LaMontagne, Ray - Such A Simple Thing Lyrics

Tell me what you're feeling
I can take the pain
Tell me that you mean it
That you won't leave again

Tell me what your heart wants
Such a simple thing
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame

I can't make you see
If you don't by now
I'll get through these chains
Somehow, somehow

Take it if you want it
Im so tired I just don't care
Can't you see how much you hurt me?
It's like I wasn't there

Tell me what your heart wants
Such a simple thing
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame

I can't make you see
If you don't by now
I'll get through these chains
Somehow, somehow

Tell me what your heart wants
Such a simple thing
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame
My heart is like paper
Yours is like a flame

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LaMontagne, Ray Such A Simple Thing Comments
  1. cecilia vera

    Que linda canción
    Les agradezco que la compartan , desde hace meses desde que escuché por primera vez a este cantante , me convertí en una de sus fans. Gracias una vez mas por compartir

  2. Shannon Frisby

    My heart is like paper, yours like a flame

  3. D.Phillips Racing

    I just came arcoss your music in that show leftovers. Just maybe i can finally heal my soul. Thank you sir.

  4. litew8

    For me, this song is like a dialogue between two people.

  5. wa2k99

    As a guy whos dealt with so much rejection and cheating, this is touching each part of my broken heart

    Beggars And Thieves

    Don't let other people's bullshit bring you down brother. Keep being you. One love

  6. Jason Maurella

    The song could be renamed “in yo feels”

  7. Bill Cayemberg

    Saw Ray in Madison last year. People kept yelling and complaining he wasn't playing "Jolene." In the meantime he was playing this ......people need to listen more and talk less. Why do we expect our artists to never grow or change? Everything else does. Life is transitory.

  8. heather luckman

    Love it

  9. SheepMaySafelyGrazeHere.

    His voice makes you hurt.

  10. Kate Lavender

    reminds me of when i burn my paper wishes to the ether over the sink, such a simple thing, yes, but it can get quite smoldery

  11. Zola Cobain

    First time I've heard it , it was in Berlin , and I think it's that singer , he was singing in the street how ever since then I have fallen in love with Berlin ❤ just beside the Reichstag museum ( the parlement)

  12. Marie

    yes tell me --you don't care of if you love me..i can now take it

  13. Cara Celeste

    Hunnie u cant alway get what u want

  14. Nenad Popovic

    Played over and over - haunting. A voice to die for. How can anyone not give this song a massive thumbs up.

  15. One Alexandra

    ❤️ beautiful.

  16. Beverly Davis

    Whewff . Sad stuff right here but a beautiful melody

  17. Wendy Carter

    Love this!!♥️

  18. Richard Rowden

    I listen to this song in prison walking the yard in FUCKING TEARS MAN!!!!!.... I love that woman.....she gone now.

  19. Alaa Elbarghathi

    Am just into you somehow..

  20. Sally Swanes

    My fav it

  21. Gary Barnes

    Such a soul searching sound, I love it, Ray your the best. keep giving us great music

  22. bobby peru

    "I saw her today at the reception..."


    yes lol

  23. Shyamal Das

    I think I am going mad

  24. heather luckman


  25. Sailing SV Nightingail

    157th ready fir 158

  26. Eric Stanek

    Jackie, I just dreamt of you and I walking hand in hand . I was looking into your eyes and thinking to myself how beautiful you are . You out shine everyone in a room with your smile. Being without out you is like living in dark room with the blinds forever closed not allowing one Ray of light through from the sun. I miss you do much

  27. Archana Mohan

    I sang this a capella to my love. I was in so much pain. But I turned to love myself. Now I'm walking away

  28. Roger Snow

    Melds into your Soul , touches deeper than at first you may know , for all of us , have had a relationship that failed

  29. tom headley

    I think I come to this song when I'm already broken. When I need to let loose and just cry or in some way release the burden of emotions I'm carrying around. It works almost every time. Such a powerful song.

  30. Eric Stanek

    I miss you so much Jackie! I'm so sorry for throwing it all away. I want my family back! I love you both so much! I promise I'll never leave again.

    Eda Oquendo


    Sending you prayers...

  31. Carrie Lynn

    Love it, he took the words right out of my mouth😭

  32. Mike Scully

    Anyone else come back to this song after a year and feel just as shattered hearing it again?


    tears, every.damn.time

    Richard Rowden

    Wow my friend everytime 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    Leah D.

    Mike Scully yessssss!


    Amen buddy

    Kym Zaja


  33. Herb of Grace Genetics

    this guys voice, none other like it, he sings these folk ballads like no other.. 10+

  34. Ceiça Lima

    Incrívelmente lindo super apaixonante!!! 💓🎶🎶🎶

  35. John Wooley

    Anyone else hear wild horses

    Michael Haskins

    Reminds me of the Sundays version of Wild Horses.

  36. David Greene


  37. Lisa Caldwell

    This never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

  38. Mimi Bordeleau

    Simply beautiful 💕💕💕

  39. Donna Jones

    Beautiful and so true

  40. dominique gouveia chamorro chicale

    Linda canção, toca o ♥️

  41. Kim Wing

    but this song......................

  42. Kali Kibbe

    This song saddens me and makes me feel like we will never be together.

  43. Garry Anderson

    beautiful song ...

  44. Lynn Claessen

    This song is so beautiful and pure.... It's perfect

  45. Monica Henson-Perrin

    Thank you!

  46. s Das

    Sometimes I feel like m a fucking asshole that I still waiting for her...but it's quite a unique feeling burning inside yourself

  47. Patrick Maguire

    awesome song...enough said.

  48. Alan McDougall

    Name me a better voice or more sincere song. Ray is just unique - in any shape or form. Brilliant

  49. Josiane Raedemaeker

    Heerlijk, dit, en zovele andere kende ik van haar noch pluim.
    Dit is pas RAAK
    Liefs van Josiane

  50. Linda Martin


  51. Martin Cody

    Wow just heard this song on Lethal Weapon ( the series ) in the background... sought it out and safe to say I look forward to finding more of his songs .. beautiful words and quite haunting

  52. Paul Provencher

    This song makes me cry...

  53. Kevin Moore

    Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.....Tell me what your heart wants !!!

  54. angelsong119

    This is one of the most beautiful, painful, truthful songs I have ever heard.

  55. Maria Ferrer Roselló

    I would like to show you my cover 😊

  56. lily rose

    You sing as cat Steven, alias yusuf islam. Splendid ! A relaxation for mind and bring Joy to the heart.

  57. bubba luv

    it sounds familiar without being dull or derivative, like every good song you heard distilled rethought

  58. Anna Appleby

    Those dam chains!

  59. Lori Greene

    How is this not playing on every radio station in the country when other garbage is? I'm a huge fan of Ray's and this is one of his best hands down. The 3 million + views attests to that.

  60. adrian

    how is this guy not so so so much more famous? fucking astounding

  61. Carolina R.

    This song is so beautiful and precious. True artist and true talent 💗🌱🌿🍃🌱🌿🍃🌱🌿🍃🍂🍂🍂🍂🍁🌳🍀☘️🌳🌳🌱🌿🍃🍃🌻

  62. Greg Francis


  63. Robert Cotter

    Well I saw her today at the reception... A glass of wine in her hand...

    Thomas Cogdill

    Def a sample...still good tho

  64. jonathan migel

    Man, I like all kinds of music but I could listen to this song on repeat and not be sad about it at all! So relaxing, so smooth, so good.

  65. thelonelybois

    Heartbreak is one of the the ugliest things I have ever encountered and I often contemplate suicide to ease the pain

  66. savioba1

    I don't know i got here but i don't want to leave now!

  67. jonzbeach

    i know he's kinda of a surly ahole, but fucking A he can write amazing music


    It seems far fetched, try to believe me. People do crazy things when they are enveloped in rose-colored affection. I truly was searching for you. The modern age has its drawbacks. Everyone has a fraction of the time, 24-hour accessibility and dwindling conversational skills. Then you walked in with your guitar and three cornered smile, I never stood a chance. A poet's soul, an adonis's body and the wit of Socrates. I am speechless some days simply because I stand in awe of your brilliance.

  69. Ivan Schmidt-hansen

    Nice and cool song

  70. Jay Muratore

    There is something ethereal and pure in his voice when he sings "tell me what your heart wants"

  71. Patricia Arnold

    Beautiful. Touches my heart. Those deep scars.😎💕🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  72. Christina Storm

    What an amazing song!

  73. Stephen Veronie

    Try to find that one person who just makes you smile everytime you look at them remember the way you laugh when they are around cherish the conversations you have with them and never let go of their thoughts and actions you were ever so changed by . Things change every day and we tend to forget what truly makes us happy . Treat everyone the way you truly want to be treated because the words and actions that we present are there to stay locked in our hearts and minds . Changing someone else's life every day.

  74. Patricia Arnold


  75. Patricia Arnold


  76. The Volkenator

    Thank God you're back; I never moved.

  77. sandra Ferrington

    I love this , you are remarkable

  78. Marilee Woods

    So true lol Marilee

  79. Marilee Woods


  80. sandra Ferrington

    Yes ‘this is a beautiful song .

  81. Vikas Bahuguna

    Intro reminds me of " You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling stones.

  82. Shira Hastings

    I'll always Love you Noah ❤️

  83. William Marose


  84. Wendy Sue

    I want you Ryan scott I want you to love me and stay with me forever I want you forever stay with me and don’t leave me talk to me hold me show me you love me and will stay with me through hard times I love you you I want to hold you touch you be your everything no matter what 😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏

  85. Beliz W.

    Oh yeah the guitar only makes me feel like in a warm shell

  86. Rickey Engle

    what is,,

  87. Linda Martin


  88. Jillian Deakin

    Amazing song xx

  89. Bad Habit

    Chris isaak is on notice.!!!

  90. Muzikluvah James

    🎼 Timeless

  91. Debbie Rife

    He says everything I wish I could say to every man who ever pretended to love me

  92. Debbie Rife

    To have a man who actually loves me like that!

  93. beyond1957

    This is the Ray I remember, timeless!

  94. Ruth E Randoms