Lake Street Dive - Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand Lyrics

Why won't you let me love you in the best way I know?
We won't go out to dinner and we won't see a show.
You'll know just how I love you when I got you alone.
Baby it's true I'm in love, but I'm too shy.

People are voyeurs darling, one thing on their minds
I hear their whispers, darling, and I feel their eyes
staring at our affection in a way most unkind

Baby don't mistake me
I'm in love, but please don't make me
oh, now baby please
Don't make me hold your hand; you don't seem to understand how it makes me feel
when people stop and stare

I swear, there are other ways to show it, baby please
Don't make me hold your hand; there are few things i demand of you
it's the one thing I won't do
so don't make me hold you hand
Why won't you let me love you where we'll never be found
‘way on some distant island or a hole in the ground
no one will see our lovin' and they won't hear a sound

Baby I can't show it
I'm in love but no one knows it

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Lake Street Dive Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand Comments
  1. Shane Rattlesnake


  2. Robert Wills

    Heck! They really mean it! I love the singing and the bass the most.

    Dale Rieger

    The drummer is skilled as well.

  3. Jungle Jan

    Bassist Bridget is the groove of the group.

  4. Genaro Palacios Clemow

    Sounds great 👍

  5. Mr. A

    Sound on these tracks are AMAZING. Reminds my of Marleys "Talkin' Blues" album recorded live.

  6. Tim Choate

    8/1 in St Louis!

  7. Darell Cash

    Anyone saw her tune the bass in song??? Crazy 🤩

  8. Bobby Keating

    2:07 = chills

  9. james smurf

    LSD gets more addictive with every listen :))

  10. Cliff Campen

    Not much I don't like about this band - yeah really nothing but I love the girls having at it on this track.

  11. Pablo Mattos

    "The Beatles" ama o "PALMEIRAS" time de Brasil.

  12. Andrew Demack

    Bridget tunes as she plays!

  13. Andy S

    Excuse my french but this is one fucking Awesome song .

  14. Deusdete Silva

    Muito bom.

  15. Cyrus Crawford

    I see your're going to hit Tucson and Flaggstaff, why not Phoenix? Really like this band!

  16. Max Cruz

    Songs like these is why I'm an LSD fan for life!

  17. Cyrus Crawford

    22 1I just found them? theyre great I will spread the word

  18. Rumple Stiltskin

    The Basement Tapes..Take two.. and much More Attractive than the Original too :>)))

  19. McStreamy

    The audio version of "Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand" by Lake Street Dive is in the song rotation at Internet Radio, as well as other songs from their CDs. has been on the internet playing Classic Rock and Pop Oldies from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and the best of the 2000s, and 2010s, since 2008. The station just brought back adding new and noteworthy music, again, mixed in with the regular charted favorites of the past. "Please Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand" by Lake Street Dive is one of the tunes added in August, 2018. The station player is on the website, and currently can be heard at by searching for greatgold. Suggestion: Make your favorite, because the Classic Hits (and tomorrow's Classic Hits) just keep on coming, 24/7. Also playable in WinAmp and other software, and the Radionomy Mobile App.

  20. Michel Metallo

    Amazing performance ! Can't help shivering between 4:10 and 4:20. Please come to France ;-)

  21. whatever


  22. Luke P

    If I had six thumbs... they would all stick up.

  23. declan quinn

    Just wow! Smitten

  24. sophomorocat

    This one goes out for Melania!

  25. Our Fantasy Life

    ....this may be completely racist of me but I am insanely surprised they're all white.

    Evan Frazier

    true soul knows no color

  26. Erik

    This song goes out to all those immigrant first ladies out there that are forced to hold the pussy grabbers hand.

  27. LaughingSurrey

    They rocked the hell out of that! Loved the harmonies

  28. Jerry Aragon

    A new fan is born.I am hooked.

  29. thomas medeiros

    LSD is the best group that most people have never heard about! I absolutely love them. They are all very talented. Their harmony on this and other songs is outstanding. Rachael Price ‘s voice is an incredible instrument. The lady can belt out a tune with the best in the business.

  30. whatever


  31. Peter Poletti

    Wow, these guys are good! Best discovery I've made in years! Looking forward to seeing them live in Toronto this summer.

  32. Kyle Muldoon

    Doof. Bridget.

  33. djmiller232

    3:49 "NO....ONE.... WILL....SEE.... OUR.... LOVIN'" Amazing close harmony. Reminds me of the Eagles "Seven Bridges Road." Absolutely perfect!

  34. Barry Schwartz


  35. TPE Games

    I disagree with the sentiment of the song, I mean he's trying to be affectionate and your throwing it right back in his face.

  36. Lu Kang

    I used to listen to this song , and “affection” by sengo every time my then best friend, who is now the love of my life would leave my house.

  37. Lu Kang

    One of my all time favorite songs, if you’ve lived that experience this song uppercuts you right in the soft spot lbvs

  38. nick THAquick

    She's the most entertaining singer I've ever heard...Holy shit she's so beautiful too. Nice work rachael

  39. Greg Feneis

    Early LSD? Drummer's wearing shoes

  40. KokoPrice1

    She's just sooo Woman

  41. Swen Hendrickson

    str8 fire!

  42. Jason Stanizzi

    Talent. Pure musical heart felt soul and infectious riddims! Check em. I am spreading your music like a wild fire. Blessings and much success to you all!

  43. Jason and Stacia Talkington

    I don't think they could be bad if they tried, finally getting to see them Tuesday.

  44. Camille Carte

    So good!
    And... 3:20 when the drummer lose his stick, but exactly at the right moment...! :)

  45. John Keiser

    Killer harmonies, beat - luv listening to this band live!

  46. vibratingstring


  47. Jimmy Cannon

    Love the telecaster tone ! Great song !

  48. Michael Kwan

    2:12 Calabrese's face be like "omg rach stahp it"

  49. Dot Gasner

    Dat "no one will see our lovin'" is to die for

  50. SoulDaddy33

    Those harmonies ... oh, those harmonies ....


  51. aldobrezenti

    WOW! Just wow!

  52. rich patrick

    Im Diggin it!! You guys are the stuff! Rachel, Bridget one of you have my baby... Dont care which

  53. Steve Pudzis

    Tripping on LSD tonite! The good kind...

  54. Susie & Elaine Solution


  55. sam torres

    Amazing song and both McDuck and Mike Calabrese rock their side of this song. one of my favorites.

  56. bwdrums1

    I kinda drifted off in the middle of this song and found myself comparing the musicality of the drummer Mike, with that of Meg White (White Stripes), and my head almost exploded ! All four of these people are so massively talented, it's amazing......

  57. Joe Wilson


  58. michael parker

    Great drummer

  59. John Dols

    Geez, you guys are the stuff!

  60. Jim Hannigan

    Once in a while in your life you come across something perfect!!!


    Just look up amy winehouse videos--This girl does a good imitation

    Jim Hannigan

    I know what you are saying Ice, but these four have such a symmetry, to add or subtract any element would change and possibly ruin it!

  61. Kovalcik-Audio

    Bridget is so good on bass...even manages to tune a string at 3:04 and doesn't miss a beat.


    Wow, I didn't notice that before. I love how nonchalant she is about it too. What a monster

  62. Michael Bloome

    damm this band is effn awsome

  63. iceaxe56

    i see some copying of amy winehouse--please tell me they were first

    Michael Paduano

    You're bored. Boo hoo hoo.

    Leigh Ann Fowler

    I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Brace yourself. Amy Winehouse did not invent soul music. Seriously. Look it up.

    Charles Sweedler

    Projection ain't just for the movies.


    No but she invented her style--and..looks like this girl stole it


    .....i guess--whatever the hell that means

  64. Cabala2


  65. Lauren Brooks


  66. TheShed337

    I've heard this song a thousand times - but never this version - GD they are all so talented.

  67. I Am Christopher

    You kick ass!

  68. Dzhenna

    Bridget Kearney is the coolest bitch on the planet.

    Angelina Marino

    The entire band is incredible. But she steals the damn show! Omg

  69. Dave Staetter

    Can someone please make this video black and white....?


    +Dave Staetter Why?

    Dave Staetter

    +LiveandBreathing Because, I get an oldschool vibe from it, and it would make the video more classic....♥

    Vincent m

    I'm soo in love with her n her voice. Her voice is like warm butter. I can fuck her voice it's soo good lol n she's b e a u t i f u l

  70. Robby Rupple

    I remember discovering LSD the night they were on Colbert. As soon as the show ended, I hit YouTube and this is the first video I watched and it was instant love. If I remember right, this only had around 1,000 views at the time. Cool to see its over 200k now...

    scott wells

    Thanks for introducing me to these guys Robby, amazing stuff man.

  71. ILoveWomensVoices

    +1 Max This might be the best thing I've ever heard

  72. Rebecca James

    Love this band. I always listen to her sing and wish I could get more cds from them.

  73. Danni DankleBracelet

    They can do no wrong! I have completely fallen in love with this band!

  74. David Defendis

    does not get any better, what a great sound!

    Danni DankleBracelet

    that bass!

  75. 近藤潤哉

    perfect tune!

  76. Ken Verheecke

    Wow... just can't get enough of this band! SOOOOOOOOOOO FRESH... AMAZING! Rachael Price... WOW!

  77. Walter Charles

    Wish I could hit like 100 times!

  78. Johmathan .B. Swift

    @Douglas Smith Exciting

    Douglas Smith

    Your right I never have been able to make someone love me if they don't want to .. nice share at the hard day..thank you

  79. yopacific

    DO NOT miss LSD within 200 miles of your house!

  80. Guy Falach

    I Love you guys please stay awesome and authentic like that forever !!!

  81. GoziTV

    Damn amazing .

  82. Max Gazzara

    This might be the best thing I've ever heard

  83. David Byars

    Holy Freakin' Smoke!!  This is the best band going!  Outstanding musicians! Rachael Price is the BEST!!!   Please come to Texas....lot of folks down here are diggin' your stuff!

    LaToya Forbins

    David Byars when are they coming? I'm in Dallas & I must see them live.

  84. Steve Broach

    SOOO good!!!

  85. Paulo Carvalho

    crazy about this sound

  86. Ziggy Coughlin

    Best new band!![ive heard in a while] everyones playin they ass off!

  87. dennbo49

    I'm a official senior citizen who prefers opera, but this is the best performance on Youtube and the best rock/pop since the early 70's.  Tight group. They obviously love their work and take it seriously.  the need a British knight to take them to the top. 


    +dennbo49 You mean Sir Paul? I believe he's on board. Let me roll it to ya!

  88. Reid Scott Music

    Dayum....LOVE this band!!! 

  89. Oliver Southworth

    3:49 .... wow


    I know, right!?


    Actually sounds autotuned

    Brett Lamie

    Oliver Southworth NO SHIT!! AWESOME!!!!

    Brett Lamie

    SenatorPhoenix think its just over modulated a bit

  90. cowpattycreek

    well done!

  91. KP11520

    SMOKIN'!  The only other Band that everybody sings and always nails the vocals is The Eagles. You're in Good Company! I just love watching Bridget attack that Bass. Talk about being "In The Zone".Always a pleasure!! Thank you LSD!

  92. Renato Pessoa

    Wow!!! Fantastic!

  93. Rupert Jenner

    Anybody else notice Bass tune at 3:04?

    Kevin Winn

    Yep. She did it quick and flawlessly! I don't even know what string was out of tune ?! ?

    'Lorps and Orps

    Kevin Winn n

  94. Beny Flores

    Her voice reminds me of Amy Winehouse...

  95. Michael Galvin

    totally got the jam!  Let's rock Austin in October! 2nd week, keep an eye out for me! LOL

  96. Stefano Sorvillo

    This IS Music!!!

  97. cha billy

    Wow!  This group just makes you smile!  Love that female bass.

    Karen Henkels

    Rachael is my favorite but hey they all rock my favorite feel good grooving music.

  98. DanRidgeway

    Anybody else notice that drum stick drop at 3:23 and the subsuquent recovery. Nice! It's hard to tell because the video is so awesome you get distracted.

    Bobby Keating

    and the bass tune at 3:04

  99. Tejuino Holbox!

    Fucking Awsome!!!!