LaMontagne, Ray - Drive-In Movies Lyrics

I spent all my childhood years wishin' that I looked like a Movie-Star
A cigarette behind my ear, leanin' up against a muscle car

Wanna know all the things that I shouldn't know
I got smokes that I stole from the Seven-L
Everybody's at the Drive-In, wanna go?

I wanna be the guy who doesn't like to fight
But who could kick your ass if you touch his girl
I wanna be the guy who breaks all the rules
But the cops let him off cause they think he's cool

Wanna know all the things that I shouldn't know
I got smokes that I stole from the Seven-L
Everybody's at the Drive-In, wanna go?

Drive-In Movies
Drive-In Movies
Drive-in Movies

Grew up fast in that Nebraska town, nothin' goin on and even less to do
Mom's at work, and Dad's never around, so me and the guys we're skippin' school

Wanna know all the things that we shouldn't know
We got smokes that we stole from the Seven-L
Everybody's at the Drive-In, wanna go?

Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies

I wanna be Brando in the Wild One
I wanna be somethin' to someone
Cause nothin' ever changes in this Town
The same old crew, hangin' around
Jus' waitin for some shit to go down
But we love our Drive-in Movies

Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies

Now I'm grown, kids of my own, I never thought I could be a Dad
Me and my girl, we're goin' strong, still the best friend that I ever had

Now I know all the things that I didn't know
I got smokes, but I buy em' now, I guess I'm old
Drive-in's just an empty lot that no one mows

I miss those Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies
Drive-in Movies

I spent all my childhood years, wishin' that I looked like a Movie-Star

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LaMontagne, Ray Drive-In Movies Comments
  1. helterskelter1178

    Love the Dylan "Nashville Skyline" and The Band influence here. Such a great fk'n song.

  2. Anderson Helms

    Good song.

  3. Bongani Tyhali

    but this song, i really don't wanna say anything

  4. Chayah Fagan

    "...but the cops let him off 'cause they think he's cool..."

  5. Vin T

    'Lay Lady, Lay' anyone?

  6. Ian McKeever

    The only drive in near me is one on the border of Detroit. you don't go there at night unless you at least have a knife on you. A lot of thugs who like to start stuff with the white kid and his girl, lots of druggies, lots of drunks.


    At least you have a drive-in.

    I live in England....all we have is.......RAIN.


    Bring a cat next time. They hate cats

  7. davidomusic100

    great use of STEEL and autoharp! my fave on this cd

  8. WoodstocKenny

    I've heard this song at McDonald's many times. I really like it.

  9. Blue_Monday

    This song makes me happy

  10. John Schaak

    ... This isn't the Stones, its not the Grateful Dead, or ant other 60's band. Its Ray LaMontagne. Father John Misty is Father John Misty. Cage The Elephant is Cage The Elephant, And the Black Keys are the Black Keys.
    people for years complained where music was going, and now it just seems like no one wants to accept embrace these tunes, just compare them to others.
    Musicians are not re writing 60's ballads, we are just playing what we feel.


    WELL SAID......WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teddy Salad

    And John Schaak is the King of the Dork Parade.

  11. Matthew Miller

    This is the song that appeared in that Hulu commercial, "The Joy of the Season."  Been looking for it for a while.

  12. CuddleTimeKitty

    I have been looking for this song for FOREVER

    Matthew Miller

    Same.  Let me guess, the Hulu commercial?


    +CuddleTime Kitty Just heard it on the way home again after a long time...could never find it until now! LOL

    Rainy Recollet

    +SocietyPuppet  I am a dog


    +Rain Dogg Good to know...

  13. Alex Newman

    The hook sounds an awful lot like Franklins Tower by the Grateful Dead...


    @John Waas Actually the change sounds like Zeppelin's "Hey, Hey What Can I Do."


    @Alex Newman More importantly, why is Nils Lofgrin doing the lead vocals?


    @Alex Newman Maybe it's the steel guitar, but to me, this has the feel of The Stones' Torn and Frayed -- or something else off Exile.

    Vin T

    Alex Newman. Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay'.


    Vincent Tagliaferro Yes yes. Absolutely. That one riff. I know the one you mean

  14. mrmedallis

    this song is way too cool........thanks for the post

  15. Steve Bolt

    Most beautiful song I heard in a long time!

  16. Crazy J 902

    nothing ever really changes in this town, still the same old people just, hangin around ,

    You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns
    When they all come down and did tricks for you
    You never understood that it ain't no good
    You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you
    You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat
    Who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat
    Ain't it hard when you discover that
    He really wasn't where it's at

    You used to be... so amused
    At Napoleon in rags and the language that he used
    Go to him now, he calls you, you can't refuse
    When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose
    You're invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal..

    So how does it feel? How does it feel
    To be on your own 
    With no direction home
    Like a complete unknown
    Like a rolling stone 

  17. Mike Rodgers

    great song

  18. gjc3535

    I disagree rp w.  It may be one of his best.

  19. Roy Connell

    Thank you Ray Lamontagne

  20. Jose Valerio

    I can see the Mr. Herbert (from Family Guy) influence on this song...

  21. Topher Hagop

    Pourquoi faire des cds avec un son si merdique !
    On écoute pas tous de la musique avec un autoradio !

  22. timetravel454

    cool vibes. 

  23. Jaime Ramirez

    A little country rock. Harks back to the '70s.  His best yet.

  24. Sam Straub

    I think all growth includes change. Well done.

  25. Lemon Juice

    This song has a "school house rock " vibe which I love!

  26. Max Mosley

    Loving the album and this song is an early contender for song of the summer! Absolutely love it  :)

  27. Denise Quill

    I absolutely love Ray's new work!  As always, so creative and like he took the words right out of my heart. 

  28. David Gold

    Still Valley Nostalgia"

  29. Memphis. Methods

    YESS. You go Ray. New music is spot on. I'm not too fond of Supernova. Airwaves was okay.

  30. Robert Black

    Not his best, but damn these tunes go well with sun and a cold beer.

  31. Bastard471

    psu [ayolola nbc bbc npr

  32. Sheryl LeJeune Copell

    hmmmm... so, so

  33. JohannPache

    The new album is thoroughly enjoyable. What else would you expect from Ray?

  34. anne marie Jensen

    Great song - give it a try :-)

  35. Gabriela Paquette

    I love Ray!!!! .....just can't embrace the new album yet...spoiled by all of his other goodness

  36. Steady Breather

    This one and Supernova are awesome! The other two are kinda bleh. But anyone who thinks this is a new sound for Ray hasn't listened to much of his stuff. All of his albums have a satisfactory amount of variation amongst the tracks. This album is still holding true to his classic oldies feel and I love it; a great addition to his discography!

    Tie Dye by John

    I sooo agree!  I'm loving these new tunes.


    i agree and disagree ,, yes he is holding true as far as not completely changing and doing a whole album out of the (Ray Zone) , but he is going places has hasn't before  on a few of these songs, like it all tho,  I Just hope he never forgets the sound that made us all fall in love with his music, 

  37. DeanAlbionReverie

    Ray you're my favourite singer of all time with Jeff Buckley .. Your lyrics melt me and your voice live is like a piercing bullet through the heart ... But I've listened to 4 songs from this new Album .. I'm trying and trying to like it but I can't .. Nothing has hit me yet .. This isn't a dig .. But seems overproduced for your record label to over sell you... When all you need is a beat up acoustic guitar and a microphone.
    I'll always love ya tho brother ;-) ha

    D Austin

    Word. big...Big...BIG MISS. Ugh, we waited 4 years for this... :-/


    Agreed. Just not feeling it like with his other albums :(

  38. Mark S.

    Love it!!!

  39. Kevin Reed

    Really great song my friend! I can't wait to hear the entire album.

  40. Floppy Bob

    A little bit of Neil Young influence here...maybe?


    reminds me of custom kings,  red sails , in places, onya Ray,

    guitarrowhead mv

    Sounds kinda "exile on main st"-y. Mick Taylor era. Love this track!


    More like Paul Young's version of "Love of the common people" minus the chorus  watch?v=SVmjKHkgxis


    nope, I have listened to all suggestions, I am still totally goin with  Custom KIngs, red sails


    Some guy from a record label once compared my lyrics to one Neil THE CHILD by URBAN SEASCAPE.

    It's critique'r recently wrote the following critique about THE cost £50 to record, is in profit, has no actual band and has no major label behind it...YET.

    "Nice arrangement. Cool guitar intro and groove. Voice is not flashy but very sincere. It got nice and interesting at 1.29 when the female vocal floated with more muscle under the lead singer with nice haunting support. Good thud-like drum and this lead singer had a good understanding of what words to emphasise. Played with pronunciation cleverly..struck an effective balance with soft and louder passages. Drama built perfectly.."a child who once, was me"...COMPELLING.
    THIS IS A WINNER. Wish you luck with this. Far, FAR better than the fluff that is offered by radio and commercial music hawkers.

    John LeStrada..Independent music critic(In disguise).


  41. Guedan Philippe

    God gifted talent...even though this album is more variety its got charm since it sounds so 70s

  42. Teresa Ganim

    love love this one... and lavender especially can't wait for the tour and this release! 

  43. 4fmagnet

    Airwaves > Lavender >> Drive-In Movies >> Supernova
    Overall, I have only a lukewarm impression if this new stuff, though Airwaves is awesome.

  44. Hamid Ali

    Verry happy to hear your new song ! I relly enjoy your new style and can't w8 for the whole album.

  45. Jason Wolpers

    Best one yet, Ray