Lana Del Rey - Jimmy Gnecco Lyrics

I said Hey, Jimmy Gnecco
I like the way your name echo
You are so fine
I said Hey, Jimmy Gnecco
Do you wanna help me let go of my dark mind?

If you want it it's yours
Its free, but of course
You're my sunshine
I said J, you're the boss
Without you I'm lost
You're my sunshine

I said Hey, Jimmy Gnecco
You are on another level
You are so fine
I said Hey, Jimmy, let's go
I've been in love since I met you, you are all mine

If you want it its yours
Its free, but of course
Pick a highlight
I said J, you're the boss
Without you I'm lost
You're my sunshine

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy
Take me to the park
Buy me a hot dog
Kiss me in the dark

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy
Take me to the park
Buy me cotton candy
Kiss me in the dark

I said Hey, Jimmy Gnecco
Hey, I like your heavy metal
Do you like mine?
I said Hey, Jimmy Gnecco
You were smashin' from the get-go
This is your time

If you want it its yours
Its free, but of course
Pick a highlight
I said J, you're the boss
Without you I'm lost
You're my sunshine

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy
Take me to the park
Buy me cotton candy
Kiss me in the dark

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy
Take me to the park
Buy me something pretty
Kiss me in the dark

Jimmy Gnecco
Jimmy Gnecco
Jimmy Gnecco, you are so fine

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Lana Del Rey Jimmy Gnecco Comments
  1. subwaysurfer

    It’s COCAINE Not cotton candy

  2. backkfire


  3. adriana dreaaamer

    musical genuis so under appreciated

  4. Julie bathory

    Jimmy gnecco brought me here 😂

  5. Torv anna123

    I thought there was forever to them

  6. lyra

    i made a cover, you can listen if you want to✊🏻😍

  7. hannah past

    I opened for his band once without realizing he had a thing with lana and I’m SOOO disappointed I didn’t know then, it would have changed the whole experience :(

  8. Pafos TV

    Kinda ss u.

  9. NeoTheOne

    How the fuck have I never heard this song?!

    They clearly aren’t together and aren’t soul mates because where did he go.

  10. kitch bitch

    Does anyone know when this was recorded?


    in 2007

  11. laura sixx


  12. melmo

    1:50 you were sorta punk rock, i grew up on hip hop

  13. insulin babe

    I miss too much when we were like just a thousand and few of people who knew about this, tho its great that Lana is more known now, but i miss when no one know her just for the summertime remix, but for her secret soul like in this song..

  14. Manon Cools

    this guitar riff makes me think of another song, not from lana but I can't remember how it's called.. someone ?

  15. Neko Missy

    Sorry but I hear Jimmy Neko 😹. Meow.

    Deutsches Mädel II

    Neko Missy that’s how it’s pronounced basically

  16. Honey gangster

    Guys please stop taking all her lyrics so serious. Every artist uses fantasy to make the lyrics more interesting. He's not the jim lana talks about in UV. UV is about her alcohol abuse as a teenager.

    April Marie

    Honey gangster no jimmy gnecco is the lead singer in “Ours”, they toured together

  17. Sweet Potato Elephant

    What an awesome song OMG

  18. Gisele Ayora

    I made a cover for this song xo check it out

  19. Gabrielle Bergamini

    I like your heavy metal, do you like mine?

  20. Gabrielle Bergamini

    rare good shit

  21. Mia Waddell

    this song is more famous than him hahahahahah

    Second Life Around

    Which is a shame because he's very talented.

  22. Bubble Gum

    OMGGGG😱😱😱😱 I FINALLY GET TO KNOW "JIMS" FULL NAAMEEE OMG I HAVE NO WORDS😱😱 dudeee this is the guy she talks about in lots of her songs like ultraviolence,raise me up,etc. omg....I got some more stalking to do😂😱

    April Marie

    Bubble Gum haha the guy you’re looking for is the lead singer of “Ours” look them up he’s amazing

  23. Stela M

    1 lana lover was a heavy metal singer (a famous one) as she said so in many songs (and also in this song by the way "Hey, I like your heavy metal")

    2 lana lover also is older and had many tattoos

    3 she makes a lot of references in this music that also are in future songs like "kiss me in te dark", " take me to the park,"you're the boss", "you're my sunshine"

    4 one of her first songs after this one is yayo and it's also about him (if you search online you can find a rare print of lizzy's facebook sending this song to jimmy gnecco) as almost all of them (as she said: I'm always singing about the damn same person, i'll love him forever) and she also told she had a 7 years relationship with a industry singer so PLZ

    MY POINT: yes, jimmy was kind her boyfriend but not really because he didn't loved her back the way she did so they had a troubled relationship and that's why she slept with other many men

    and alsooooo i guess they got back together because in lust for life album she says that her boyfriend it's back and there's no more night, blue skies forever (she mentioned blue before in almost all of her songs because that's Jim eyes color and also his favorite color) aaaaaaaaaaaaandddddddd "i was at coachella's laying on your shoulder???" SERIOUSLY??? he opened for her concert at coachella's and sang the song he made for her that says "if you think you were born to die and it makes you don't want to try, fall into my hands again" AGAINNNN??? SERIOUSLY???

    I could gon on and on and talk about this all night long but i think i proved my point lmao

    The Whisper

    Marie Eich yeah. they were using all the quotes

    Female Human

    @Venus McIntire she was in a relationship with an italian guy (at the time of Ultraviolence) which I don't remember his name but I think he's called "Riccardo" and the video of "Ultraviolence" was also shot by him

    Rana Hendy

    So he's the Jim from ultraviolence song? "Jim raised me up, he hit me but it felt like a kiss" 🌚🌚..

    Em 12344

    @Venus McIntire I thought the Jim in Ultraviolence was about the alcohol Jim Beam because she's an ex alcoholic. I could be wrong.

  24. Lucy

    I love this

  25. sophia K

    Ok I think the song is called Jimmy Gnecco bc Jimmy looks a lot like a guy named Jim that Lana mentions in songs. In the Blue Jeans mv the actor she uses to play the dude looks like Jimmy Gnecco and she said she used that actor a lot because he looks like the man she was writing about, who I think is the Jim she mentions in other songs.

  26. painedgray

    wasn't "kiss me in the dark" in Hey Lolita Hey, too?

    Ashley Parrington

    painedgray I think she actually does that a lot! I’ve definitely heard a few lines repeated in different songs.

  27. Dolce Luxe

    I wonder if Jimmy gnecco has actually ever stumbled across this song and wondered about it... on a side note he's so sexy...

    April Marie

    Dolce Luxe well they toured together so he’s definitely heard it lmao. He’s the lead singer in “Ours”

  28. Afro-Geek

    I am going crazy!!!! She makes me horny... I am still a virgin because no girl on earth matches her.

  29. Lily R

    I really don't hear 'cocaine' I hear cotton candy 😁 idk how people hear cocaine

    Nicole Green

    Same here..

    The Whisper

    You’ve probably either never done cocaine or you’ve never eaten cotton candy. Her songs are all about heartache, drugs, or sex. While cotton candy is a fluffy puff of sugar and air, without any richness or depth, cocaine is a dark, complicated, harmful substance. She even says in Mariners Apartment Complex, “the darkness, the deepness, all the things that make me who I am.”
    Sorry for going off, you seem very sweet, but as a die hard Lana stan I cannot sit by and let her art be overlooked (even by well meaning listeners) for a second 🖤🖤🖤

    alex uwu

    @The Whisper it literally says cotton candy lol not cocaine. Chill it's a song it doesn't matter whatsoever. Most artists like it when listeners interpret the meaning for themselves. Its not that deep lol

  30. Itje

    Jim Beam.

  31. Rea Scarisbrick

    I said hey jimmy nutron

    Sweet Potato Elephant

    "Hey Jimmy Neutron" hahahaha hats off to you that's hilarious

    snert !

    your comment has me cackling LMAOOO

    The Whisper

    father and son bonding time

    Torv anna123

    Rea Scarisbrick haha

    A J W

    "I said hey Jimmy Neutron, I like the way your name echos. You are so dium chloride."

  32. Isabella Martinez

    Omg lol

  33. Honesty Caballero

    this suck


    why are you here then


    so does your mum if you know what I mean ;)


    +MsUnicornbitch Oooh!!! Burn!!!

    Ghost xx

    Learn how to type berfore you roast.

  34. Claudio Ortiz

    Jimmy Gnecco is the lead singer of Ours. One of the most under the radar and under appreciated rock groups of our time. In my opinion he is the best male rock vocalist EVER! The only other male rocker to have as much vocal range as Jimmy is Freddie Mercury of Queen.


    so right

    terry b08lives

    Amen to that

    Fe Iron

    So right and Ours concerts are rad as hell.

  35. Claudio Ortiz

    Jimmy Gnecco is the lead

  36. Best music :)

    Lana-kill kill

  37. LanaSkyhouse

    A. Furlan

  38. Marina García

    I don't get why music industry's assholes don't make a goddamn album with all these beautiful songs. I'd definitely buy it!

    Ari Stoll

    Marina García Okay,I'm super late ik,but this song is listed in Lizzy's EP Album "No Kung Fu".

  39. Yanin Meow Meow

    So cute

  40. Nicole Green

    It's free, but of course, take a high ride. <3

  41. sad cucumber

    song where a man namde 'jim' is mentioned:
    jimmy gnecco
    hundred dollar bill
    motel 6
    I would love to know more about this jim she talks about a lot (yes i know they're different people and i know who jimmy gnecco is) I would like to find out more about their relationship; what happened, etc.  Feel free to share your info or a name of a song where jim is mentioned by replying to this post

    Savannah Kelly

    In ultraviolence, the Jim she's talking about is Jim Beam. She referencing her past battles with alcoholism.

    Savannah Kelly

    sad cucumber listen to Wayamaya and she talks about when she changed her name. Part of it was because she wanted an exotic feel. She either came up with it in Hawaii or Miami. But she officially became the persona of Lana in the U.K.


    Now there is a new song for her *How to disappear* she talk about Jim too


    He’s just a shitty artist she used to fuck is all.


    Anika Tommerup Tropico is about me, so his HBTB. I’ve literally been stalked by helicopters and attacked by demons since she sang to me.

  42. LunagirlMSP


  43. Linda Petrongelli



    Linda Petrongelli so true

    x vzz

    yea and it’s fucking with me life


    if only

  44. Fátima Vinay

    Live this

  45. Daniella M

    i can just imagine her recording this

  46. Nora Klein

    im 100% jimmy gnecco has heard it he tours with her nowadays and even wrote a song for lana

    J. Subs

    he opens for her. 

    A Nony Mouse

    What is the song he wrote for her? :D

    Nora Klein

    fall into my hands

    Liz B

    it's questionable whether it was initially written for her or was inspired by Born to Die and then later dedicated to her. at first he said it was for his fans. It seems like a smart opportunity for publicity to me, to later change that. well, that and he does genuinely appreciate her for taking him on that tour. he thought he was pretty much done with music but something ignited in him again! either way, another statement he's made was that not many - if any - of his songs are only about one thing.

  47. Ariana Roach


    Summer Rae

    Malvika kashyap no..

    Pennelope Vega

    How do u know it was him?

    Mariners Motel

    Jimmy gnecco was supporting Lana on her concerts. Lana wrote this song before she met him. There is a post on his tweeter that he explains that they didnt known each other this time and Lana sings about someone else


    He is dead and After his oun death lana write Thies Song dont lie thats so sad and you want only the likes shame

    A J W

    @Piguet Bitch what

  48. Ryan Boswell

    I hope they get back together. Now that he is on tour with her is would be the best time. I like him way my then her new boyfriend.

  49. Samir Mujkanovic

    lol. he opens up for lana in montreal.

  50. indiglo x

    I've found the guy she talks about in all her songs!

    Honey gangster

    jim jones salvatore is about Francesco lmfao.


    I thought it was jimmy, "All the lights are sparkling for you it seems
    On the downtown scenes, shady blue
    Beatboxing and rapping in the summer rain
    Like a boss, he sang Jazz and Blues"
    is "Francesco" a singer?

    Honey gangster

    jim jones maybe Francesco sang for lana? Or does she say that he song on a stage and is famous? No one can know tbh it's senseless to discuss about that but I don't think she's always singing about the same guy. She had many men in her life and she sings about all of then that's why there are always so many different descriptions of guys. Sometimes it's a daddy then it's a drug addict then a singer and sometimes a rockn roll star


    Ok, but you can't miss the very common themes and similarities in a lot of her songs, at least a good dozen of her songs are about the same person

    Kathy P

    lightweightx0 that’s k

  51. Lolita

    buy me cotton candy, kiss me in the dark <3

  52. Ceeceeleigh

    Is... this jimmy gnecco of rp nj?

    Steven Festa

    The one & only

  53. Dazza Hollywood

    Jimmy Gnecco and his band Ours , are so amazing , but unfortunately not on most peoples radar.

  54. Caitlin Lister

    i am in love with this song so much

  55. Emily Swan

    Love it

  56. Nat Dee

    Did they not really date?

  57. liv

    I can almost hear the smile in her voice

  58. Mario Cardona

    I'm jimmy gnecco yes it is i

  59. fuckinfrozen

    i wouldn't mind her writing a song about me haha

  60. Ale Gonzalez

    Is that the guy she will love till the end of time? They should make him an interview!!!

  61. A Nony Mouse

    haha, I hope Jimmy Gnecco hears this song.

    April Marie

    A Nony Mouse they toured together so he did lmao. He’s the singer in “Ours”

  62. Zenaida Medina

    This us just amazing I love it 3

  63. Raven Evans

    That's pretty cool!

  64. a luna

    haha yeah, my friend's dad is Jimmy Gnecco :o

  65. Raven Evans


  66. a luna

    I get weirded out when I hear this song cause she's talking about my friend's Dad...

    la abuelita asesina

    lol what could u elaborate on that?

  67. Monkeyx1313

    It is. He and Lana Del Rey actually dated at one point. I'm pretty sure I remember reading once that she actually has a whole album about him. This song being one of the songs that would be on it of course.

  68. Jessica Sullivan

    obsession is so unattractive.

  69. gsams22

    If you have ever seen him live, ohhh he is just to die for. An AMAZING artist, that man is. (:

  70. gsams22

    I only like this song because I like Jimmy Gnecco hahah

  71. handsomerube

    WTF?!?!? this is awful on so many levels...

  72. Jason Ketterer

    I really hope this is actually about Jimmy Gneco of Ours.

    Bubble Gum

    it is!!😊😊😊

  73. Luka Music

    You Love your Jimmy, great song