Lajoie, Jon - Show Me Your Genitals Lyrics

Women are stupid and I don't respect them
That's right, I just have sex with them
Show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, genitalia
Show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, genitalia

You're talking to me about stuff
Why? I'd rather see your titties
Now you're talking about other stuff
Why? I'd much rather see your titties

I can't have sex with your personality
And I can't put my penis in your college degree
And I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams
So why you're sharing all this information with me?

It's not sexist, 'cause I'm saying it in a song
That's right bitch, now take off your thong

And show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, genitalia
Show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, genitalia

Knock, knock, who's there? It's me
Wondering why you're not naked
Knock, knock, who's there? Me again
Still wondering why you're not naked

I wanna see your bum, I don't care what you say
No, I don't have feelings, 'cause feelings are gay
Something, something in the month of May
Bitches love my penis, 'cause it's really big

Girl's brains are much stupider than men's are
So they should always listen to us, 'cause we're smart
Women are only good for three things:
Cooking, cleaning and vaginas

Show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, genitalia
Show me your genitals, your genitals
Show me your genitals, your genitalia

I can give good sex to you,
'cause I'm really good at sex.
I can give good sex to you,
'cause I'm really good at sex.

Oh yeah! That's right, shake your... bums!
I'm out of here. I gotta go have sex with a lot of girls

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Lajoie, Jon Show Me Your Genitals Comments
  1. Courtney Coulter

    My gf told me to watch this...

  2. Ryan White

    He’s the incel boss

  3. tudorelf

    im here from a golf it! level.How low humanity has fallen

  4. Juniper Christian

    Okay but why did my bf send this to me

    harry weeder

    Juniper Christian he’s leaving you

    Juniper Christian

    @harry weeder omg really?😪😭😭🤣

    James Corey

    @Juniper Christian yup

  5. Meagan Fish

    It’s midnight .. trying to go to bed.. haven’t heard this in YEARS & then .. this damn song just pops in my head. Literally out of no where 😂😂😂

  6. A B

    Can’t wait to play this at the Annual Feminists Conference

  7. M S

    100 likes I'll send this to my crush

  8. Something About Nothing

    Me as soon as I hit puberty: 0:14

  9. Drunk puppeteer

    0:14 every trans phobic or chaser ever

  10. Salman BHR

    Go back to the kitchen !

  11. Salvatore Gravano

    I showed my genitals to my doctor. She had a good feel.

  12. Pumpkinman4ever

    I dare you to sing this in front of a group of feminists outside an abortion clinic

    Stomp Gaming plus

    I would rather post Terminator ads but lol

  13. ЙОЖЫК

    А Виталя лучше!

  14. Matt Bunn

    I remember the MW2 parody video of this song 🥺🥺

  15. Bazaltt

    Наш Виталька намного лучше

  16. Zero Views Music Videos


  17. Sarah pearl

    2020, this song still fucking hits.♥️

  18. 1999productions

    Valentine's day 2020 😊😊😊

    James Corey


  19. Justin Share

    I remember seeing this a decade ago and it was hilarious and to this day it’s still hilarious

  20. James Harbinson

    Can you update the lyrics to include children? Uh... asking for a friend.

  21. Zack Harris

    My Friday night

  22. gmanrocks01

    Just realized this is Taco

  23. Wyatt0 Gaming

    Hey kiddos. How are you?

  24. Ty Nihiser

    This is so funny I am a kid named Carter

  25. Toon Desmet

    All the dislikers are feminists

  26. NyetBanTrey

    2020 anyone?

  27. XxVeNoMxX

    something something in the month of May

  28. gqps

    0:55 Genital Man has joined the battle!

  29. Alessio

    33.838 women disliked this

  30. OKpokeloser_radiohead06 B

    Bitches like my penis because it’s really big

  31. Kameron Clay

    2020 anyone?

  32. NiCkOsOrOuS _

    Feelings are gay

  33. The Order

    sounds like a rick and morty song

  34. Anthony Noonan

    The only rapper eminem wont diss

  35. zameer .bilal

    If Quagmire made a song it would be this😂

  36. *CowboyExecution*

    Who's here from Tik Tok

  37. highjim

    how long until the WOKE brigade find this and demand its cancelled

  38. 10.000 Subs With No Videos

    YouTube was on auto play in a party, and this just randomly plays. I was so dead

  39. sw ws


  40. Samkora Fc

    Are you a virgin

  41. Cameron Schichtel

    Cooking, cleaning , And Vaginas

  42. Turin Turambar

    pajeet song

  43. Troy Williams

    I tell my hoes da same. PIMPIN slutes like a MOFO

  44. magnus tp


  45. ☢ G-Zone ☢

    All rise up for the incel grand national anthem!

  46. DankDave Danks1988

    FL studio at its finest!!!

  47. Wraith

    men empowerment! men support men! I am in :) (they wrote this in Dua Lipa's songs, so why not here?)

  48. Big Bird

    Wow that was rough

    Big Bird

    P.s. gayyyyyy

  49. Tristan Kubas

    It's been a damn minute and 3/4s since I watched this...
    I can make these jokes cuz im going back to grade 12 to finish math :)

  50. Tom

    Can you believe it's only been 12 years when videos like this weren't the focus of a news story?

  51. Paolur


  52. Daniel D.

    The year is 2020.
    Jon has been sentenced to 1,000 hours of sensitivity training, 15 pounds of Antifa’s milkshake weapons and life in prison.

  53. Johnikku Ebison

    Play 1.5x

  54. Gunars Valdmanis

    When I look at this video, I often wonder, whom it ridicules - sexist men with superficial and arrogant attitudes towards women, or sexist women, who sometimes try to dehumanize men as some sort of subhumans with very primitive views and poor intellect, or maybe both. But a great piece of work, nevertheless. :)

  55. Dank Memes

    I originally began scrolling down the comments ready to cringe for any diss, but literally everyone’s completely on the level and I was like
    These my people

  56. Dr_Bootleg

    This is by far my favourite comment section

  57. Big Steve ENT


  58. Nova The Epic Gamer

    I came here from a Danganronpa meme

  59. I dont know how to play

    id like to think this song shows next evolution of humanity.

  60. Dan's Film's

    Jesus christ this is funny

  61. Eric Harris

    Menya zovyt vitalia e ya realnyij keks, e ya lybyj cheky razvedy na sex!
    Меня зовут Виталя и я реальный кекс, и я любую чику разведу на секс

  62. Constitutional American

    👎 33K angry, whinny, #metoo feminist! Anytime you can piss off a feminist is a great day.
    Love It - Thumbs Up!

  63. Les Plus Belle Choses Dans Le Monde

    Incels and misogynists aren't smart enough to realize that he's spoofing them.

    Zach Conant

    No it’s just that people are too sensitive now a days.

  64. popindosin228

    I miss old internet...

  65. Sean Kobi Sandoval

    From the Golden Age of the Internet.

  66. C J

    Before the world got all uptight and sensitive

  67. Livia Denubila

    Show me...

  68. Irene Carlock

    I died listening to this


    What tf am I doing at 5am

  70. DC Official

    its so shit that its good

  71. Ansel

    Fuckig taco..

  72. Killa

    33k woman didn't show their genitals

  73. thekop 1994

    It's not sexist cause I'm saying it in a song, that's right bitch now take off your thong 😂😂😂

  74. Brian Griffin

    33k genitals weren't shown

  75. Jared Halpain


  76. Pedro Dynasty

    This man was savage before savage was a thing

  77. Brian Garcia

    Dudes got the sickest moves!

  78. gwenstacy 22

    Still my jam!!

  79. IL Robby Zohdd

    Top song

  80. Ibezeerme loves Quara Sans's Girl

    I'm telling my kids this was Jon Lajoie

  81. Silver Coyotehh

    Who's listening in 2020, waiting for him to get sued 😂❄️

  82. bojackhorsemanlover32 love u bojack

    so many people completely missing the point of this song. its not anti-women, its not edgy or offensive humor, its making fun of men.

    Hel low

    And reggaeton and most rap songs

  83. Nathan Hughes

    1:07 great pickup line for tinder

  84. Privacy Setting

    Algorithm's trippin balls again

  85. Lucas Misclevitz

    this man walked so future could run

  86. KinTGC

    Yes, yes you can

  87. William Opp

    a classic xD

  88. Jack Pada

    this looks like a bad school project

  89. Jelena

    I like this

  90. Mr Roboto

    Man I still jam this shit after these years especially at a red light

  91. Gabe Fullmer

    Real music doesn't exsi-

  92. Vinters TV

    всё по делу