we‘d pay so much the whole fandom could get so much money for that song. we fucking need it. the fact that i don‘t have it keeps me awake at night. I FUCKING NEED THAT SONG.

  94. BJ Saringan

    Hope is a dangerous thing for us fans to have for this song. But we still have it.

  95. hlxn xx

    Lionsgate leak the fucking song already

  96. vickvic

    The world ends and i still waiting for the full song

  97. Fernando Gonzalez

    It’s 2019 and where the hell is this song?!?

  98. Angel Montanez

    This song better be on Norman Fucking Rockwell. I need this song.

  99. Marcílio Camelo

    2019 and still waiting for the release/leak. It clearly has been recorded fully, it's not just a part for movie teaser.