Lake Street Dive - My Heart's In Its Right Place Lyrics

Walk four blocks, quicken your pace ‘til you’re tumbling
lost my socks; thought I had bet on a sure thing
Worn through Keds have nothing on drunk desperation
it depends on just how much you want to take on

who needs friends who think you’re just someone to flake on
conventions could use a good saturday break from
Left behind on Water Street, you
ought to see the twos and threes you

were relyin’ that’s where i fly in
You may find that it’s hard to just trust me
in this frightening friday night race
can you tell that my chivalry’s rusty

don’t be scared, ‘cause my heart’s in it’s right place
Relishing in lows and highs, I
ought to see the four and fives I
was ignoring
that’s when you horn in

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Lake Street Dive My Heart's In Its Right Place Comments
  1. lennon0670

    My favorite song from this band!

  2. Alexis Ford

    I totally neglected this silky song