LaMontagne, Ray - No Other Way Lyrics

I will bring you Starlight by the barrow
I will bring you Roses by the score

There's no other way
There's no other way
There's no other way

Meet me in the Twilight by the seaside
Meet me underneath the Willow's fall

There's no other way
There's no other way
There's no other way

(I can see through you can see through me)

I'm all black and white like empty paper
Waiting for you to color me in

There's no other way
There's no other way
There's no other way

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LaMontagne, Ray No Other Way Comments
  1. S S


  2. Leslie Scott

    found this from watching Magic Mike also.. this would be fantastic as a first dance at a wedding...

  3. Gigi Ingervaldt

    Love this song, thanks to Magic Mike. Super relaxing.

  4. Jeff Morse

    Has such a late 60s dreamy "baroque pop" sound to it. Love it.

  5. TruthofDilly

    Magic Mike xxx

  6. Sabuj Jana

    Magic Mike Here!!!!!!!!!

  7. Setsuna

    Magic Mike <3

  8. tintswalo

    Mike brought me here honestly

  9. murasaki9

    Like sitting in the shade by the ocEan drinking lemonade and kissing.

  10. Sarah Matz

    Magic Mike XXL brought me here as well.

  11. Jim Hughes

    This is so perfect.

  12. willamete1

    Loved it since I heard it in Magic Mike XL. So lovely, relaxing. Totally chilling to it all night. I'm crazy when I find a new song.

  13. Jaimee Williams

    Magic Mike bought me here & now I cannot stop listening to this song!

  14. Christie Simmons

    2 words love it

  15. razorxmuse

    Magic mike XXL..been looking for this for an hour...outstanding.

  16. Renee Markham

    found this from watching magic Mike

    Fieyza eija

    +Renee Markham yeah, me too

    Silver Sebastian Loh

    Same heh heh 😌😌😌

  17. Shikha Mishra

    Heard it around 20 times...feeling drenched in love after listening to this soulful, beautiful track....thank you yo ..for making me listen to it...loads of love..

  18. Laura Escolar

    loved this song

  19. Niladri Naskar 14210068

    Great song man....thumbs up!!!!!