Lake Street Dive - Miss Disregard Lyrics

I’m done with you
I’m totally done with you
I’m completely and utterly done with you.

Just tell the truth
did I ever stand a chance?
Against all your rules
or is that to much to ask of you?

I am done with you
I’m too old, you’re too cool.
Trying’s too damn hard
Sorry Miss Disregard.

Just tell the truth
did I ever stand a chance?
Against all your rules
and the people that will dance for you.

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Lake Street Dive Miss Disregard Comments
  1. ROY bean

    well thank u very much! and you guys are fantastic if I do say so myself

  2. Richard Thomas

    You just keep getting better and better!!!!

  3. Ralph Hooker

    Bridget, you are the best!

  4. Brian Peters

    Kinda late getting to this. So glad I'm digging back through their earlier work. Keep rockin' LSD

  5. Sirens Harbor

    So cool!.

  6. felpin

    For some reason, I thought this was a cover-but actually Mike wrote it.

  7. AntiChangeling

    this is the best version of the song, and it's an impromptu recording in a basement

  8. Michael MacDonell

    Let's be honest, "Bridget Kearney's Basement" would also make a fine name for a band! Or a really old, English, Folk Dance

  9. John Heath

    Thumbs up for the sound mix. The drums , guitar , bass , vocals and lets not forget the attitude of the facial expressions were all in place to bring this song to life. This brings the strength of lake street drive to bare. Nicely done.

  10. Dagaan Galakticos

    I can just see me and Rachel getting into fights on the street and then kissing on the street corners.

    Joe M

    Dagaan Galakticos - Her name is spelled Rachael.

  11. Charles Wagner

    great tune. You guys are killin it

  12. Sophia Papp

    So much sass! Amazing...

  13. Dpaz2009

    where is the i love this button?????

  14. MrAmj08

    You guys are awesome! I'll never be done with you! ❤

  15. M Harper

    You had me at 1! love you guys!

  16. Your Caseworker

    Hey...Can I stop the world and melt with you?...Next time LSD's in San Diego or Tucson...LET ME KNOW!

  17. Phil Gyles

    Why does Bridget look so angry at the very beginning of this song, if looks could kill!! Maybe she's totally done with me as well. Brilliant band though, hurry up and come back to the uk soon.

    Gordon Anderson

    That is a reff. to DEVO, right? Tell me they are going DEVO.

  18. John Conroy


  19. Dr.Copertone

    S-O-U-L !!!

  20. Karen Henkels

    Wishing you would come to Cali in Long Beach ca we need some L S D!

  21. sam torres

    this song is what that round repeat button was made for

  22. Shane Jenkins

    Maybe the best thing I've ever seen by you. Laughed so hard (internally) at how silly you all looked. I only wish I had seen this long before.

  23. Bernd Schuller

    You guys are just perfect as a band, such a good mix of personalities. And so much TALENT! Make many more records please.

  24. whitespruce26

    excuse me miss, you are incredibly beautiful. Good lord.

  25. Taylor H

    im so obsessed with you guys!!! I'm not a musician, just a 22 year old but ah your music inspires me and make me happy!! Thank you!


    keep it up!!i love to hear ur music :)

  26. Leibug

    This made me laugh and smile so big....thanks for that...Great band.  *seriously the facial expressions?...priceless ;p

  27. Wander MeThis

    That was indeed sensuous....

  28. clevoguer

    Vintage LSD. a very fine thing 😄

  29. frank martin

    loveitloveitlove /so beautiful ,so talented ,y'all beat hell out of any marriage i've ever seen !!!

  30. c7i6abc

    Hubbards, Nova Scotia Canada is watching and enjoying you. :-)

  31. Wander MeThis

    This band has indeed skyrocketed into fame since this video was put out in 2009...gets better and better every year...

  32. John McElhenney

    all good. love them all

  33. Josh Lewis

    Is it just me,or does mcduck seem bored when he plays the guitar? I'm not a musician but I would think the guitar is easier to play than his trumpet.

    Mr Pinhedz

    +Josh Lewis
    I think Mike was trying to make an "I'm-done-with-you" face. ;o)
    Plus, he was probably raised Lutheran in Minnesota.

  34. Sam Vimes

    Someone get Olson a box to stand on! :)

  35. Kara Camille Delonas

    Lake Street Dive is still my favorite band ever.  Miss Disregard is such an amazing song and Bridget inspires me.  Also, I just wanted to say that I’m a new artist and I love sharing my music.  I’d be more than honored for everyone to check it out.  Thanks guys, and give a thumbs up for Lake Street Dive.

  36. Gail Hapke

    You guys are adorable. Plus insanely good.

  37. in·eq·ui·ta·ble

    Man, I wish I had Mike Calabrese's gift for writing lyrics. Envious.

  38. Max p

    Love it

  39. Robert Bohrer

    Have you made a song I don't like?

  40. Eli West

    LOl tell mike to have some more fun with it :)

  41. Bob Comtois

    Hey, LSD!,
    This song of mine would be great for you. The mandocello (left) line you guys embellish on. I believe Rachel can handle this key. I'll send a chart if you want.

    Joe M

    Bob Comtois - Her name is spelled Rachael.

  42. Aaron Chaffin

    This song pretty much sums up my last relationship. Love it.

  43. Tony Samayoa

    They are awesome I love these guys!

  44. Peter Putnam

    yeah these guys got something special happening

  45. Geoffrey Fong

    I don't think that ANYONE could dislike LSD after seeing just a few of their videos, especially I Want You Back and Faith on the sidewalk and several of the others of their original songs. Truly amazing on all levels.


    Even so they would still love it. It must have been an accident.

  47. Peter Putnam

    well they're just not looking closely enough; they're probably thinking, "Man, that guitarist sucks..." and of course they'd be right (worse on trumpet). They might be thinking, "The drummer doesn't sound very good..." Right again, at least on this recording. They just don;t get it. This quirky little band just has "feel' -that thing that's so hard to put a finger on. Now of course I agree with your "tone deaf" comment, but on this tune, really only in regards to Rachael Price, who is great.

  48. Ron Reed

    Who's the only person who doesn't like this? Obviously, they are tone deaf & a complete knucklehead.

  49. MrGratefulheart

    I love these mugs! Wish we could hang sometime!!!!!!!!!!

  50. DITTY

    love you guys!!!!!!

  51. TheEgyptosiris

    Love me Back then! I love you!

  52. Drago Mothra

    Would someone please put them on Saturday Night Live so they could get the attention they deserve

  53. vorlonspace

    I'm loving this all the way!

  54. MikeyFreedom

    I want to make out with all of you!

  55. MikeyFreedom

    F ing Awesome!

  56. Doug Davis

    Saw them last night at music farm!!!! I'm sooo in love!!!!

  57. Allison Giles

    <----huge fan from Orlando...would love to see you guys here

  58. Grautoene

    1:27 Eomer of Rohan is the coolest drummer on the planet! XD

  59. GuitaristInProgress

    Holy cow, only 36,000 views on this in 3 years? Criminal.

  60. GuitaristInProgress

    Must not fall in love... must not fall in love...Must not...!

  61. Jesse Jeremy van Dorst

    Thats a girl, serieusly. I also though it was a dude hahahah

  62. Johnny Boy


  63. Dee Deedz


  64. 4323bubba

    Why is the guy on the right wearing a dress?

  65. Zac Harrold

    Album of theirs (lol hit enter by mistake :D)

  66. Zac Harrold

    Omg, awesome and original songs performed live by a band who actually look like they have fun doing these fantastic performances! Must by a

  67. Frabblesnap

    iTunes or the Signature Sounds website. This song is also on their LIVE AT THE LIZARD LOUNGE full length video and recording available for download only on the Lake Street Dive website. Google them.

  68. Bonnie Gibson

    where / how can i buy the album?

  69. Luc Damiani

    by ruined you mean improved, yeah?

  70. ChrisP

    I had planned for other purchases with my music budget this month, but now this band has ruined all that.

  71. eyeyh etejyyuj

    thanks for this song, I needed this. you guys are awesome.

  72. Martin Alexander

    Definitely do yourself the favor, mate. They put on a pretty awesome show!

  73. Connie Green Munson

    AWESOME love this band

  74. stringbling

    i love the way these guys have killer albums but equally killer live videos in all these settings that are just as tight as anything... i wouldn't hesitate to see them live even though i never have.

  75. guitashamilele

    i think the guy just needs a better guitar

  76. C S

    She's amazing, but she needs a better guitar player.


    um. it's a band. it's one of these things that used to exist in the old days. you know, before everyone was some ego-driven 'singer-songwriter' with temporary disposable backing musicians? sorry to break it to you but this is on the contrary an amazing example of a band, one with a guitarist who is better on average than most. nice assumption that everything revolved around a single person though, i get it that's the sad default these days.

  77. Mr. G.

    I am blown away! I love this band! Her phrasing, voice, unbelievable.

  78. soccerplayerted

    I googled searched the lyrics from hearing this song on the radio here in KC. So glad I found this band! Between her soulful voice and pretty face I'm awestruck by the lead singer. The rhythm, bass line, and even the playful antics of the band players make them one of my new favorite groups to listen to. I can't wait to hear more songs from these guys!

  79. Sam Gibson

    lol at the tranfestyte on the right. shagger

  80. nickibopp

    Like it? I love it I love it!

    Thanks so much for making it what a fucking great real thing to share can't wait :-)

    Please just keep playing and making stuff, definitely going to download your live concert on your website.

  81. luxvoyager1111

    saw this band the other night and i gotta say, they are amaaaaazing live. if they come to your town, make sure to check it <3

  82. MrClemente559

    i really like the way they all come together to form this awesome sound. KEEP IT UP

  83. highwayghosts

    I love that way Rachael pops up out of nowhere

  84. Michael

    I like this, pretty cool!

  85. Jinx9516

    Awww man. I miss you guys. Great little concert though :) Thanks!

  86. Tracey Hamilton

    You all are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  87. woutanh2

    this is hip.

  88. Richard Kusaba

    Fun Stuff!