Lamar, Kendrick - Kurupted Lyrics

These streets is jurassic, cowards get asthmatic
Astronauts hover throughout the atmosphere, that the ghetto burb
Pull up on the curb (what's up homie!), smoke a nigga then dip
It's the immaculate, verbal assassin, strangle your perfect etiquette to an accent
This is Jesus of Nazareth
Spittin' gold policies to a world unknown
In a cherry Low-Low with four zones of weed, no sticks no seeds
Prestigious when I post safe through fifty states, beneath the speed
Can corral the largest crowds, mosh pit with a big dick
Screaming bitches ain't shit, she gobble gobble for hours I jumped in the shower
I dismantle, devour, hardest Emcees softer than Clam chowder
No challengers can compete, they're childish and weak, detrimental
Hazardous hazard to instrumentals, intertwined with God and Frankenstein
I'm kurupted!

I'm kurupted!

Gimme a hundred G's for every Emcee I drop to their knees
Verbically useless, oh you got the Juice? I'll squeeze you juiceless
Catch you, hang you from many nooses
Been the truth since, Snoop and the pound was fuckin' over ruthless
Young and I'm ruthless, twenty-one with twenty-one guns, shottys thats looted from pac, lyrical cyclops
Lazer-in on paper and fraudulent friends, bitch yous a bitch in disguise and bitches get ten
Bullets to their midsection, Mr. Lethal injection in a regal higher than church steeples, I swear to god
Count your lyrics in a jar, I'mma pterodactyl tearin' ya squad, like pardon me in Terrance Martin in Aston Martin
Cannibal co-existing with the coldest, that means I'm the sickest, and Theraflu won't do
Whenever I'm kicking the wickedness, explosive, syntagmatic, smokin' like the barrel of this tech aimin' at ya' neck
I'm kurupted!

I'm kurupted!

(Look homie) I'm from C-O-MP-TO-aNy nigga can get it, the little homie strapped and he with it
At the Avalanche swap-meet (what's up fool!)
Blunt longer than Rose Grants, I'll grab the devil then slow dance
Practice trigonometry, practice my aim on rooftops eating pastrami sandwiches, you are counterfeit
Worthless beats and verses surfaced. West Coast with a big scope kill all Y'all It's Top Dawg, TDE, CPT
Quick to tell a bitch jump on my dick A.S.A.P
Complete havoc, compulsive disorder, rhyme addict -- Slaughter
House is full of Joey, Joells and Royces for ya'
Live from the area code of Three-One-Oh, laughin' all the way to the bank with three Elmos
Three six-fo's, One bottle of Goose, I'm the truth, you could put your hand on the bible and shoot
I'm Kurupted!

See a lot of y'all get real disrespectful, real comfortable, not recognizin' ya' legends
West Coast legends, Young Gotti

I black out like Howard University when I verbally turn into Hercules hurtin' these Emcees early and urgently urkin' my nerves searching for certain certified nouns and verbs on the verge of vigorous victory. Kurupted

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Lamar, Kendrick Kurupted Comments
  1. burns0311

    Kendrick killed Kurupt"s flow!! Love Tha Dogg Pound



  3. Mike Taz

    I'm straight from a town called 2-5 right outta Philly where The Kid aka Kurupt is from holla my guys Richardo Brown and David Williams aka Young Roscoe my homies!!! 2-5 aka Darby Twp. He said that in alot of underground shit!

  4. Abdul Nguza

    That flow doe...


    Jay electronic KENDRICK is ur son? maybe by age but rapping he runs circle respect the westcoast u know wat we known for

  6. Dylan Stevens

    Where can I find this full album I can't remember what its called

  7. Jason McIntyre

    Sounding just like young Gotti damn

  8. Dimitri Quariii


  9. LilKataru

    I need this beat, probably won’t ever.

  10. LilKataru

    Wow you just now uploading this 😂❤️

  11. Hunter DTA

    What's that song I think it ft Kendrick I only know the line "dead on an ounce"

  12. Amier Johnson

    Mars pit wit a big dick 😂 what he say

  13. bynume55

    Ahh shit, i been jamming this since middle school lol

  14. fire! spit! flames

    Underrated 😯🔥💯

  15. Ibn X

    Words from luci

  16. Earthling Moe

    West Coast. 🤑

  17. EniGma

    First of all the song title is Illuminati Proper from the Unreleased mixtape. Get your facts right nigga.

  18. Mr. Almighty

    Wow!!What's up lyrics?Where you all at..Now this is Hip Hop he rode that cold blooded track pocket like a pool ball..Lmao..That track hard..Woa!!!!!!...Who you all will like to hear on that with him from the East Or West?.. Holla at your boy...Two Fingers....

  19. Jonathan Fletcher


  20. Christopher Tijerina

    Killed it!

  21. Thabani Mabaso

    I wish he could put more of on his songs

  22. Kamryn_ 1997

    Straight disrespect 😫

  23. Jxjdjdjd Jxjdkdkslsk

    This bitch read the dictionary every day😂😂😂

  24. SLEEZO 3

    I love the rawness

  25. Mara Cardoso

    I'm gonna make a t-shirt with your image kendrik Lamar !!!!!!!!!!💥

  26. Tshepo Maimane

    Eminem style of rap.

    Long John

    Tshepo Maimane Kurupt

    Tshepo Maimane

    Long John You think?

    Long John

    Tshepo Maimane yeah

    Tshepo Maimane

    Long John I listened to it again.I think you're right.

  27. StunnaOfficial C.U.E.

    Check out StunnaOfficalCUE Stunna - ooh

  28. Joseph James

    That beat though,
    Loving k dot music,
    Listening to him,
    How to come correct,
    On instrumentals...
    Im really studying,
    Dummies, calling me (ring ring ring) stupid. I don't pick up...

    (to be continued)

  29. Joseph James

    That INSTRUMENTAL though

  30. Mr Grandi

    this don't sound like Kendrick though!!!!....listen the voice closely


    Its an old song from when he was younger

  31. e3nigma

    Go check out my new song BETRAYAL 🔥 if you like j.cole or logic you going fw it

  32. Bradely Dowling

    You can hear the Eminem influence

    Jason Bourne

    Bradely Dowling You mean Kurupt.

  33. ANIECA WRIGHT authentic

    Finally some bars💪💪💪

  34. Benjamin Lewis

    Fk u if u say Kdot aint lyrical. Ths is crazy

  35. Doug 101


  36. Riddler Bowe

    A fan of kendrick but the 1st verse lacks substance. The other verses fire 🔥

  37. Arindis

    Old but gold

  38. Gianni Fsaci

    master !

  39. Gabriel Hardson

    I saw Kdot I subbed

  40. J Stiles

    King Kendrick folks!!

  41. K.I.D. K Brown

    Y’all new wave riders crazy as 💩 this song old it’s called Illuminati proper

  42. Casey Carden

    [email protected] DAMN!!! Just found this he channelin' some early slim shady BUT all props to Kung Fu Kenny he keeps me faithful that our new hip-hop artists can keep true talent with well spit rhymes and sick flow the staples of hip-hop royalty DNA

  43. Basquiat nineeightseven

    Who the producer???

  44. Sizwe Dondolo

    Glad to have stumbled upon such. Dankie Kendrick🐐

  45. Albert Anastazi

    Now it is time to say Tupac is alive by KENDRICK LAMAR..... HEAL YEAH RESPECT FROM AZERBAIJAN

  46. Daniel Oropeza

    If anyone can find this instrumental thanksss

  47. Daniel Oropeza

    Anyone know what beat this is?

  48. YaBoyCurtis 1

    KDoT- Dont Understand🔥🔥🔥

  49. Sly Wolfe

    This song turned my dick into a shotgun.
    I regret *nothing* .

  50. Dominick Shaw

    This old and still fire

  51. Austin Larson

    Mixtape so underrated 😴

  52. Zay BythaWay

    This aint new doe.

  53. Zach

    Holy shit I haven't heard his in a MINUTE

  54. Deon Godspeed

    Super nova flow!!
    You& King Los should lay back a track

  55. Eric Masegela

    Wasn't this dropped in 2011?

  56. Mel Gray

    Reading most of these Comments let me know that hip hop is officially dying...The Fact that y'all don't know this is a homage to Kurupt the Lyrical assassin form Tha Dogg Pound is sad young punks.

    Blacc Wolf

    Mel Gray well said big homie...

  57. Ahmed Abdelbagi


  58. Dewayne Davis

    Drake new songs better

  59. ThoughtsOf MaJesty

    Old Lil Wayne fused with Old Jay-Z + Compton Style = Kendrick Lamar in this song.

    Mel Gray

    ThoughtsOf MaJesty Wrong It's all Kurupt homie!!!

  60. Deondre Edwards

    Well damn!

  61. Genius Crown

    urban casual line

  62. Young Bull


  63. Josh McCormick

    Wow, Kendrick does a perfect Kurupt impression (homage really). Lyrics and delivery 100% in Kurupt style

  64. marlon Payne

    Ok fuck it; you hip hoppers have to watch it; Kendrick so consistent, so lit, you go west side.

  65. Macc Watts

    We need kendrick

  66. Michael Martin

    Permissible' maybe

  67. Mr PerFect

    id really like this instrumental i cant find it

  68. Keevan Garraway

    This a throwback

  69. James Brown

    Str8 Cavi! Def spit’n like da Six O homie Kurupt . Not easily done but KungFu Kenny pulled it off nicely. Don’t care how old this is ... Flame is 🔥regardless of when & where. Salute to the homie Dot.

  70. Phoebe Magino


  71. William Elliott

    Dope ass song! Flipped a few Kurupt's lines.....Much respect.

  72. J G

    Shout out to Kurupt and Kendrick

  73. thehero5060

    did he just call himself Jesus?

  74. Omar El

    Kendrick teaching us how to spell

  75. Featured Vidz

    If you like this trash then this song makes kendrick look like a baby

  76. Filipino Black

    An Ode to Kurupt!!

  77. Edson Nchimbi

    Nice song

  78. Daniel Cruz

    Sounds like M

    Long John

    Daniel Cruz not at all.

  79. Ross BlackBoe

    I might fuck my girl to this🔥🔥

  80. Ross BlackBoe

    GodDamn 🔥 I burned my hand listening to this shit

  81. mkpouto john

    This ain't no kendrick buh this Nigga spiting bar like no other

  82. Kellz The one and only Lefontae

    Shot out to Kurupt!

  83. TJofPS4fame

    I Guess ill be the first to point out that this is obviously an Homage to Kurupt of #DPG


    yeah this is dope...raw lyricism


    yo this is dope straight up raw lyricism

  86. Abdul Hakeem

    OMG!!!! I had to literally stop this and let some of it sink in

  87. warmsummer breeze

    So gifted!!!

  88. King Troy

  89. J Rue

    Dope homage to Kurupt

  90. jared hamilton

    Where can I find this beat? Shit is hard 🔥

  91. Regg Brown

    Fuck that, I'm hatin'!!! This too got damn fire! Did he really need to use all flames on one track and call it Kurupted? He don't even give a fuck if I get in my car and swerve into an accident. Definitely will get high to this without drinkin or smokin anything, damn. he made give this thumbs up and I keep rewinding this shit, ain't nothing else to listen to. And this came out 7 yrs ago! ARGGGGGHHHHHH

  92. Bunbun Beats

    he always spits so hard

  93. Promoting Sounds

    Kendrick murdered this and it deserved to reach more ears - enjoy!


    Yeah see. It isn't like I'm being a hater or something. We legit gave him a chance. Most people wouldn't have even clicked on the link. And his music is the reason why. Wasting people's time. At least have a dope beat or something. There was nothing about it that would even remotely appeal to someone who is coming from this channel.


    Okay actually I just listened to the first 30 seconds again and it did actually make me laugh, so it has that going for it. lmao

    F3ndi Gucci Da Prada Jones

    Avron At least you gave him 30 secs of your life. That's more than some get lmao


    Promoting Sounds thank u sir....crazy smh