LaMontagne, Ray - Julia Lyrics

Julia, were so glad you found the time
(We're so glad you found the time, cause it ain't easy)
Julia, Its so good you're of the mind
(It's so good you're of the mind to come and see me)

Sunday's In the park
She stays after dark
Light plays through silent trees
She stays, she stays with me

Julia, she's no ordinary color
(Not quite blue in hue, nor grey, but something other)
Julia, is it green in Aberdeen?
(Yes, its really quite serene there in the summer)

She stays, after dark
We gaze, at the stars
Light plays through silent streets
She says, says to me

"I can see, we were meant to be together you and me,
spending all our lives together"


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LaMontagne, Ray Julia Comments
  1. Herbert Norkus

    This album got me thru alotta hard times in my life...thanks Ray/ Dan!

  2. Michael Newton

    So Yardbirds. Perfect.

  3. screwyootube1

    Just heard this on World Cafe with David Dye! Really liking the new album from Ray LaMontagne, "Supernova"!

  4. Molly Cooke

    Thank you for posting this!
    I haven't found it anywhere on YouTube besides here.